I Have Seen God by Klaus-Dieter John

Klaus-Dieter John‘s book, I Have Seen God, explains how the hospital, whose name is translated into the Quecha language as “we trust in God,” has overcome the mire of bureaucracy and united Catholics and Protestants in one love for God and their fellow people. The ministry also reaches beyond the walls of the hospital — with a dental clinic and teams that go into the villages to mentor and teach children.

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I Have Seen God: The Miraculous Story of the Diospi Suyana Hospital in Peru (Monarch Books, October 2014)

The miraculous founding of a top class hospital for some of the world’s poorest people

Klaus-Dieter and Martina John–both brilliant, talented, and highly qualified doctors–turned their backs on lucrative careers to follow their dream to open a first-rate medical facility for the Indians of the Peruvian Andes, some of the world’s poorest people. The Peruvian Andes natives suffer appallingly from the diseases of poverty and, although they make up approximately 40 percent of Peru’s population, are ignored by the authorities.

Having studied at the universities of Harvard, Yale, and Johannesburg during his training as a surgeon, Dr. Klaus-Dieter John together with his wife, Dr. Martina John, a pediatrician, developed a concept for a modern hospital in the Peruvian Highlands.

Turning down other offers, including a professorship, they set themselves the task of raising the millions of dollars needed. God opened the hearts and consciences of individuals and companies to create not just a health center, but a fully equipped hospital. Their story and vision has captured attention around the world and today they have the backing of 180 corporations and 50,000 private supporters.

The hospital’s name, Diospi Suyana, means “we trust in God” in Quechua, the native language of the people it serves. It is a testament to their experience that with God the impossible can happen. The incredible conviction and profound faith of the Johns will refresh your heart and stir your spirit.

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Klaus-Dieter John

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Klaus-Dieter John studied at the universities of Harvard, Yale, and Johannesburg during his training as a surgeon. He and his wife Dr. Martina John, a pediatrician, have dedicated their lives to the establishment of the hospital in Peru.

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Press Release

Doctor finds proof of God’s existence in the highlands of Peru

Dr. Klaus-Dieter John founds first-class hospital serving some of the world’s poorest people

Seattle: Imagine being medically trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world — Harvard and Yale — and turning your back on a lucrative medical career in private practice to care for the poor. As Klaus-Dieter John writes in his book, I Have Seen God (Monarch Books/November 27, 2014/ISBN: 978-0857215741/$16.99), it was a dream he had since he was a young child, growing up in Germany. In high school, John met his future wife, Martina, who shared a similar dream to become a missionary doctor. After medical school, the Johns set out to fulfill their goal. “We shared exactly the same vision for our future,” John shares. “We wanted to get the best medical training available and then work as missionary doctors for the rest of our lives.”

John’s journey took his family around the world, including stops in Ghana, South Africa and Ecuador, before settling in the highlands of Peru where he founded the Diospi Suyana Hospital. He has written I Have Seen God to tell the world about the miracles God is doing in this top-quality health facility serving the Indians of the Peruvian Andes.

Descended from the ancient Incas, the Quechua make up approximately 40 percent of Peru’s population but have largely been either neglected or exploited by authorities for centuries. The majority of them lives in abject poverty, without windows, doors, running water, electricity or sewage systems. As a result, they have a significantly reduced life expectancy.

The healing that comes from the state-of-the-art medical care isn’t the only miracle seen at the hospital, which serves 150 patients a day. If faith can move mountains, it can also shake wallets and transform hearts; astonishingly, more than 50,000 private individuals and 180 companies from around the globe have donated more than $21 million to this work. Patients only contribute to about 20 percent of operating costs, can attend daily church services and while they’re seated in the waiting rooms will most likely catch the Jesus Film on TVs.

I Have Seen God explains how the hospital, whose name is translated into the Quecha language as “we trust in God,” has overcome the mire of bureaucracy and united Catholics and Protestants in one love for God and their fellow people. The ministry also reaches beyond the walls of the hospital — with a dental clinic and teams that go into the villages to mentor and teach children.

John believes the stories told in I Have Seen God have the power to change lives, including his own. “When I was a medical student I would wonder whether God was real or if it was just wishful thinking. One night I shouted at the top of my voice, ‘God where are you? I want to see you!’ In the history of our hospital, God has become very visible to me and to the hundreds of thousands of people who have heard the story.” John hopes readers will close the covers of his book more convinced than ever in the truth of a living God.

For more information about Klaus-Dieter John and the work of the Diospi Suyana Hospital, visit www.diospi-suyana.de. Klaus-Dieter John is available for interviews during the month of November while he is in the U.S.

Advance Praise

“As Americans, we enjoy the most advanced medi­cal care available to man. An inter­national group of doctors and nurses led by Drs. Klaus-Dieter and Martina John has built a modern mission hospital as a ministry to the poorest Indi­ans of southern Peru, allowing them to receive medical care we take for gran­ted. We have much to be thankful for. Out of that sense of gratitude, let us use this opportunity to help the Indians of Peru.”

~ Bill Hybels, Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

“The story of Diospi Suyana hospital is a remarkable example of what happens when people take God seriously. I heartily recommend this account as compelling evidence that there is a God who cares.”

~John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford

About the Author

Dr. Klaus-Dieter John grew up in Germany and met and fell in love with his wife, Martina, during his term as high school class president. The two bonded over the strong call they felt to obtain medical degrees in order to serve the medical needs of the poorest of the poor.

Dr. John began medical school in Germany, eventually completing his surgical training at Harvard and Yale in the U.S., as well as in Johannesburg, South Africa. Martina was trained in both Germany and the U.S. and is now a certified pediatrician in both countries.

Their medical missions work took them from Ghana to Ecuador, eventually bringing them to Peru, where they helped found the ministry Diospi Suyana in August of 2002. The main goal of Diospi Suyana was to maintain an interdenominational mis­sion hospital, which was opened in the highlands of Peru in 2005. The ministry also operates a dental clinic, a school and a children’s ministry in Curahuasi, Peru.

For more information about Klaus-Dieter John and the work of the Diospi Suyana Hospital, visit www.diospi-suyana.de. 

Suggested interview questions

— Tell us how you came to titling your book, I Have Seen God.

— What led you into the medical profession? Have you always wanted to be a doctor?

— How did you meet your wife? How did you know you were meant to be married and serve together?

— Both you and your wife have medical training from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Why did you decide to use your expertise to serve the poor?

— Can you share more about the situation in Peru and why such a large segment of the population is vastly ignored and without healthcare?

— What does the name of your hospital, Diospi Suyana, mean, and what is the main mission of the work there?

— How does the mission hospital care for the needs of the people in Peru? How many people do you help on a regular basis?

— What spiritual aspects do you bring to the medical care?

— What led you to write a book about the founding and continuing mission of Diospi Suyana?

— I Have Seen God was first published in Germany and became a bestseller there. What made you want to bring this message to America? There’s a special story behind the translation of the book. Please share the story with us.

— There are many books out there about the amazing work missionaries are doing around the world. What makes I Have Seen God different?

— You had quite the battle to fight, overcoming government regulations. What were some of the biggest obstacles you had to overcome?

— You have raised millions of dollars to do this work. How did you do it?

— What do you hope readers will take away with them after reading I Have Seen God?

Klaus-Dieter John is available for interviews on I Have Seen God during the month of November. To request a review copy or schedule an interview, please contact Audra Jennings, audra@litfusegroup.com.


“As a scientist I am deeply interested in the evidences that study of the cosmos provides for the existence of God. However, I am not simply a theist but a Christian and one of the central Christian claims is that it is possible to have a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Hence part of the evidence for the truth of Christianity will be found in the testing of that claim in everyday life. The story of Diospi Suyana hospital is a remarkable example of what happens when people take God seriously and I heartily recommend this account as compelling evidence that there is a God who cares.” — John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford

“Of course Klaus John believes in miracles. His life is a story of God’s intervention.” — Berliner Tagesspiegel

“I cannot ever remember being so moved just from reading a book.” — Joshua Searle



    There isn’t much I can say about this book aside from the fact that it will give you a whole new world view. This book is truly something special, and I found myself many times both smiling and crying at the same time. I love the message that this book represents, and also the fact that it is extremely well written. This book is a great reminder that even just one or two people can make a huge difference, and is truly an inspiration tale. I love the faith that this couple puts forth throughout this book, and how their hard work truly does pay off. If you love a good, inspirational read I definitely recommend!

    Written by Electively Paige on December 5, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: http://electivelypaige.com/seen-god-klaus-dieter-john


    What struck me most as I read their story was the way that God provided for the Johns family needs needs over and over again. Raising three children while on the mission field must have been a difficult situation, yet they put their trust in God and powered on. The blessings didn’t just reach the people receiving the ministry, though. Those who donated and served also found themselves blessed beyond measure. I just love the way this story ties together God’s people and His everlasting bond of hope. This is a very uplifting story!!

    Written by Savings in Seconds on December 4, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: http://www.savingsinseconds.com/?p=20457


    I loved this book! Talk about an extraordinary couple. It was so neat to witness how this couple gave up an easy life for that which is so much more satisfying. They truly helped the least of these and reading their accounts is wonderful! I came away from this book very inspired and praising God.
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

    Written by Perfect Beginnings on December 4, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: http://theperfectbeginnings.blogspot.com/2014/12/i-have-seen-god-by-klaus-dieter-john.html


    I Have Seen God, by Klaus-Dieter John, is a reminder that each of us can be an answer to prayer through whatever large or small gifts we have to share (time, talent or treasure). As John shared after receiving much needed bedpan flushers, “we can pray about any of our concerns. God is faithful – even with feces…”

    John’s story humbly shares that, through earnest prayer and seeking for the answers, we to will be able to say, “I Have Seen God.”

    Written by Luxury Reading on December 1, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: http://luxuryreading.com/ihaveseengod/


    This book is very well-written and easy to read, perhaps even in one awe-inspiring sitting. The accompanying photos also add a lot to picturing the magnitude of what the Johns have accomplished through their trust in God. Without a doubt, the most inspirational point to be taken from this book is that God is everywhere, in the large events and even in the small mundane day-to-day ones.

    Written by Lavish Bookshelf on December 1, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:https://read.rifflebooks.com/books/370681/reviews/16280


    A favorite quote of mine is “Skeptics may debate the validity of Scripture or argue the existence of God, but no one can deny your personal experiences with Him.” ~ Francois VanNiekerk. That pretty much sums up this beautiful true story of what can happen when God’s people take him seriously.

    Written by Adventures in Unsell Land on November 30, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: http://theunsells.blogspot.com/2014/11/i-have-seen-god-by-klaus-dieter-john.html


    I haven’t quite finished this book, but only for lack of time, not interest! Dr. John tells this story so matter of factly (and quite Germanly) that sometimes you have to stop for a minute and just think about what he’s written and how amazing it is. What most people would write for pages about he sums up in simple sentences, “Without God, this would have been impossible.”

    I highly recommend this one!

    Written by Welcome to Married Life on November 30, 2014 | e

  • This was an amazing story of what God can do! Time and again, Dr. John and others prayed and asked for donations and people and companies came through and ended up donating millions of dollars, both in money and equipment. It was frustrating to read about the red tape and ineffective bureaucracy in Peru and how they faced so many obstacles, but amazing to see how God led them to the right person at the right time who could cut through all of that.

    Written by Veronica’s ‘Views on November 30, 2014 | e


    As I read this book, I was moved and amazed by how God worked in people’s hearts to accomplish the means, monetarily and otherwise to complete this massive project! This book is 269 pages long, and quite an enjoyable read. It is, in a way an autobiography yet not once does the author doesn’t give the impression of boasting in his own strength. The whole book is the story of God’s power and faithfulness. I was so blessed to read this book, and will continue to keep up to date on the work at Diospi Suyana hospital!

    Written by Books, Beautiful Books on November 30, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/review/R3QVF5YYQELQUI/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=0857215744


    He simply steps out in faith. Faith. Some days that is all he has to go on – when all they had were $58 US dollars and there was still building to do, equipment to get – faith. A quick read about the life of a missionary family who put their faith in God and He shows them what their faith can do – it can literally move mountains.

    Written by Growing for Christ on November 30, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/review/R1BM3CH5M9FKDR/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm


    Sometimes it was difficult reading this book because the author was constantly referring to German and Peruvian companies and government agencies. These companies and agencies had great importance to the story, but they were totally unfamiliar to me, an American reader, and it was hard to keep them straight. In the end, I just sort of skipped over the names and concentrated on each milestone achieved. Clearly this book shows that modern day miracles are possible, that God helps those who step out to help others in need. Klaus-Dieter John and his wife did not possess all the skills and knowledge needed to start a hospital. They did not have the wealth to do it. But they knew there was a need and they asked God to help them voice that need. They never gave up asking and they’ve been able to see God in those who have given and in those who have received alike. I received a copy of this book from Litfuse for review purposes.

    Written by Thoughts from Mill Street on November 29, 2014 |e
    Read my full review: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/i-have-seen-god-klaus-dieter-john/1119693057?ean=9780857215741


    This is a very inspiring book and I really enjoyed it! It reads a little like an itinerary at times, but if you can get past that, you will truly enjoy the message. I came away from this book just amazed at what God can do through people who are willing

    Written by Julie – More of Him on November 27, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: http://www.moreofhim.net/2014/11/book-review-i-have-seen-god.html


    I Have Seen God shares the inspirational story of medical missionaries Klaus-Dieter and Martina John. Their account of building a state of the art health care facility in the Peruvian Andes, in order to care for the poverty stricken families that live in this area, is an amazing display of the miracles that God continues to perform today. This is truly an inspiring book.

    While this complimentary book was provided for review by LitFuse Publicity Group, no other compensation was given. All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.

    Written by Once Upon a Storyville on November 27, 2014 |e
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/Have-Seen-God-Miraculous-Hospital/product-reviews/0857215744/ref=cm_cr_dp_synop?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending#R2DSZ520S7TM1Z


    Wow! What an amazing God we serve. When God places a call on your life and none of the pieces seem to fit or things are not working out. Just turn everything over to him in prayer and see what doors God opens for you when all seems shut.

    Written by Caffeinated Christian Raves – N- Reviews on November 26, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1106587859


    Review – I love this book. I love the idea of doing something so wonderful and trusting God for the tomorrows. I can’t wait to see where God leads my family and what we can do in this world for God.

    Written by let’s eat 2 day on November 26, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/review/R1T1K6GF66CUJ9/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=0857215744


    Having a family member who was a career missionary in South America, I was particularly interested to read this book and it did not disappoint. This is a fascinating account of a couple called to serve God as medical missionaries among the poorest population of Peru and how they built a modern hospital through donations of time and materials and amazing interventions by God. A beautiful testimony of faith and commitment to the cause of Christ, this stirred my heart.

    Written by Mocha with Lindal on November 24, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: http://mochawithlinda.blogspot.com/2014/11/i-have-seen-god.html


    Wow, this was quite a reading adventure! The story about two German medical students who dated–off and on–served on many different committees together and mission trips, and then later married and went to serve as medical missionaries to Peru.

    Written as a memoir, this book will engage the reader as if Dr. Klaus-Dieter John is sitting across the table from you, telling the story. A wildly popular book, as if the edition I have it is in it’s 8th printing, and has been translated from the original German version into many different languages including the English version I have. I seriously enjoyed this book… not because it’s a missionary story, not because it’s a true accounting of events, but because God really moved in ways that some would consider unbelievable…

    Written by Lighthouse Academy on November 23, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: www.amazon.com


    What an incredible story of what God can do with willing servants!

    Written by Inklings and Notions on November 18, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: http://amandanicolle.blogspot.com/2014/11/i-have-seen-god.html


    I Have Seen God by Klaus-Dieter John truly reveals the power of God! Over and over this book shows how God worked in Dr. John’s life and made it possible for him to build a hospital in Peru. His word’s kept me turning page after page.
    I also learned a few things about how difficult it can be to get things accomplished when you have opposition on all sides. Even when one wants to help others often there are obstacles that have to be overcome that one would never dream of.If you want to read a book that reveals the Hand of God at work this book is for you. I truly enjoyed reading this book. Excellent read!

    Written by Four Seasons of Blessings on November 18, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: http://kaseyparr.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/i-have-seen-god/


    As I read I Have Seen God, I was drawn into a world I would not otherwise have been able to experience. From the start, the author captured my attention and with each chapter you can see just how much God’s hand was on the life of Klaus and his wife, Martina. Both in good and bad, which is exactly what happens in each of our lives. Beautiful, full-color photos are included in the book, allowing the reader to really appreciate the work that Klaus-Dieter and his wife do.

    Compassion and inspiration flow through this book greatly and would be a wonderful gift for the upcoming Christmas season.

    I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!

    Written by A Mom After God’s Own Heart on November 18, 2014 | e


    This is an awesome book.
    Reading this book is a great encouragement that God is a God of miracles – today. It is not a literary masterpiece but is a good account of God at work today.
    Klaus-Dieter John’s writing draws the reader in through compelling real life stories that result in a sense personal involvement evoking compassion and inspiration. I found myself deeply touched and highly motivated take action steps to recognize God at work around me and pursue his purpose and plan for me with vision and compassion.

    Written by Karen Lyons on November 15, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/ACB6YNIIXICN0/ref=cm_cr_pr_pdp


    I liked this encouraging story of God at work today in Peru. Dr. John is honest in his endeavor to build a hospital, sharing the miraculous events but also the discouraging ones. Anyone doubting that God is at work today would do well to read this book. All of what made the hospital a possibility just could not be coincidences!

    Written by Book Reviews from an Avid Reader on November 13, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/product_reviews?item_no=215741&social_id=401617


    Klaus-Dieter John’s writing is emotional. He draws the reader in through the real life stories that result in a sense of personal involvement in compassion and inspiration.

    Written by Reading Corner Reviews & More on November 10, 2014 | e
    Read my full review:http://readingcornerreviews.blogspot.com/2014/11/book-review-i-have-seen-god.html


    The story itself is engaging–as, of course, are the real people involved. And the photographs are a value-added plus.

    Written by Story Matters on November 7, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: http://katherinescottjones.com/seen-god-book-review/


    The book is written well and shares a story of love and strength. I would recommend it for adults as they would connect and bond more so.

    Written by Cassandra M’s Place on November 2, 2014 | e
    Read my full review: http://www.cassandramsplace.com/2014/11/klaus-dieter-johns-i-have-seen-god.html