Get Your Story Straight by Kristen Hatton

What if the main character in our life story isn’t us, but it is the God who became like us and is now with us? Don’t miss this new 52-week devotional by Kristen Hatton called Get Your Story Straight. Divided into three parts, each section progressively explores the idea that the whole Bible is the unfolding story of Jesus. Through this grid, who Jesus is and why we need him will shape your understanding of freedom and grace and how you grow to be like him. This yearlong study for teenagers and young adults is designed for individual devotional times, but a small group discussion guided by a mentor would help participants to absorb and live out the truths of each week’s teaching.


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Get Your Story Straight (New Growth Press, October 2015)

What’s your story?

We all tell stories to each other–stories about what happened when we were kids, stories about last night, and stories where we dream about the future. Some stories are funny, some are amazing, others are sad, but they all have something in common–each of us is the hero of our own story. Our thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams take center stage. But when it’s all about you, it’s also all up to you. You have to make life work, find meaning, and hope for the best even when you mess up or things go badly wrong.

But what if we were made for something different? What if the main character in our life story isn’t us, but it is the God who became like us and is now with us? What if being fully human means knowing him and growing to be like him? What if the way to be fully alive is to be caught up in Jesus’s story?

This 52-week devotional book and small group resource is designed to help you live with Jesus in his gospel story–the good news that your sins are forgiven, your future is assured, and following him is the only meaningful way to live. No matter your age, where you live, who your family is, or what your past, God wants you to experience the freedom that comes in being secure in his love.

Divided into three parts, starting with creation, each section progressively explores the idea that the whole Bible is the unfolding story of Jesus. Through this grid, who Jesus is and why we need him will shape your understanding of freedom and grace and how you grow to be like him. This yearlong study for teenagers and young adults is designed for individual devotional times, but a small group discussion guided by a mentor would help participants to absorb and live out the truths of each week’s teaching.

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Kristen Hatton

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Kristen Hatton is a native Texan now putting roots down in Edmond, OK with her church-planter/pastor husband and their three children. With a public relations background from Southern Methodist University, Kristen has a wide array of professional experiences, none of which she counts as important as the job of being a “present” mom. Through leading a small group Bible study of teenagers, she has discovered her passion for teaching and writing about God’s grace.

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“We are story people, created by a storytelling God. Get Your Story Straight is a brilliant resource designed to help students discover the beauty and power of the greatest story ever written, the story of Jesus. This guide provides a creative and clear way for students to unpack the living and breathing Word of God.” —Louie Giglio, Passion City Church/Passion Conferences

“If you’re a teenager, you should know some things about Kristen Hatton and her new book: 1) She’ll speak to you honestly; there’s no soft-peddling the big issues. 2) She’ll treat you with dignity; there’s no talking down here. 3) She’ll take you seriously; she knows what’s at stake in your life. 4) She’ll help you to maturity; she’s learned the path. Good reasons to make Get Your Story Straight your book of the year!” —Sinclair B. Ferguson, Professor of Systematic Theology, Redeemer Seminary, Dallas

“After working with teenagers for decades, I am well aware of the challenges that come with adolescence. Kristen Hatton cuts to the heart of today’s ‘me-centered’ culture by placing Christ as the true hero of everyone’s story. With a heavy emphasis on how God exists for his own glory, this devotional is a humbling reminder of his transformative grace. It’s perfect for every teenager’s walk with Christ!” —Dr. Joe White, President, Kanakuk Ministries

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    I am such a fan of inductive Bible study. I’ve done it on my own, I’ve taught groups of women to do it, and last year, I even worked up a weekly Bible study to help my junior high girls at church do it. I don’t think any of them are still doing it, but for that 8 weeks, they learned that they could read the Bible themselves and figure out what God was saying to them. It’s an amazing skill to have, learning to make applications yourself from reading any passage of scripture.

    In Get Your Story Straight: A Teen’s Guide to Learning and Living the Gospel, Kristen Hatton teaches teens how to study the Bible themselves, but she does it in a way as to also guide them into learning more about who the God who created them is.

    Each week focuses on one scripture passage (another feature I love, since

    Written by 5 Minutes for Books on November 16, 2015


    Many devotional books for teens are filled with “trendy” subjects and terminology to make them seem relevant, but amount to little more than a pep rally to boost self-esteem. This book’s 52 lessons, designed to be studied over the course of a year, turn the focus away from the student and toward the grand story of the Bible. Hatton’s premise is that “getting one’s story straight” requires understanding the Gospel – God’s good news, which encompasses the entirety of scripture – and integrating one’s life with God’s pattern for living.

    Written by The Minister’s Wife on November 16, 2015
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    I asked my 14 year old son to read this book and review it. He is trying to write more and more and this book was perfect for him.

    He thoroughly enjoyed this devotion book. He said that it helped him to think more about God and God’s plan for his life. He said that it helped him to think about how important it is to be in God’s word.

    I recommend this book for tweens up to adult, Jacob thought this book would be good for anyone to read and even suggested for younger kids to go through this book as a family devotion!

    Written by Milk & Honey Meadows on November 15, 2015
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    Get Your Story Straight by Kristen Hatton is the perfect teen devotional. Scriptures to memorize and Biblical truths-the perfect way to start or end the day!

    Written by Confessions of a Teenage Bookworm on November 14, 2015


    I really do appreciate how the 52 week study is separated into five days of lessons to do weekly. The layout gets the teen into a good rhythm of reading the Word, applying the Word to her life, answering questions that have her look at how it affects her heart, going back and reading the Word again, and ending on Day 5 with Journaling and Prayer. The focus on our teen’s story intertwining with Christ’s story is definitely what I desire for her to truly grasp, and Get Your Story Straight is a good start & resource as she grows her own faith.

    Written by Rockin’ My Mom Jeans on November 13, 2015
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    This was a wonderful book that speaks well to young people, but appeals to older folks as well, which is a rare thing indeed! It was a wonderful devotional that is precise and short but totally unique and good. I like how each week is kind of themed and kind of builds on each other,it was really well done and interesting. I also liked how the made the examples applicable to everyday life and into something that most teens can easily relate to. Well done indeed! I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

    Written by Perfect Beginnings on November 13, 2015


    I’m so glad that the author does not sugar-coat anything and presents the gospel message in an easy but effective way that teens can understand and realize its impact. I also really like all the thought-provoking questions that will help readers reflect & respond and draw them to dig deeper into God’s Word…This book would make a wonderful Christmas gift for teens in your life. It can help them grow spiritually more mature and experience the transforming power of the grace-filled gospel in their lives.

    Written by Fruitbearers on November 13, 2015
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    As a mother of a soon-to-be-teen in the “selfie” culture – I am always on the lookout for resources to encourage her to seek God and not the excitement of our culture. Kristen Hatton’s book, Get Your Story Straight, helps teens to focus on the gospel by getting them into the Word daily. I love the in-depth study of the Word but also the thought-provoking questions that get teens (and adults) thinking about how they fit into both the culture and God’s story. Hatton speaks honestly and openly and there is no watering down either scripture or the law BUT she also compassionately reminds the reader of God’s plan and love for them. It is a wonderful combination of mercy and grace. I plan to use this WITH my daughter – something she and I can do together to explore scripture and build our honest relationship as well. What a great tool for our teens! I am recommending it without hesitation!

    Written by In The Pages on November 13, 2015


    This 52-week devotional book, Get Your Story Straight by Kristen Hatton, is geared for teens and young adults. However, as a 30-something, I think this is a good devotional for adults as well. The inside is basic as far as there aren’t extra bells and whistles with color or artwork (which is probably one of the reasons it’s not purely for teens). I enjoy how it is broken up – unlike many 52-week devotionals, each week is broken up into 5 days – and each week has a theme and a passage of scripture. So you are focusing on one topic/passage the entire week! They are fairly short sections, but to get the most out of it, the reader will interact by reading and rereading the passages each day, answering questions, the prayer and the journaling suggestions, and applying what is read to day-to-day life. I think this would be great for really anyone, preteen up through adults; also would be really great for a new Christian.

    Written by Leafy Not Beefy on November 13, 2015
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    As a mom of three girls(one being a preteen), I am excited about this book. My oldest and I will start doing this Bible study together as part of her daily school work. If you have teens(or preteens), then you will want to have this devotional handy.

    Written by Our Perfectly Imperfect Life! on November 12, 2015
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    To conclude, this devotional is wonderfully developed. I haven’t seen one like this in a while. It’s great to see this kind of devotional written for teens since it solves problems most of us face: how do we apply the Gospel to our lives? How can we embody the Gospel?

    And the Lord sure knows that we don’t need any more problems added to our hormone-fueled lives.

    Get Your Story Straight is well-written, doesn’t get between you and the Gospel, doesn’t excessively hold your hand, and lets you form your own ideas about passages from the Bible.

    If you feel so inclined, pick up this devotional at the following retailers. I promise that it will be worth your time. (Or please support your local bookstore. Those guys rock! Be a rockstar, too. You know you want to.)

    Written by Writing Abby on November 12, 2015


    This inductive study for young people is not like other books we’ve reviewed. No graphics. No flashy color pages or quotes from Christian celebrities. This is just about learning and living the Gospel. It would do great as a group study because of the detailed, intense style of study. Each week has five days of study: Straight From the Word, The Word Applied, Straight To My Heart, Word and Deed, and Journaling and Prayer. Starting with Creation and spanning a year of study through the Bible, students will learn who Jesus is and why they need Him.

    I love that this book is broken into manageable chunks. The daily studies are not long or overwhelming, which is nice since the material really dives into their hearts and what they truly believe. I would recommend this book for ages 13+.

    Written by One Redeemed Mom on November 12, 2015
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    It becomes obvious that I love this devotional when tell you I’ve added it to my daily devotionals even though it’s mostly designed for teens (okay, okay, maybe I still fall into that category by some standards, but still). By the time I had finished the devotion for day one, I knew I was going to take a year to do this devotional. Because there is simply no other way to get everything out of it without taking your time to get through it.

    This book is just so full of substance, all about how God really is the hero of the Bible, and of our stories. It’s about applying Scripture to our lives, and about getting our story straight with God. So far as I can tell, Kristen does an amazing job of relaying her message in a way that is relatable and interesting for teens.

    Written by Spreading His Grace on November 12, 2015


    First of all, the layout of this book is wonderful! I love how it is broken down into three parts and then broken down further into small sections. It would be a tremendous devotional or Bible study for teens and young adults. I plan to have my daughter go through it in a couple years when she will be old enough to really grasp the concepts and teachings. It is very well written, enjoyable and extremely engaging. I love that the principle of the book (in my opinion) is that your life was created and is designed for God. It is yours to live, but the purpose is to glorify Him and live a life that shares His story with others no matter what you do. It would make a wonderful Christmas present for the teen or young adult in your life!!

    Written by All Meant To Shine on November 11, 2015


    I particularly enjoyed The Word Applied section as it made the Bible come to life in today’s world. So often the Bible can be confusing, particularly to children/teens, and this portion was quite effective at explaining topics in a real and easy to understand manner. I look forward to using this wonderful devotional with my daughters (13 & 17)!

    Written by Morning Glories and Moonflowers on November 10, 2015


    Although this devotional book is geared towards teenagers and young adults, I found it to be very beneficial for myself as well. My husband has even started using it during his men’s Small Group study on Wednesday nights. It’s one of the better devotionals I’ve read because it’s not all about reading; It’s also about engaging and answering questions. Each week’s devotion is broken down into five days.

    I’ve found Get Your Story Straight to be very eye-opening and it’s making me look more into my own heart towards God. I like how each week focuses on different subjects and breaks it further down to day by day. It’s helped me to understand the Bible more and learn how to apply it to my life.

    Written by Heck Of A Bunch on November 5, 2015
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    Get Your Story Straight is a 52-week devotional geared toward teens and young adults. There are five activities each week which focus on the same scripture and are highly accessible. This devotional would be a great text for a small group study.

    While this complimentary book was provided for review by Litfuse Publicity Group, no other compensation was given. All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.

    Written by Once Upon a Storyville on November 4, 2015
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    This Bible study is excellent and perfect for teens, but also one that adults would enjoy and learn from. I love the layout of this as it is divided by weeks and days, meaning that day 1 begins with a Bible passage which is the basis for the week’s study. I love how this really allows the reader to really delve into the passage and ponder on it for days instead of just reading it, and spending a few moments and moving on to something else the next day.

    Written by Moments on November 1, 2015
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    The author Kristen Hatton has put together a 52 week devotional that forces our kids to face their actions and to examine them evaluate them and causes a call to action and true repentance. She uses different scripture as well as other people’s stories to bring it all alive to our children and she is “real” with them and it’s good, real good. A teenager already begins to think that their parents are the true enemy. They become so knee deep in their sin that they can’t ever see past it to the point of defending it. They need a Savior!!! And this author points the way to them finding just that!

    Written by A Simple Life, really?! on October 29, 2015


    I felt like this was an excellent devotional. For the most part, except for about a page of commentary, the devotional is a whole week for your teenager of taking a passage of scripture and deeply meditating and reflecting on it and how this applies to him/her. I love the way that it gets you into the scripture and truly, at the end of the day, allows the scripture and the probing questions to do the work of helping your teen to develop the Biblical knowledge that they’ll need for life. I highly recommend it to all teens, and I feel like I could benefit from working through the devotional myself.

    Written by Raventhreads on October 29, 2015
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    Get Your Story Straight: A Teen’s Guide to Learning and Living the Gospel is a devotional for teens….a devotional that is a bit different than any of the other ones that I have received in the past. It’s different in a good way. I have placed this book in the youth room for the teens to use when they want….who knows maybe my husband will use it for their lessons in class.

    Each day you read a short passage and then there a few questions for you to answer. There is plenty of room for your answers to written directly in the book or you could just pull out a notebook! Each week there are 7 devotions….what you read about on day 1 will be used throughout the week. It’s awesome.

    This book isn’t just for teens. Even adults could get a lot of use out of it.

    Written by Crystal’s Candid Thoughts on October 28, 2015


    This book is a devotional and study guide for teens. Each day it provides several related scriptures to read with question following. It helps you think how the Word of God applies to your daily life. For an example in the book it ask the question, ” What does it mean that Jesus is your whole “life”?” It also encourages you to keep a journal about how you used these scriptures in your own life and journal your prayers is also encouraged.

    I like how you can use this bible study guide for devotional time for the whole family. Of course I would strongly encourage the study guide as a gift for the teen in your life. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

    Written by Walking in Grace on October 27, 2015
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    When you’re given a devotional book to rate, it’s very different. You can’t place it in the same category as any other. For me, this book was easy. I just used it with my family. We used this book every night and I can say, I loved it. We’re still using it and will continue to use it in the new year.

    Kristen Hatton used Get Your Story Straight as a lesson guide. You get the focused reading first, then you answer a few questions. Then next day or two you actually work on what you’ve been given before something else to read that relates. The rest of the week you get some in-depth questions that you work with the family to answer. I loved it.

    I am a homeschool mom, as you know, so when I used this, I really believe my family became closer. So many of the activities and questions were relatable to both my son and my husband and neither are teens. It was beautiful and a blessed addition to my family time.

    We will use this book until we need something new. It’s now a staple for the Hunt family and I hope you enjoy it too. On to the next read!

    Written by Books! Books! Books! on October 27, 2015
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