Mornings with Jesus @Guideposts 2012 Daily Devotional featuring TriciaGoyer, JudyKBaer and more

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The 2012 edition of Mornings with Jesus features devotionals by Tricia Goyer, Judy K Baer, Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Sharon HInck, Keri Wyatt Kent, Camy Tang, and Erin Keeley Marshall.

Invite Jesus into your day.

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The warm and friendly voices of seven women reflect on the character and teachings of Jesus, and encourage you to draw near to Him and invite His presence, truth and relevance into your life. Each devotion includes a Scripture verse, an insightful reflection on Jesus’ words, wisdom, compassion and comfort, and faith step that will and inspire and challenge you.




I’ve really enjoyed this devotional book for a couple of
reasons. First it’s a compilation of writers whose books I’ve read. I’ve enjoyed their Christian Fiction books very much.

Each devotional starts out with a scripture passage. A
storm, funny event, or thought from the authors’ life that brings home the
message of the scripture and how they saw it in their life or someone else’s
life or situation they encountered.

At the end of the message there is a Faith Step
– it’s a little something the reader can do to take a step closer in their
journey with Jesus. It helps the reader make the journey personal and real.

Nora St.Laurent
The Book Club Network


I love devotionals. They are a wonderful way to start my day, and with this devotional “Mornings With Jesus” what makes it different for me is that it is written by seven different women,whose writings are very easy to connect to. Also it is published by Guideposts a company that I turn to whenever I am looking for Christian literature.I must admit I am always drawn to pretty things and the cover of this devotional pulled me right in, but it was the stories and insight that kept me going back daily. For me I have made this book a part of my daily Bible time and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to jump start their day or who wants to develop a closer walk with God.

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Beckie @ By The Book  

What a wonderful way to start the day:  Mornings With Jesus 2012!  I have been using this devotional since I received it and it never fails to bring a new insight and a new challenge to my day.  There is a devotional for each day of the week and one for Saturday and Sunday.  A verse of scripture, a personal story from one of the authors and a prompt for going a little deeper is included in each day’s offering.  Perfect for a quick start to your day, I Highly Recommend that you try Mornings With Jesus 2012.  It may just be the thing for you to get your mind on living a Christ-filled life.


Guideposts  has long been a leader in providing daily devotional material for folks in churches. I grew up with my mother having guideposts material on her nightstand, and with women in the church having Guideposts material on their end tables and coffee tables.

This year, the devotional “Mornings with Jesus 2012” has passed across my desk for review. There is much to commend about this fine devotional. First, it is authentic and down to earth. Many devotionals can come across as overly spiritual. Not this one. One devotional thought by Keri Wyatt Kent who was talking about a particularly difficult time in her marriage, and her need to win an argument particularly stood out to me.

Also, included among the writers of these devotionals are competent, articulate women who are accomplished writers as well as younger women who are up and coming Christian leaders. Many of these women have name recognition through their writing and speaking ventures. Many Christian women will be already comfortable with their voices. On a personal note, I am also thankful that most of these devotionals are about real-life issues. Much of what I remember from Guideposts was about stories of encounters with angels by Guideposts readers. To be honest, all the Guidepost stories about angels have kind of burnt me out on angel stories.

Clint Walker
Friar Tuck’s Fleeting Thoughts


I am really enjoying this devotional. The ladies that have contributed
have written inspiring daily readings. Today’s reading for February 24th
talks about wise counsel, how King Rehoboam, Soloman’s son made a bad
decision on whose advice to take. Camy Tang who wrote today’s devotional
asks, how can we know that the counsel is wise? God gave us His
spirit, and His spirit nudges us in ways that we don’t always understand
but it is toward His will. That is so true!

Andi Newberry



Dawn @ Guiding Light 


I had the pleasure of reviewing Mornings with Jesus 2012: Daily Encouragement for Your Soul, 366 Devotions. I personally LOVE devotionals, and this one is no exception! Seven wonderful ladies (Judy Baer, Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Tricia Goyer, Sharon Hinck, Keri Wyatt Kent, Erin Keeley Marshall and Camy Tang) have gotten together to provide this refreshingly honest daily devotional. The stories shared go to the heart – no simple surface stuff here – which is “right up my alley” as well…I love REAL stuff!


Great devotional. I like the way it speaks to the situation I find myself facing.

Digging for Pearls


We all know how busy life is, and it seems harder and harder to find a few minutes to spend at the beginning of each day on our devotions. The book titled Mornings with Jesus 2012 is a fantastic way to start the day.

This book is written by seven unique authors – and while each of these authors may write a bit differently, there is an obvious common thread that weaves all their thoughts together. The devotionals are encouraging, inspirational, thought provoking, and often soul-searching. They challenge us to have a closer relationship with  God and with each other.

Janet Ruth | Along the Way


Many of these messages applied to me, but the ones that have really meant something to me are the ones about God’s love. I struggle a lot with realizing how much I mean to God, so having that reminder in the morning helps keep it in my mind throughout the day.

Ariel Wilson 


I love devotionals, especially for someone like myself who is not familiar with much of the Bible. With a devotional, you can just open to the current date’s page and talk with Jesus. I recently began the devotional, Mornings with Jesus, which includes stories from writers such as Tricia Goyer, Judy Baer, and Sharon Hinck.

Head Ant


I’m a firm believer in starting the day on the right foot to set the tone for the entire day.Mornings with Jesus has quickly become a part of my morning routine of prayer and meditation.
Each devotion includes a Scripture verse to guide you, a personal and insightful reflection on the words of that verse and a Faith Step that inspires you to act and embrace that verse fully in your life.



Love it:   “This is a great addition to anyone’s devotional collection.  It would make a great gift, but be sure to get one for yourself.  With the different voices and viewpoints, each morning there is a fresh word from the Lord.  God is using this book to touch and change my life and I’m sure He will use it in yours as well!!”

Inspired by Fiction


Included in Mornings with Jesus are Daily encouragements for your soul.
Each day is a refreshing visit with God, and his Word. Then we are
treated to insightful reflections by some great authors. At the end of
the reading there are Faith Steps!

If you need some encouraging reading, besides your Bible of course, I recommend this being placed close by.

Maureen Timmerman


Mornings with Jesus 2012 shares a verse, a reading on the character and teachings of Jesus, and a
faith step to help apply the message for every day of the year,
contributed by authors who are doubly qualified to compose such a book.
They are talented writers who have received awards and acclaim for their
professional efforts. And they are also wives, mothers, and daughters
who have experienced the same struggles and trials common to us all. Their insights are sure to strengthen and inspire you. This book makes it easy to spend time with Jesus each morning!

Renee Ann Smith


I’m really enjoying reading this devotional. They are not long and
drawn out like some and they are written with the reader in mind. It’s
not a bunch of facts or hype, but real stories shared. One of my
favorites is one that I read last week –Don’t
pick on people, jump on their failures, critisize their faults —
unless, of course, you want the same treatment. The critical spirit has a
way of boomeranging (The MSG Matthew 7:1-2)

This day’s devotion was learning to treat others with respect and love. That
is something that we have been dealing with in our home so I was so
pleased to read this and I just devoured it.

Jennifer Sikora


As someone who struggles each day to find more time to spend quietly with Jesus and in His Word, I greatly appreciate a devotional book like this. The readings are quick but they get right to the point and stick with you. The women who write this book all have different life experiences to share and their messages are inspirational and encouraging for all women.



Mornings with Jesus has been a good devotional book to start off my
year. I usually try to read one of these out loud in the morning while my
daughter and I are having breakfast.
I would recommend Mornings with Jesus as a simple daily devotional to
get your heart and mind focused on Christ.
Read my full review and get information about the giveaway here.



For many, morning quiet time is an important part of spiritual life.   Mornings with Jesus 2012 (Guideposts, 2012) is an excellent addition to a morning routine.  Drawing on the talents of writers such as Tricia Goyer and Keri Wyatt, Mornings with Jesus 2012 provides a devotional reading and scripture quote for each day of the year.  For each day, an action step to help the reader apply the teaching to daily life is also provided.  Well-written and easy to read, Mornings with Jesus 2012 is marvelous devotional for those seeking to draw closer to Jesus through his teachings.

Mama Zen


I love devotionals. They are not only great to read each day, I enjoy keeping them for references when I want to read someting on a certain topic.
Mornings With Jesus is especially wonderful because several of the Christian Fiction writers whose books I have read are featured in this book with a number of their own devotionals.
And I’ve used it now for almost over a month and I just enjoy reading the devotions. Each one I read is always something I need for the day.
Check out my review and my blog here

Blessings….Joy Hannabass


What better way is there than to start is there than spending time with God! We are blessed with a new book from Guideposts that gives a devotional for every day  of the year. Each reading has Scripture and a section of teaching to
provide a pickup for the day. The extra motivation from the “Faith Step”
helps us move forward each moment with what we need to do. This book is
written by women, and is geared mainly toward women, but men can gain
encouragement from it as well.

This book will make a wonderful gift for your wife, daughter, mother, etc. I know my wife has enjoyed the book and that we will be giving it as a gift. I am happy to recommend this devotional, and thank Litfuse for including me in the blog tour.

 Mike Safford


I love finding a worthwhile devotional book; ‘Mornings with Jesus 2012’ is certainly that. I encourage anyone to spend the rest of their mornings in 2012 with Jesus and this heartfelt and encouraging book.

 Andrea Schultz


“Invite Jesus to take the muddy struggles of your life and sculpt a blessing from that humble clay.” –Sharon Hinck  pg. 96

Quiet time, time alone with God.  Precious time spent in prayer, Bible study, and devotion. These precious moments are always accentuated with wonderful daily devotionals such as those found in “Mornings With Jesus.” Through the collaboration of  authors, Guideposts offers this book which 365 daily readings that  provide encouragement, hope, and food for our souls. Each day has three parts: Scripture passage, devotional, and a faith step (one of my  favorites it the one on the top of this blog post). They are quick and
easy to read, and will set your day on the right path.

This is a wonderful devotional and  will make a great gift. It is perfect to read with my morning coffee,  while I have time in the Word and prayer. I highly recommend it and will be giving copies as gifts. Many thanks to the Litfuse group. I am very  happy to be part of the blog tour for this book!

Here is the link to my blog post:

D Safford



I wouldn’t recommend this as the only thing you do in your time with the Lord, but it makes a nice supplement to Bible reading and prayer. It’s a great way to focus your thoughts first thing in the morning.

I received my copy a few days into the new year, and I’ve been reading each day’s devotional as soon as I wake up in the morning. I decided that, even though I needed to review the devotional, I would not read ahead; I’d simply read each devotional on the appropriate day and base my review on the days I’d read. A couple weeks ago, I was really struggling with being happy for my friends who were in new relationships, had recently become engaged, or had just had a child—all things that I have longed for but have not yet experienced. I woke up one morning feeling really fragile. When I opened the devotional, the day’s message seemed geared right to me. Author Sharon Hinck spoke about her desire to be genuinely happy for friends who were experiencing great joys while she walked through a season of pain. And then she wrote the words that jumped off the page at me: “I can’t do any of it. But Jesus can. And he lives in me.”
See the rest of my review here.

Becky Ritta 


I could go on and on about how these devotions are spiritually lifting me and encouraging me with each passing day to  not only enjoy my time with Jesus and God’s word, but to really make changes in my daily walk during my time on earth. All of these writers have so many stories to help us realize the areas of our walk that can be enhanced and/or changed. I will cherish this devotional for years to come. And although it is for 2012, I will be coming back to this year after year.




Giveaway available through 2/20/12

year I look forward breaking open a brand new devotional book. The only
problem is…that I end up reading 5-7 devotionals each day…I know, I
know, sounds like a lot, but each one is so uniquely different and
equally amazing that I just can’t make myself read just one devotional a
day.So, when I got the notice from Litfuse Publicity Group about the “Mornings with Jesus 2012” devotional, I just knew that I had to get my hands on a copy. With a team of incredible authors like Judy Baer, Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Tricia Goyer, Sharon Hinck, Keri Wyatt Kent, Erin Keeley Marshall, and Camy Tang this is sure to become one of my favorites.

Each day starts with a Bible verse, then leads into a heart felt story or
message from one of the writers and is topped off at the end with a
“Faith Step” to help you digest and apply what you have just read for
the day. Short, sweet, simple and easy to read this devotional is a
great addition to any woman who loves a good devotional book just like I
do. …AND…as a matter of fact, I have an EXTRA copy available to give away!

Melissa Mashburn



I have had daily devotional books in the past and although some of them were good, I did not always enjoy them. This book is definitely different! It is engaging and thought provoking. It helps us to see, in a personal, human way, how the verses can relate to us. It also lets us know that we are not alone in our daily struggles, that other Christians go through the same thoughts and feelings as we do. 

Full review & giveaway here.

Sheila @ Showcase Sisters


I have trust issues… I’ve also discovered a few other things about myself as I read through the devotions found in this book.

Tami @ 


My wife and I will be using “Mornings with Jesus” as our daily devotional together.  I reviewed this and Tony Dungy’s devotional back to back and thought this would be a much better fit for a married couple.

You can read my review here:

Stephen Porter


When I signed up for this review, I was excited to receive Mornings with Jesus 2012 Daily Encouragement for your Soul. The combination of authors Judy Baer, Tricia Goyer, Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Sharon Hinck, Keri Wyatt Kent, Erin Keelye Marshall, and Camy Tang had me looking forward to this devotional. I’ve read books by Judy Baer and Tricia Goyer before and I know that they are beautiful Christian fiction writers with deep insights into the Bible.

Michelle Padrelanan 


My copy is already dog-eared and highlighted and it’s only February!
From reminders to take Jesus at His word and trust, to encouragement for
stressed out moms who need an extra dose of patience to get through the
day, to accepting the unconditional love of Jesus and sharing it with
others, this devotional has become an important part of my mornings with

For the rest of my review, please visit my blog at

Sara @ Embracing Destiny


One thing that has transformed my spiritual walk is spending time in the morning in God’s Word.  This year I am concentrating on the life of Christ and looked forward to this book.  I was a bit disappointed that the devotionals were not more about Jesus and less about people.  But that was my expectation.  This is a good devotional for women who need to see how the Bible can be related to daily life.  See my full review at

Book Woman Joan


Each day you will begin your morning with a verse from Jesus’ teachings as well as a devotional around the Word followed by a daily challenge to take a step of faith. This book will not only encourage you but help you to dig deeper and to challenge your daily walk with God…….It’s hard to keep our focus, to remember that these earthly rewards are not what matters, Jesus will not be stamping your degree, your certificates with stickers or good job stamps, our reward is Jesus. Our work should always be done for Him, not for earthly rewards. Today lets remember that everything we do should be a reflection of Christ, and every step we take should be to honor and glorify God. To let His light shine through us.

Organic Elle


I knew when I saw Tricia Goyer, Sharon Hinck, and Camy Tang’s names among the authors Guidepost had chosen for this devotional compilation I’d be in for a treat. Their fiction writing is superb and has spoken to me more often than not. I knew the wisdom they brought to the pages of this devotional offering would be no different and though I have only had a chance to barely scratch it’s surface my confidence in the enlightenment and encouragement God would speak with their words and His so far was beyond justified.

Visit my full review to see some excerpts that are especially meaningful to me as well as more about this book. Also check out my giveaway for a copy of the book. Link at the end of the review post.

Melissa (ForstRose)


One in particular that I connected with was the judgmental issue.  The author goes in to how most people are turned away by Christians because of our judgmental attitudes.  I never really thought that I was a judgmental person, mostly because I keep my thoughts to myself.  But
then it occurred to me while reading this story that even though I
might not voice my thoughts, I still have a tendency to judge others.  I think in my head that they are not behaving like Christians should, etc. etc.  The faith step for that day was to go an entire day without criticizing or judging anyone.  To me that included in my thoughts also.  Let’s just say, it was a lot harder than it should have been.  That day gave me a lot to think about and consider about my attitude and thoughts.

KC Melone


The readings each day are practical and simple, but my favorite part is
the Faith Step at the end. By presenting a question to think through or
an action to take, it keeps the topic and verse on my mind throughout
the day… Mornings with Jesus would be a great supplement to whatever Bible
reading/studying plan you’ve already got going. Or it would be a great
way to end the day… I look forward to reading these devotions throughout the year!

Brook @ i Blog 4 Books


This is a great devotional. I loved the different authors. I only knew of two of the authors, and enjoyed their writing, but the rest of the authors are just as great. They are all personable and let you, the reader, see into their lives as they share their thoughts and personal stories that relate to the different aspects of Jesus’ character and teaching. Even though we are almost a full month into 2012, this is still a great devotional to pick up and use!

Charity Lane


day’s selection is only one page long. I have read all up to today’s
date. So far…my favorite entry is from page 22 written by Erin Keeley
Marshall. The key verse is 1 John 3:18, “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”
As a mother of three (one is a special needs kid), I can totally relate
to the exhaustion and the need to be stretched that she talks about. I
love what she shares: “However, through the blessings of family,
Jesus is growing another blessing in me–the ability to experience Him
providing for me as I provide for others….As hard as selfless giving
can be, heart growth is a sweet experience. As He blesses me, He is
making me a blessing to others.” I agree. I sometimes struggle to
love like Jesus, but I’m thankful that I get to practice unconditional,
selfless love in action everyday :). If you would like daily doses of
encouragement this year, check this wonderful devotional out. This book
would also make a lovely gift for women in your life.

I posted my review and giveaway of this book at

Urialak @ Living for God


Mornings with Jesus 2012: Daily Encouragement for your Soul (366 Devotions) [Blog Tour]: Review and Giveaway

Christina Jonas Kennedy 


This is the year I am trying to connect  more with Jesus, especially since Mason passed away. Some of the  devotionals I have are a little….stuffy. I like this version very  much. There is a Scripture everyday, and then one of the authors write  something for that day. It is refreshing, and very helpful to me.

Hayley Kolb 


I am always on the look-out for good dvotionals. With three small children, books like this are such a blessing indeed. There is nothing better than being able to read a bit of scripture as the moment of our days allow.  I especially enjoy the variety of writers within this book. It almost guarantees that on those days my neighbors hear me yellig, “Help me, Jesus” throughout the day, I can always take a breath and find just what I need. No matter how on the go and crazy the day may be (and homeschooling two boys with a five month old baby can get pretty hairy at times haha) this is without a doubt a great blessing. A reminder for each day, a call to prayer, time to meditate upon His word and just take in His mercy and glory.
“Be still and know that I am God.”



This devotional has helped me see that I can include God in my every day life because He included me, yes even lowly me! As I stood in the line waiting to greet the family of the most recently departed friend today I saw many walks of life. I saw young people, old couples, people there on their lunch breaks from work, and people with and without Jesus. I inched closer to the family during the course of about an hour I stood in line. I kept going over what I would say to the family, I had plenty of time to rehearse, and when I got to them all I could remember was the devotional from the 17th of January in the book.

On this particular day in the book it talks about the time when Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane before the Crucifixion praying to the Lord for the cup to pass from Him. The books tells us that, “His prayer wasn’t answered”. I thought about the unanswered prayers that the husband of my friend would be praying as well as the ones possibly uttered by her mother. I thought to myself that there was nothing I could say to bring their wife or daughter back. I thought of those three precious young children who won’t know their mother. Then I remembered that I feel helpless and hopeless I can get through it because I know others are praying for me.

The book says, ” Our prayers rise before God’s throne. Our prayers reach Him. So even if I feel like my prayers are worthless, or I’ve become repetitive, I have to remember that they’re valuable; they can please God and move Him.” I could only do what others have done for me and tell them that I would be praying for them and I will humbly pray for them and the grief they will endure. God will honor them as He opened His arms for my sister in Christ just three days ago.

Scott LaVigne


Many times I get caught up in trying to do too many things, and end up spinning my wheels. I seem to find ways to stay busy doing things that seem important on the surface, but in reality don’t mean much. I could spend more time doing the things that God calls me to do, if I would only learn to say no to these busy-making chores. After reading a few of the devotionals found in this book, I will be making time daily to read and apply these teachings to my life.

T Jones


Are you looking for a new experience for your quiet time?  Guideposts’ new devotional “Mornings With Jesus 2012” offers a new way to invite Jesus into your day.  Spend each day of 2012 with Jesus through insightful and encouraging devotionals from authors Judy Baer, Tricia Goyer, Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Sharon Hinck, Keri Wyatt Kent, Erin Keeley Marshall and Camy Tang.
Not only do they open their hearts, they inspire with their words of encouragement and wisdom.  This is not just a devotional you will read and put down.  Each day offers an opportunity to use “Faith Steps” to enrich your time with God through questions to ponder or activities to do throughout the day.

Jill Jones


This devotional is a great addition to my morning quiet time with Him. I find the Faith Step lesson at the end of each day’s reading makes the devotional interactive rather than passive and reinforces the lesson I hope to learn.

Sharon A Lavy 


I received this book in exchange for my participation in the Litfuse blog tour. I received at the beginning of 2012, so it was a perfect start to a new beginning in the Word. Each devotional is written in a friendly, conversational tone that makes you want to keep reading even after the words stop. The encouragement from the devotions, the verses to ponder, and the faith steps at the end of the passages helps me to draw closer to Him. Written by some of my favorite authors, the devotions are great pick-me-ups in the morning and help me stay motivated to dive into the Word when my busy schedule beckons.



This is a wonderful book and I’m so glad I got the chance to review it.

Each devotion starts with a focus on scripture followed by a short story or anecdote by one of the authors. At the end of each piece is a Faith Step; a suggestion on how to apply what you’ve read. As a woman–a busy one at that, I found their writing very relatable and relevant. Even though we may think sometimes that the Bible is outdated, it was refreshing for me to read and apply Biblical wisdom to today’s culture.

You can read my full review at my blog,  A Living Homeschool.

Christy Kramer


I have struggled with finding a morning devotional to has hooked me
beyond a few days. Within the past 6 months, I’ve tried two different
ones without really getting into one. I’ve made various excuses about
how I’m too busy as a mom, as a teacher, etc to carve out a time in the
morning to spend with God. I am so glad that LitFuse
allowed me to join this blog tour because it’s been the first time in
1/2 a year that I’ve stuck with one devotional almost on a daily basis.

Mornings with Jesus is a great devotional written as a
collaboration of 7 women authors. The daily devotional itself is short
and sweet, but that doesn’t mean that the meat of the devotional itself
doesn’t have depth because surprisingly, it does. Each day consists of a
verse, a story that I can relate to, especially as a woman and a
mother, and leaves you with a question to reflect upon as you go about
your day. My only complaint is that I wish they hadn’t labeled each day
according to 2012 because if I wanted to read through this again in a
different year, the dates would all messed up and confusing.

To read full post, check out the bookish mama.



Mornings with Jesus is a wonderful collection of 366 devotions published by Guideposts to help you start the day in a positive and meaningful way.
encouragements for your soul are written by seven well known authors
including Tricia Goyer, Judy Baer, Camy Tang for i.e., friendly voices
certain to lift the heart and strenghen the spirit!
Each short devotion includes scriptures, warm messages and faith steps to help you along the day.

What better way to start your day than ‘meeting’ a friend whilst sharing a cuppa?



What I loved about this book is that it not only gives a scripture, but then you get a personal insight and story to go along with the scripture. I absolutely loved the “Faith Step” at the end of every page.  It kind of nudges you to be a little more proactive in  your walk with God and sometimes it felt like it was a hug from the writer.  This book was written with a lot of love, heart and soul and I personally would love to thank each other author for giving their precious time and sharing all those personal notes. It made a difference.One thing that I did not like about this devotional was that there were hardly any scriptures given in the King James Version, so I had to have my KJV bible on hand to look up the scripture of the day, instead of using the version the author chose.  Other than that teeny tiny tid-bit, I absolutely LOVED this book.



I am enjoying this devotional.  It is inspiring to read devotions from a
woman’s perspective.  The authors share their struggles and life lessons in a way I can relate to.

Briana Jeffers


It is an excellent way to begin each day by focusing on God

Lighthouse Lover


Entire review can be found here.
Mornings with Jesus is a beautiful devotional. From the beautiful dogwood blossoms on the cover to the words written by seven women authors. This devotional is a  wonderful way to start your day with Jesus. Each devotion is short and yet very  inspiring.The devotion for today, February 2 seemed to be speaking  directly me. It was written by Gwen Ford Faulkenberry. The Bible verse is  Matthew 11:28 (NAS) “Come to Me, all that are weary and heavy-leaden and I  will give you rest” Gwen talks about our daily responsibilities and  struggles, you know that never ending list of things that we all have to do each day. We get weary. I know this past week I have been particularly weary from  packing and moving into our new house. I know that I have not spent as much time  in the Word as I should have I have felt physically and spiritually weary. I  know that only Jesus can give me the spiritual rest I need. That type of rest  can only come from Him. I need to seek Him each and every morning before I start  my day.

Michelle Gerrells


The authors bring their own revelation and experiences  to their daily writings which resonate and remain with me throughout the day.  I was  pleasantly surprised that upon reading familiar scripture in this  devotional I have been able  to learn something new about myself and how it pertains to my faith.  I particularly enjoyed the reading from the  27th of April on Matthew 6:33 by Tricia Goyer and saw a different  perspective on how to apply that scripture to my daily life.  This would be a wonderful addition to your faith journey.

Caroline B Grossman


Why do we need a new daily devotional?  Most of us need help to focus our attention.  There are so many things that vie for our attention and  we juggle so many that, sometimes, we lose sight of what really is  important.  So we need this devotional to help calm and center us.  We can use this in the morning to help focus us on God and His plans for usrather than our plans for the day.  We can use this in the afternoon to help re-energize us when the activities of the day have drained us of our energy.  We can use this in the evening when we are weary from the  world’s battering and we need rest and peace in God.  “Mornings With  Jesus 2012″ is not a time-consuming read.  Each devotional starts with  scripture, followed by the devotional, and then the application. They  are only a page or less in length but they are oh so helpful to properly channel our energies in the right direction.  If we use these daily
devotionals correctly we will all be the better for it.

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God knew I needed to really work on starting my day with him, and wouldn’t you guess the first entry on January 1st is about slipping away and making time for Him. “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark (huh… this is when I get up…) Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed.” ~Mark 1:35 NIV

WOW… I think I needed that!



Snippet:  Today’s devotion is not the only one that has really helped me. Earlier this month there was a great devotional by Camy Tang about a stagnant prayer life and boy don’t I feel like I have been there before.  Each one I have read so far has had something to say to me.  Each morning (or evening) I get just a little bit of God talking to me through these wonderful devotions written by these Christian women.  And I look forward to enjoying the rest of the year with the insight these ladies will provide me into my own spiritual life and I hope to come out on the other end just a little closer to Jesus.

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Crystal Fulcher


I was excited to be able to review this book! I’ve read works by several of the authors so it was very cool to be able to peek into their hearts as they shared. With it only being January, I’ve not read very much of the book but I have no doubt the rest is full of great stuff! The devotionals are only a page – great for reading on your way out the door in the morning and then “munching on” for the rest of the day. The one that has stood out to me the most is by Camy Tang. It was for January 29 and she talked about making the choice to be faithful in the things you put your hands to. Those things will be different for each of us but her point was to prove yourself faithful to God and He’ll bless you for it. The verse was Matthew 25:21 (parable about the three stewards) and she made this comment: “None of these things [the things God has given her – job, family, working with her youth ministry, etc.] requires gold so I never equated them with the things the master talks about in the parable. But then I realized that he didn’t specify gold. He praised the servant for being faithful with a few things.” That’s something I’m going to work on – being faithful with what God has given me and giving all of my focus and energy into those things. These are great women to learn from and I look forward to the rest of the year!

amber french


I’ve been reading this book
out loud with my husband and we’re both really enjoying it. We’ve so
loved the down-to-earth devotionals that touch pertinent parts of our
lives. These speak to both men and women, and teens would find many of
them valuable, as well. Stop by my blog to read my full



This is a nice yearly devotional that can help you find encouragement as you start your day. Each contributor
shares from their own perspective of where they are in relationship with Christ. Some you will related to better than others but be open to learn something from each of them. At the end of each days reading is what they call a Faith Step. For example on July 3, contributor Judy  Baer writes, “Today take your friend Jesus with you wherever you go.  think of Him as physically at your side in the coffee shop, at the library, at a meeting or anywhere you go.” Another nice thing about this devotional is it includes a topical index at the back of the book. I would recommend this book for when you are in a rush and need that  quick encouragement during your day! Read more at:



When I first received this book for review I thought “oh goody another daily devotion book that may or may not be relevant to me”. A couple of days later I picked the book up and was actually quite pleased with what I was reading. The stories written were relevant to my life and the Bible verses that accompanied the stories seemed written in the
most accessible translations.  This book Mornings with Jesus also has a“faith step” that can be applied to different situations that are actually happening in my life. Overall the book has turned out to be a handy and relevant daily devotional that I could see myself using and even loaning out to a friend for when they are looking for something
quick and relevant to start out their day.  I also liked the fact that the pages are dated so if I miss a day I never feel as if I have to catch up.  The topical index makes it easy for me to use the tools to find a devotion for my specific situation or a friend’s. I like that this book was written by several different authors so I am not only getting one person’s point of view for the year.

The ie Mommy


Devotionals are a dime a dozen. But the writers of “Mornings with Jesus 2012” bring fresh perspective in a daily delight that refreshes, replenishes and recharges my inner self and my walk in the Lord. The stories are amazing and the ‘faith step’ that follows each segment is a great follow-up and something to focus on in a practical way each day. I am so grateful for a relevant and realistic devotional that guides and instructs in such a wonderful way.

Judy Fedele


‘ll admit, I’m one that prefers to curl up with my Bible at night instead of starting off with some readings in the morning. Mornings always seem so rushed and makes it almost impossible to have time to read and get something from what I’m reading….

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have just received Tricia Goyer’s novel Along Wooded Paths. She is the only author I recognize. I would like to have this devotional to read during this leap year because it has 366 devotions and is for 2012.
I like devotions because they begin a central theme and you can continue your Bible study further on the Scriptures that pertain to the subject on that day for in-depth study. It is a nice jump-start place to begin.

Lana Hill House


I think it is a very good book to read everyday, but I don’t think that it should be the only book you use for your daily devotions.
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Alright, I have a confession. I do not spend my mornings with Jesus. I
read a chapter at night, before I go to bed. This way the lessons and
truths marinate in my subconscious while I sleep. Silly, but true.

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Susan Delano


In a perfect world we all grab a cup of hot coffee, wander to our table, comfy chair, or by the toasty fire and have a wonderful quiet time of prayer, study and reading. Reality, we are lucky to grab 5-10 minutes each morning before the world hits! …… This book works for me – because even on the days I get up early enough to have a decent  amount of time alone,  this book is still part of my quiet time – it still inspires me, still offers some encouragement and still is truth; but on the mornings I am running and cannot catch much of a breath I have time for these great devotions!  Read More @

Janelle Cole


The devotion for January 22nd was about how we can all be so selfish, and until we are parents we don’t  realize it.  It’s so true, for me, I still find myself fighting it.  Sometimes I get so frustrated when I am trying so hard to get things
done, and the boys are making a mess where I am cleaning the rest of the house.  Then in the midst of the disaster they ask me for something.   Its funny how I am learning to be patient and less selfish as I stop and do what I need to do for the boys.  They can’t really do a lot  themselves yet.  The oldest is 5, and while he does try to pour his own
drink or cereal it usually ends up in a disaster of a mess.  So either way I end up with more work.

Shari Goss


I really like this devotional.  On each day, you will find a Scripture reference and a personal reflection from one of seven Christian women authors.  I really enjoyed these stories that they shared because I could relate to them in my own life.  At the end of the devotional, there is a “Faith Step” that helps us to stop and answer how the Lord is
working in our life or how we are walking with the Lord.  I really liked doing this step as it helped me to clarify how I could do better in my walk and also showed me how the Lord has been blessing me in my life.  I really liked that I could relate to the stories and see where some of  my struggles are, so are they for other women.  However, I also
loved that each devotion showed the way to overcome these struggles is through the Lord.

Julie @ More of Him


Mornings with Jesus 2012 is out now. It’s a devotional that has been written by quite a few authors they are Judy Baer, Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Tricia Goyer, Sharon Hinck, Keri Wyatt Kent, Erin Keeley Marshall and Camy Tang. some of those authors write amazing novels, the others i have never read or heard of.

 Aimy Michelle

I like to use devotionals to kick off my morning quiet time. This one feels like you are sitting down with friends sharing your lives together. It is warm and friendly with words that inspire and challenge.  One of the devotions that spoke to me was the thought that we don’t have to do “big, amazing, or noticeable” things to be a blessing to someone else.  Sometimes it can be the smallest of things we do that touches someone else.  This book is great tool to use in your walk with God.



Mornings with Jesus 2012: Daily Encouragement for Your Soul 366 Devotions” is a series of selected devotionals by Judy Baer, Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Tricia Goyer, Sharon Hinck, Keri Wyatt Kent, Erin Keeley Marshall and Camy Tang that will help you start each morning with a selected passage from the bible,personal devotional to inspire and encourage and followed at the end of each day with a,”Faith Step” to contemplate on, throughout the day.I really enjoy using these devotionals and thought this would be perfect for  busy moms  who are struggling to balance being a Christian, a mom, a wife and in some cases, if they work in or outside the home, an employee, while maintaining a contemplative and growing relationship with our Father in Heaven.Read more at:

Twinkle Mom


This is a lovely daily devotional book. Each day starts with a Bible verse, then has a little story by a woman telling her experience that relates to that  verse. Each day ends with a “Faith Step” – a suggestion of how you can also
experience and enjoy the Lord that day. The Bible verses are uplifting and help to start your day with your heart turned to the Lord. The devotional portion helps you to see how other women are experiencing the Lord in their daily lives. And the faith steps help give you something to think about and pray about for each day.I got this book free to review from Litfuse and I am really enjoying it!  Read more:



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This is a devotion book from other women that “get it”!  They have lived in the trenches with us and know what we are facing.  It will challenge you to be a better mom, wife, and Believer!



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My first thought is about how plain gorgeous this book is, I mean
after all my online identity is CherryBlossomMJ. Then the authors listed
really excite me too. I think this will be a good reminder overall out the year to spend some time in thoughtful prayer and devotion.

Cherry Blossom


Written by seven women, including at least a couple authors I’ve reviewed before (Judy Baer and Tricia Goyer), this is a devotional that I actually do keep reaching for.  With different people writing the entries, there is just enough of a change of approach day-to-day to keep me interested and coming back.

I love the format.  It is so very easy to read, and the “faith step” part often leaves me pondering the message for a good part of my day. Take this morning, for instance.  The Bible verse is Galatians 6:2.  Keri Wyatt Kent talks about how she is able to easily avoid “the oppressed” in her everyday life… but then goes on to talk about how her life — and that of her entire family — was “forever changed” when they did step out and reached out to the oppressed.  Touching story.  Part of the faith step suggested that you “figure out ways in which you avoid those in need, and … begin to change that.” Ummmm.  Yeah.  How do I avoid those in need?  Let me count the ways… This one is going to stick with me for more than just today… (Read the rest of my review, and enter the giveaway, at )

Debra Brinkman


Colossians 3:23-24 (NLT)  “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord  rather than for people.  Remember that the Lord will give you an  inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are  serving is  Christ.”

Wow…just the verse I needed to hear today!  At times it is good to be reminded  that we may not always get the acknowledgement or recognition we feel we deserve here on earth.  Such is the way with parenting…



So far I am finding each day’s devotion to be interesting and worth the time to quickly read. While some are more applicable to my life than others, I could especially see the value of most of them for busy young mothers to read and apply in daily work or home situations. We all can use more encouragement in our lives and Mornings with Jesus 2012 does exactly that.Even if you are already reading another devotional, maybe you know someone else who is struggling and could benefit from reading it. You could sign up to win it to give as a gift for a friend or relative who needs encouragement. What a wonderful surprise that would be! If that is the case, expect them to be blessed by this book.

Kd of KdQuilts


This is what a devotional should be. The scripture at the top of the page gives you the focus of the reading. The experiences and stories that the ladies share are relatable (especially for those who are married, with children). The short challenge or thought at the end gives you the nudge to take the extra step. It will help you keep what you’ve read on your mind for the rest of the day. It may even be something that will encourage you to act on something, such as an act of love or kindness. These are actually my favorite part of the devotional. There has been a couple of times so far, when something has happened during the day that caused me to think of the little thought at the end of the day’s reading. It has been encouraging. The overall purpose is to put just a couple of minutes aside to be with the Savior each morning. Be still. Be with Jesus. Know that God is there, and let Him start your day on the right path. Full review can be found:



If you need something to jump start your day and if you’re like me, a busy mom who really doesn’t have free time, then let me introduce you  to Mornings With Jesus 2012  written by some very talented women authors who speak God’s truth.   These devotionals are short, just right for the busy mom or woman, but  filled with Truth, God’s love and poignancy. I think the one thing that I’ve read so far that has inspired me from this devotional is the one I read on January 22, 2012 that spoke of  children, family and it not being all about me.  It seems whatever I  have read so far this year, the Lord is using it to direct my heart more towards my children and my husband.  I love how God works in our lives  even we are not aware of it or even acknowledge it – He is working to  draw us near and bring us into His flock. So January 22′s devotional gives a Scripture verse, “Dear children,  let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and it truth.” I  John 3:18 NIV and the author gives us a few words from her life that can

also relate to ours, in this case it was about being a mom and the  world no longer being all about her wants, her needs, etc.  After the  short reading there are faith steps, these are a question that will make you think how the reading relates back to the Scripture at the  beginning, or an action to take.  There are two for this date and one is
“how did Jesus model selfless living?”, it doesn’t take a lot but the  impact is big if you let God work through it and  let into your daily  life through these daily reading.

Normally I’m not big on dated devotionals as when I feel I’m bound by dates I feel like I can’t use it past that time, however even though  this is dated I could see using this on a yearly cycle and just ignore  the dates given.  If you’re looking for a great devotional for women  written by women then look not further than Mornings With Jesus 2012.

**I was provided a copy of this devotional through Litfuse Publicity  in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.  I  was also provided an extra copy to give away in a contest on my blog.

Sarah Bailey


t’s hard for busy women to find those quiet moments with God, but Mornings with Jesus is designed to maximize your every second by helping you prioritize and then chew on scripture throughout the day.  This book features 366 devotions specifically for 2012 that begin with scripture and then are followed by a short devotion and action step.  Because each complete devotion fits on less than one page, it takes very little time to read – but the action step and scripture passage is designed to remain on your heart throughout the day.

Having jumped ahead a bit and read through most of this book already, my favorite devotions are the ones that feature stories from the authors’ lives.  I love reading how other wives and mothers encountered difficulties in their own lives that may be similar to mine and yet came through them stronger.  Reading others’ stories of survival and success encourages me on those days when my to-do list seems longer than Santa’s.



I’ve got that railing, and I want to share it with you.

Guideposts is one of those names that even if you’re not pursuing a personal relationship with Christ, you respect the Guideposts name. Their products are about encouraging, inspiring and empowering, and  their latest offering is no different.

Mornings with Jesus 2012 is that railing I can grab first  thing in the morning (or any time of day) to steady me before I get on  that accelerated conveyor walkway called my life. There are 366  devotions by favorite authors such as Judy Baer, Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Tricia Goyer, Sharon Hinck, Keri Wyatt Kent, Erin Keeley Marshall, and Camy Tang.

Julie Arduini


Reviewed at
Mornings with Jesus is a fresh new devotional book that will appeal to those who not only want to focus their day on Christ but also enjoy the writings of the authors who contributed. The authors often use personal anecdotes to illustrate the Scripture and focus for the day. I especially like the Faith Step at the end of each day which encourages a practical application. While a devotional book such as this should never replace deeper, in-depth Bible Study, this is a good choice for a shorter Quiet Time.

Mocha with Linda


From my review of this book at

Mornings with Jesus 2012
is a sweet nugget of inspiration mapped out in 366 one-page devotions. A piece of spiritual fuel to get your day started as you take those first sips of coffee or tea. A dose of encouragement to awaken your spirit  and charge your day. Loaded with scripture and graced with a daily challenge, its seven authors help you to develop the discipline of starting your day off with God.

Minutes that count…minutes that become a life line…minutes that  transform…minutes that renew…minutes that heal…minutes that lead  to a life time commitment in a relationship that will carry on into eternity.

In His Grace


I am reluctant to write this review. I know quite a bit of effort went into compiling it and writing the devotions. I respect that. For all the effort put into it, Mornings with Jesus is still, ‘milk and cookies’. A light snack, unable to sustain the spiritual energy needed by  Christians to get through these tumultuous and uncertain times.

The High Altitude Tea Duchess