Hope for Today, Promises for Tomorrow by Teske Drake | Blog Tour and Women Redeemed Live Webcast Event {9/20}

Welcome to the blog tour for Hope for Today, Promises for Tomorrow: Finding Light Beyond the Shadow of Miscarriage or Infant Loss. Teske Drake’s book is written from the perspective of one grieving mommy to another. Here are just some of the miscarraige and infant loss statistics:

* The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reports that as many as 31 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss
* An estimated 19% of all the adult population has experienced the death of a child.
* An in-utero death after 20 weeks is considered a stillbirth.
* A stillbirth occurs once every twenty minutes.
* Approximately 26,000 pregnancies end in stillbirth every year.

{Live Webcast Event}

In coordination with the launch of their fall releases, Kregel will be hosting a live webcast event on September 20 at 8 PM EDT featuring authors Kim Ketola (Cradle My Heart)Teske Drake (Hope for Today, Promises for Tomorrow), and Dawn Scott Jones (When a Woman You Love Was Abused). The webcast will allow women to come together to share their struggles and fears in order to move toward healing and hope. Women will able to support one another and discuss shared experiences in a non-threatening, open and loving environment.

Cat Hoort of Kregel says, “We are seeking to provide safe means for Christian women to be vulnerable with each other, to seek help and guidance from authors and counselors, and to find encouragement from those who have shared similar experiences. Our hope is that the Women Redeemed webcast will become a forum for hurting women as well as for those who can help. Kim, Teske, and Dawn are all survivors and their stories will surely inspire and equip other women to move toward healing and hope.”

To register for the event, just click the banner to the right or here.

{More about Hope for Today}

No mother ever expects to grieve the death of her child before or immediately after the child is born. But the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reports that as many as 31 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. When the unthinkable happens, where do women turn for help?

Written from the perspective of one grieving mommy to another, Hope for Today, Promises for Tomorrow is a ten-week study that will encourage and challenge women to delve into a deeper understanding of God’s Word. As women engage in biblical teaching, they will learn to embrace God’s promises of love, goodness, purpose, comfort, peace, refinement, restoration, hope, and eternity.

“Hope for Today” verses peppered throughout each chapter, journaling cues, prayers, and the stories of other women who have experienced loss will help readers move from grieving in silent solitude to living life in the richness of God’s love.

While other books suggest a one-size-fits-all method for grief management or focus on understanding specific causes of child loss, Hope for Today, Promises for Tomorrow offers comfort for the reader, whatever her situation, by helping her focus on the light of the ultimate Promise, the hope of a Savior, Jesus Christ.

Teske Drake

{More About Teske Drake}

Teske Drake (PhD, Iowa State University), is mommy to three babies in heaven, mom to two on earth, and wife to her one and only. She is cofounder of Mommies with Hope, a biblically based support group for women who have experienced infant loss.

Find out more about Teske at http://mommieswithhope.com/.



Hayley | Hanging off the Wire The pain of losing a child is the same, no matter what the circumstances are. Reading other mom’s experiences helped me to identify that I was not alone. The verses in the book are wonderful, and I love the journaling. It has really helped me a lot. A very nice book.


Maureen’s Musings I wish I had had this book many years ago. My daughter died 77 days after she was born. She never came home, and I have fleeting memories of what she looked like. At the time it was hard to understand the why? I would have loved to have this in the time I needed the healing. Teske Drake has presented this wonderful book in such a great way, and I will pass it on when the time is right.


Leila | All Meant To Shine Do you ever feel like a book is written just for you? This book felt like that for me. I just recently lost a baby girl at 17 weeks. We tried for so many years for her and were finally blessed and then she was taken from us. It is has been a huge struggle and to be honest beginning this book was really hard because I didn’t want to feel every single emotion again. Teske has lost 3 babies and for that I feel even more blessed to have only lost one. This book was encouraging, inspiring and healing. Teske used Scripture to show what God promises us. She shows how God wants our best, but we don’t always know what is best or see the big picture. I will recommend this book to everyone who is going through something like this directly or indirectly. This would be a great book for not only a mommy who has lost a baby, but also a husband, grandmother, best friend or sister.

Alena | Our Little Bit Of Wonderful This book is a well written and personal guide to working through the pain and struggles of losing a baby to miscarriage or infant loss. Broken into chapters that address the promises God has given us in His scriptures ~ hope, peace, purpose, etc ~ and full of relevant Biblical quotes, it flows easily and naturally, and the author conveys her thoughts in a way that is genuinely heartfelt.

Joelle | Christen Krumm It is easy to find sympathy- harder to find empathy. For those who have lost a child, Teske Drake offers empathy by opening her heart and sharing her own journey to healing. She reminds the reader that they are not alone. Through careful examination of scripture and probing journaling prompts Help for Today, Promises for Tomorrow guides the reader to God’s provision for them in the worst of circumstances.


  • This is a book that I really wish was available seven years ago when we lost our Avery to miscarriage at about eleven weeks. Even though I have worked through the pain and grief of losing him, this book has brought me the most peace that I have had since then in knowing that what I have felt (and will probably continue to feel the rest of my life) is normal and ok, and that I do have hope with getting to see him again.

  • Beckie says:

    Hope for Today, Promises for Tomorrow offers those assurances as well as
    the personal stories of those who have gone before. There is light beyond
    this shadow time. And I am thankful for a resource for other women who
    are experiencing the loss of a part of their family. This book would be a
    valuable addition for a church or counseling library. Unfortunately,
    pregnancy loss is still very real even after 24 years. I am passing this
    book along to a friend whose niece just lost her infant son.

  • Ruth says:

    This book showed me that whenever a mother loses a baby–no matter the circumstances–it is very difficult for her. She does go through a grieving process, and this book shows women in this situation how to do that in light of God’s Word. It is real, and the author speaks from experience.

  • This book really spoke to me with it’s scriptural references and message of hope. I too, went through three miscarriages between the last two children and took to heart the message this book brings. I recommend this book

  • Roxanna says:

    Sometimes we can’t find support in our family or our peers. Listening ears are no longer open to what we have to say, so to those of us who have faith, that may be the only thing we have left to hold on to. This book was designed to help others find hope because hope is the very thing that gets us from one moment to the next. If you’re struggling to provide a listening ear to someone who has experienced infant loss, this book may be a way for you to show that you still care.

  • Teske Drake speaks to the hearts of mourning women using the powerful truth of Scripture. She reminds Believers of whose they are and His character. She admonishes unbelievers to turn from their sin and trust Jesus. She boldly proclaims the promises of God, which are based in His character, for those who love Him. Teske Drake has experienced the loss of a child three times over.She has been where many of her readers are. As she shares her stories and those of other women it reveals a beautiful picture of God’s unchanging goodness. Be encouraged aching heart. Your creator loves you! He is good. He has a purpose laid out. He will quiet you with His love.

  • http://pamelasheavenlytreats.blogspot.com/2012/08/book-review-hope-for-today-promises-for.html

    Snippet of review:
    This book really touched my heart! I can relate to everything in this book, I really love the title of this book it sets the tone for the entire read. I too had 2 miscarriages after having 5 kids, I took for granted getting pregnant, having babies, but when it happened to me I didn’t know how to feel, what did I do wrong, my first miscarriage was at 7 weeks, before I went to the doctors. But my second miscarriage was at 14 weeks, that was the worse time of my life, my babies heart stopped beating in utero, I had seen the little person twice before this happened, I thought God was punishing me for asking God to give me a girl after I had 5 boys.

  • Even though it was sad to read some of the stories it wasn’t a sad book. The subtitle “Finding Light Beyond the Shadow of Miscarriage or Infant Loss” really describes the whole purpose of the book. It isn’t a “feel bad for me – look what I’ve been through” kind of book. It was more like “I’ve been there I know what you’re going through and you can make it through this” kind of book.

    Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/review/R19TY5GBABRRCR/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm

  • Christy says:

    I would have loved to have had this book back then11 years ago after we lost our first child at 12 weeks in the pregnancy. Even though it’s been 11 years since our loss, those feelings and thoughts of the “what ifs” will occasionally resurface and I think this book could help with that even years after the fact. For me, knowing that I’ve shared that pain with so many others is both a relief and a burden, but it’s nice to know that there is healing and closure out there.

  • I personally have never gone through the loss of a child, but I have has friends that have gone through this pain and could see this book a great source for them. Although no matter if you have lost a child or not a lot can be learned from this book. We all go through many situations in our life when we feel loss and this book is a great tool to help one make it through the fog.

  • What I love about this book is that it acknowledges the pain, the grief, the questions. But it also points to something bigger, something greater. There is no condemnation for asking questions like the ones above. Because that was something I found way back when. Lots of guilt for daring to question why God would do something like this to me.

  • abi says:

    Ever experience a miscarriage, or lose of an infant or young child? You aren’t alone; it may seem as though you are, but others have traveled the road. This book is a great resource for those in need of hope and promise for the journey of losing one so young and full of potential.


  • I recommend reading the book with tissues in hand. The stories she shares will tug at your heart and move you in way you may not expect. I believe even someone who has never experienced this kind of loss would gain an tremendous amount from this book. It will help them understand what a friend or loved one is going through and how they can better help them through the process of grief and beyond.

  • Throughout the book the author includes her own story of loss as well as the anecdotes of other women who have experienced loss. It is inspiring to hear of woman who have experienced the real and painful loss of a child yet have been able to recover and live on through faith. There are enough stories of miscarriage and infant loss that all readers can relate to. There are stories of woman who have never been able to go on to have living children- yet persevere in life with faith and purpose. There are miscarriage books and fertility self help books on the market written simply to encourage a woman to continue with the hope of eventually having a child in the future or to encourage a woman’s efforts of trying to concieve. But this author acknowledges that there are some woman who may never bear living children, but they still may find spiritual peace and fulfillment.