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Welcome to the blog tour for Susan’s latest Deep Haven novel, My Foolish Heart! To celebrate Susan is giving away a night on the town from Miss Foolish Heart.

The blog tour and giveaway ($100 Visa gift card & $100 gift certificate to Hyatt/Marriott Hotels) will begin June 1st and will wrap up with the Miss Foolish Heart Facebook Party on the 16th! Details below!

Praise for My Foolish Heart:

Romantic Times 
Warren returns to the familiar town of Deep Haven with new characters, yet the same faith-filled romance.  Readers will sympathize with Issy’s troubles and rejoice with her as she takes steps to overcome them.  This is a truly delightful tale straight from the heart. Four Stars. reviewer
My Foolish Heart is a heart pounding romance that explores deep fears and how to overcome them through the perfect love of Jesus Christ. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting. I felt like I was right there in a small Minnesota town, from the dialect to the Walleye fish burgers by the shore. Susan May Warren knows how to draw a reader into a book and make them forget it’s only words on a page. She creates an experience.


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Unknown to her tiny town of Deep Haven, Isadora Presley spends her nights as Miss Foolish Heart, the star host of a syndicated talk radio show. Millions tune in to hear her advice on dating and falling in love, unaware that she’s never really done either. Issy’s ratings soar when it seems she’s falling in love on-air with a caller. A caller she doesn’t realize lives right next door.

Caleb Knight served a tour of duty in Iraq and paid a steep price. The last thing he wants is pity, so he hides his disability and moves to Deep Haven to land his dream job as the high school football coach. When his beautiful neighbor catches his eye, in a moment of desperation he seeks advice from My Foolish Heart, the show that airs before his favorite sports broadcast.

Before he knows it, Caleb finds himself drawn to the host—and more confused than ever. Is his perfect love the woman on the radio . . . or the one next door? Read an excerpt!

Susan May Warren

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Susan May Warren is the bestselling, RITA Award–winning author of more than forty novels whose compelling plots and unforgettable characters have won acclaim with readers and reviewers alike. She served with her husband and four children as a missionary in Russia for eight years before she and her family returned home to the States. She now writes full-time as her husband runs a lodge on Lake Superior in northern Minnesota, where many of her books are set. She and her family enjoy hiking, canoeing, and being involved in their local church. Several of her critically acclaimed novels have been ECPA and CBA bestsellers, were chosen as Top Picks by Romantic Times, and have won the RWA’s Inspirational Reader’s Choice contest and the American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year award. Five of her books have been Christy Award finalists. In addition to her writing, Susan loves to teach and speak at women’s events about God’s amazing grace in our lives. She also runs a writing community for authors. Visit to learn more. For exciting updates on her new releases, previous books, and more, visit her website at

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About the Night on the Town Giveaway from Miss Foolish Heart:

Susan May Warren is thrilled to announce the release of her latest Deep Haven book, My Foolish Heart!

To celebrate this charming novel about a dating expert who’s never had a date, Susan has put together a romantic night on the town for one lucky couple. One grand prize winner will receive a Miss Foolish Heart prize package worth over $200!

The winner of the Romantic Night on the Town Prize Pack will receive:

* A $100 Visa Gift Card (For Dinner)

* A $100 Gift Certificate to a Hyatt/Marriott Hotel

* The entire Deep Haven series

To enter just click one of the icons below. But, hurry, the giveaway ends at noon on June 16th. The winner will be announced that evening during Susan’s Miss Foolish Heart Party on Facebook! Susan will be chatting with guests, hosting a book club chat about My Foolish Heart, testing your Deep Haven trivia skills, and giving away tons of great stuff! (Gift certificates, books, donuts, and more!)

Don’t miss the fun and BRING YOUR FRIENDS!



Betsy Ann Writer at Large I LOVED this book. And not just because I’m a rabid Susie-fan and we share a penchant for awesome shoes, though that probably doesn’t hurt. No, it’s just because Susie, yet again, hit one out of the park. To say Susie has gotten better with each book almost feels like an insult because she started out so fabulously…!! But she really has. She’s gone from super-talented to super-hero author. I still think of the characters from the Russian series she co-wrote with Susan Downs like they were real friends…   

Julie at The Surrendered Scribe I’m convinced Susan May Warren could write on toilet paper and I’d relish it. With all due respect to Karen Kingsbury I think Susan is a powerhouse author who has the ability to write romance with contemporary, western, humorous and suspenseful themes yet I don’t think she receives the acknowledgement due her. I know that isn’t why she writes but she’s so good at what she does I feel she’s taken for granted. There, I said it. My Foolish Heart is the latest in Susan’s Deep Haven series and I was immediately captured by it. I love a sweet romance and there is nothing better than the literal girl next door prospect. But My Foolish Heart is so much more than a neighborhood romance.

Mocha with Linda This is a fun read. I love how Susan May Warren lets the reader see the perspective of both Isadora and Caleb. This is a great novel about friendship and letting go of the past, learning the difference between having high expectations vs. hiding behind unreasonably high standards of perfection, and trusting God with the future.  

Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers I loved this book. The characters are real people with real baggage and real sin.  They’ve messed up. They’ve fallen short. And, they’re still loved by God. There’s nothing cheesy about this story. It’s believable, enjoyable, and inspiring – a true-to-life tale that points the reader back to Christ through all of life’s messiness. My Foolish Heart was page-turning, stay-up-way-too-late-reading, I’d-read-it-again good. I enjoyed it so much, I’ve already got the first three books in the series on my Amazon wish list and I’ve checked out another of Susan May Warren’s books from the library.

Wendi’s Rainy Day Reads in Seattle I loved the romance as the story developed, as well as the character development.  This is a light-hearted book that will touch your heart and bring you back for more.

Wendy at Wall-to-Wall Books Loved this book!  It was fun, quirky, surprising, and such a sweet story. I loved the main Characters! I read all 3 of the PJ Sugar books and really liked them all but I really I think I liked this even better! I think I have become a Susan May Warren fan!


Anna at Goannatree Susan May Warren can write, certainly. The story idea is made for Hallmark and would probably make a great Stephen Kendrick movie (Director of Fireproof and They Will be Giants), but it made me smile. There was something sweetly redemptive about it all. Getting glimpses into the heart and life of Coach Presley through his playbook was quite masterful.

Debra at Footprints in the Butter I sat down and read this book straight through, beginning to end. I don’t think I even got up to get another cup of coffee. The story has multiple plot lines, and all of them were interesting to me. I loved Lucy’s storyline.  I particularly enjoy when the secondary characters and secondary storylines are fleshed out as realistically. I already knew I liked Susan May Warren.  Now I am actively seeking out other books in her Deep Haven series.

Vanessa at Ohio Girl Talks This is the first book I’ve read from Ms. Warren. I really enjoyed the characters in this book. 4 out of 5.   

Mary at Giving Up on Perfect Thankfully, these characters don’t play silly games and the story is heartwarming without being cheesy. And it reminded me of You’ve Got Mail, which is never a bad thing.

Brenda at WV Stitcher The author hooked me so completly that by the end of the first chapter I was right at home in Deep Haven. I loved this book, the characters easily drew me in. The secondary story between Lucy, Issy’s best friend, and her high school sweetheart Seb was just as intriguing as the main story. I enjoyed it so well I am going to go back and read the first three books in the series!


Lexie at Poisoned Rationality I fell in love with the book. Issy, Lucy, Caleb and Seb, they were all damaged in some way and were looking for redemption and resolution in the most stubborn ways possible.

Black ‘n Gold Girl’s Book Spot Susan May Warren has never disappointed me and I’ve read a lot of her books. I don’t think anyone has her style and ability to write a serious WWII romance, then write a contemporary mystery and return to the fun contemporary style that I’ve grown to love with a book like My Foolish Heart. Issy and Caleb make for a winning team and My Foolish Heart is a book worthy of championship status on any “keeper” shelf. I highly recommend this sigh-inducing romance to Susan May Warren fans and Christian romance readers everywhere.  

Heidi at Starts At Eight This book had me from the cover! There was something inviting about the small town cafe look that made me want to read it. Susan May Warren did not disappoint me! Sweet and quirky too. My Foolish Heart was a page turner that kept me engaged from start to finish. In fact, I read it cover to cover in two sittings. I plan on picking up the other three books in the Deep Haven series now that I have read, and was so enthralled with this one.  

Kalyn at A Quiet Strength Such a fun book to read. My interest was piqued on every page and I simply could not put it down. The various sub-plots give depth and variety to the story and the author’s character descriptions demonstrated her superb writing.

Karla at Ramblin’ Roads Not your typical, formulaic romance novel. I loved the “flawed,” believable characters. I don’t think it would be much of a spoiler to acknowledge that yes, these two get together, but the story of how they overcome their individual insecurities makes for a compelling read that’s a notch above your average romance novel. Great summer read!

Kari at Alas 3 Lads I enjoyed reading this story. It was easy to get into and the characters were all likeable. 

Ruth at This That and the Other Thing Cute, a fun read.

Stacey at WORD Up! The cast of characters from the previous Deep Haven novels make cameo appearances throughout this novel, making me want to re-read the old books. From the charming cover of the book to the love stories within its pages to the climactic football game that decides the fates of many, this story touches the heart and promotes an intimate relationship with God. “My Foolish Heart” is a wonderful weekend read that will leave you smiling as you turn the final page.


Julie at One Book Shy of a Full Shelf Quite enjoyable. It’s a story that I may have missed out on.  I don’t usually read Christian fiction or books classified as inspirational so this was a departure for me.  I’m happy to have made this detour into a different genre. I think Ms. Warren has a real knack for creating characters that pull you into their life as well as into their head and heart. I think most readers will be able to find something of themselves in the individuals populating this story. The supporting cast of characters is quite strong. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written story with interesting characters.  When you add in football, a nutty dog and a small close-knit town you have a winner on your hands.  

Tanya at In the Dailies Last summer the third PJ Sugar book came out. Now that I had the whole trilogy, I could read without any need for patience. After three solid hits, my addiction solidified. That series led to the Noble Legacy series which led to the Deep Haven series … I believe I’ve read 11 of her books in less than ten months.  

Chelle at Chasing the Divine This is one of the most delightful books I have read in a while. I instantly loved the characters in this book, and how each connected to the other. Watching Issy develop, and grow, and learn to live again, with the help of her new neighbor, Caleb, will leave your face and heart smiling.  

Jamie at Surviving the Chaos I’ve gotta say, the woman hasn’t lost it. I LOVED My Foolish Heart. Frankly, I have grown jaded over the years. Few books inspire me to seek out the author for more. If it’s at the library and I’ve got nothing going on (shrug) sure, I might pick up another by some random writer, but there are a few ladies that so consistently put out a great read that I will grab their books even when I don’t have time. Susan May Warren is one of those. And the return to Deep Haven in My Foolish Heart? Wasn’t a let down. Wasn’t silly. Wasn’t just a nice  piece of fluff that she did in her spare time to remind people of an old series. It was a great story. All. By. Itself. (Though, yes, I do feel the urge to find my old books and revisit the stories.) Great job, Miss Susan. You’ve put out another great book. I wasn’t sure you could pull it off, but I’ll try to not doubt you again. 😉   

The Journey of Writer Danica Favorite Who doesn’t like a book by Susan May Warren? Well, don’t answer that, or else you may not like the results. 🙂 This is definitely a book like what I’ve come to expect by Susie. It’s fun, but also packs a great romance that makes for an enjoyable read. I remember listening to her talk while she was writing this book, and I love how she sprinkles so much truth into her stories without making you think you’re getting a sermon.

Carol’s Corner This is a simple but moving story. All the characters are dealing with scars. Be it physical, mental, or physiological scars. This book will make you laugh one minute and cry the next. Her strong faith are evident by the words she writes. I think this book does a wonderful job of poking fun at dating and relationships . This is an excellent summer read. 

Katy at A Few More Pages 5 out of 5! I had a hard time putting this book down once I had started reading it. Even a couple of weeks after I finished reading it, I still find myself thinking about it. All around, this was a memorable and moving read, with realistic characters and a fantastic message about God’s perfect love. This is my first time reading Susan May Warren, but it definitely will not be my last. I highly recommend it.  

Amber at Snidbits I’ve read a few of Warren’s other books and was excited to read this one. She didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline. I liked the few surprises woven into the story. The theme of not quitting just because life turns out differently than you’d expect is something good to remember. Warren is on my list of favorite authors and has only secured herself on that list with this newest read.


Karla at Quiet Quilter Pure enjoyment- laughter and tears – all  erupted due to the unexpected events in this novel. Susan has an exceptional talent of being able to immerse you into her story, characters and their problems. Her detailed description of them at time causes fits of giggles, at other times, a desire to shed tears for them. The wit used by Susan is outstanding. Her true spirit-filled style just abounds throughout this sweet story. It is truly a hopeful, healing adventure for both of the characters, that you feel yourself as you travel the path with them. Well done!! Highly recommended for relaxing reading beside the pool in the heat of summer.

Stacie at Hobbit Door A great story. So sweet! The characters all have to overcome so much. Fun and engaging. They definitely put a new spin on overcoming. I enjoyed getting peeks in to the lives of former characters of this series. Watch out, though, you may walk away with a huge donut craving after reading this book.  I think I almost read it in one sitting.

Elizabeth at Count It All Joy Ms. Warren’s characters always have depth and are more often than not people that I’d like to meet and get to know. But even more than that – they are FUN! I almost hated to see come to an end.

Casey at Writing for Christ I. Loved. This. Book. “My Foolish Heart” is her best yet. The characters are so three-dimensional they pop from the page. Isadora and Caleb were my favorites, but the secondary characters are so real. The story is told between the lines of great dialogue, the characters are rife with struggles and personality. Some of their actions made me laugh out loud and groan for the growth they still needed to make. Setting speaks for the character’s emotions and as Issy and Caleb are pushed toward each other, the sparks fly fast. I held my breath and pages were hot beneath my touch as the climate pushed to the apex. A beautiful romance with characters that struggle, laugh and love through the pages. I did not want this book to end. My heart aches to return to the setting among friends and a love that surrounds me in the town of Deep Haven.

Carrie at Our Blessed Chaos Reviewing books has also given me the opportunity to find new favorite authors and Susan May Warren is now one of them! She is the kind of author that you want to read every single book she has ever written!  Even better is that this book is part of a series. I absolutely adore books in a series and I can hardly wait to get the rest of the books in the series and devour them this summer at the beach.  There is something special about a series set in a small town, maybe because I can relate to it so well.  If you are a small town girl, or even a city girl with a small town heart then you will relate to this book too.   

Janet at Along the Way What a fun story! This book is a very good choice for anyone who loves a story of healing and romance and it also has a twist of delightful online fun. 

Kaylea at My Scrappy Life Light, fun and well, slightly different. The book takes the humorous, yet slightly painful at times look at what happens when a young woman with lots of romantic advice has a successful radio talk show – all from the safe, but limiting confines of her house. I love Warren’s writing style. It’s witty with the right balance of serious and humor. Through realistic characters, she creates a novel that real people can relate to, as well as enjoy. 

Pammer’s Notepad This is a cute and lighthearted book that still tackles some deep issues. Susan is so talented at doing this! You will not want to put this book down and you will finish it (even if it is three in the morning) with a satisfied sigh.

Christy at Southern Sassy Things I won’t lie…the romance was enough to make me down-right giddy, butterflies in my stomach, holding my breath–the whole nine yards! What impressed me the most was the story’s realness.  Never before have a read a novel that dealt with these types of issues (agoraphobia, PTSD, etc.). Everything felt so current, especially with the references to Caleb coming home wounded from the Iraq War.  The book also addressed struggles with fear and pride, and how those two tiny words had the power to control a life. For readers like me who read books for an escape from everyday life, it’s such a pleasure to read a book that not only brings a smile to my face, but can also bring a tear to my eye.  And believe me…both happened quite frequently. 


Christy at Home of OHM It was a wonderfully charming read that I couldn’t seem to put down! It’s 354 pages were easily breezed through in 3 days! Susan certainly has a way with words, and i’m eager to check out what else she has written!

Patricia at Dream a little Dream There is no doubt in my mind Susan May Warren held this particular one close to her heart. In fact, I think this is Caleb’s story and everything else seems to be a backdrop.

Lisa Jordan Books Susan May Warren’s books are instant buys for me. Her solid plots, flawed characters and artistic storyworlds are what keep me collecting her books on my shelves. Her Deep Haven series is what drew me to her as a reader. I have a fondness for the characters and was thrilled when I learned there were more Deep Haven books to come. In My Foolish Heart, Issy’s world is limited, but when she breaks free of her fears, she realizes her perfect love is right next door. Susie takes her love of football and weaves it into a compelling story that even athletically-challenged readers like me can enjoy.

Carlybird’s Home I would like to welcome My Foolish Heart  to my all-time favorite books list!  It’s a short list, but it just got a bit longer.  A warm, cozy, uplifting story that has turned me into an instant fan of Susan May Warren.  I have more of her books in my collection and after reading My Foolish Heart, I cannot wait to have a chance to read them.  I would like to note for the record that I did not eat a single donut while I read this book, although I really wanted to.  I just loved the setting and the characters, everything about this book just had my name written all over it.    

LaTawnia Kintz Reviews Susan Warren is a wonderful writer with a style that’s full of wittiness and warmth. Her characters are believable, heart-tugging, and full of life.

Whitney at Rambles of a SAHM Once again Ms. Warren has written a beautiful story that instantly draws you in to the lives of these characters. Deep Haven is a place that represents where we all want to be, a place where we are known and loved for who we are and not just what we can do. My Foolish Heart would make a wonderful book for your book club. It has very thought provoking questions in the back.  

Alyssa’s Writing Notebook My Foolish Heart by Susan May Warren is able to tackle tough situations while being uplifting and fun to read. At first, I thought the book would simply be a fun, romantic comedy. But don’t let the title fool you. That’s not all. There are many great lessons to be learned from this book. Forgiveness. Being honest. The importance of good character. Never giving up. If I had to sum up the book in one word, it just might be this one: overcoming. Overcoming your past. Overcoming mistakes. Overcoming fears. Overcoming obstacles. I didn’t want this novel to end…but alas, it did. And it was a nice ending

Christy’s Book Blog There’s a definite touch of The Shop Around the Corner or You’ve Got Mail to the comedy of errors storyline. The city of Deep Haven is its own character in the book, and while Caleb and Issy fall in love with each other, readers will be falling in love with Deep Haven.


Cindy’s Book Reviews Just when you think that Susan cannot write a better book, here comes My Foolish Heart!! True to Susan May Warren style, you will  fall in love with these characters. Two people who are bound by their past. I loved this book, Susan has a way of drawing you into the story. You could feel the pain and agony each character was facing in their lives. Most definitely a book you will not want to miss!!

Erin at Connected2Christ I love this book. I can relate too it in so many ways. I met my husband online through a public writing forum so the whole podcasting, radio show, and forum talk had me hooked. I was fascinated by all the truths and similar circumstances that I and the main charter Isadora shared. I was rather amused that she never had a date yet she was giving others advice on love as MissFoolish Heart. Random bit of information that I only had one date with my husband before we tied the knot after corresponding over the internet for 2 years. Susan did an excellent job in keeping her characters real! There’s a lot of spiritual meat in this book. I rather enjoyed the scripture references on fear, overcoming, and God’s grace. I’m feeling the hankering to go through this book with a highlighter to pick out my favorites!    

Heather at Mommy Of 1 and Counting I loved this book. Touching.

Freda’s Voice The cat and mouse relationship they had in the beginning was a lot of fun. A lot of people I know will love this book.    

Lydia at Overweight Bookshelf Do yourself a favour. See that link that says “buy this book”? Click on it now. This book needs to be on everyone’s summer reading list. The characters and the story will pull on your heart strings while simultaneously tickling your funny bone. I saw myself reflected in both Issy and Lucy. Issy’s Top 10 Future Husband List? Been there, done that (and occasionally revise). Lucy’s self-esteem? Hello teen years and early adulthood! Issy’s sarcastic remarks? I will keep a cap on my arsenal. These two have a friendship that everyone woman desires and needs. But, Issy has one thing that I would like (but a non-fiction, living and breathing form)-Caleb.  …Ok, revived from my swoon.To sum up: Foolish = not reading this book.

Robin at Inspired by Savannah Susan May Warren writes about two characters who are scarred emotionally and physically and how they deal with these issues. I loved how Susan brought the reader in from the start and made you relate in some way to the characters and their flaws and personal struggles.  I found myself rooting for them from the start. Everyone has their own insecurities, but it was nice to see how Susan played out these characters in her book.

Critty Joy Love’s Books Mrs. Warren deals with some tough but hard issues that so many can relate too in some way. The romance is lovely and believable. She always creates characters that stay with you even after you finish the book (as any character should do! Good books never end I have been told and if the character stays with you…the book never ends.) Isadora and Caleb are messy but find the wonderful truth of redemption. It is a wonderful read that will leave you sighing at the end….per usual with Mrs Warren’s books.   

Lauri at Knits, Reads and Reviews Hats off to Susan May Warren for writing such a fun book!  Love isn’t always where we expect it, and when we take the time to look beneath the surface of others we can be deeply rewarded and sometimes we do need to take a risk. A charming story that will leave you feeling hopeful. A great summer read! 

Stephanie at Hungry I laughed, and cried, and cried a little more. All tears of joy, of course. This book is simple, heartwarming, and gripping. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I want all women in my life to read this book, but I am not sure I can part with it long enough for them to borrow it. I can’t wait to pick up more books by Susan May Warren and learn how only how to be a winner on the field, but off.    

Dineen at Kittens Come From Eggs An amazing writer. I just finished My Foolish Heart and am slightly heartbroken to see it end. The two main characters, Issy and Caleb, are broken people, both emotionally and physically, who exhibit the precious quality of courage despite their “issues”. Their story, plus the secondary story unfolding between Issy’s best friend and a former love, are a wonderful adventures into falling in love, overcoming misunderstandings (believable ones—not the kind that make you want to throw the book across the room because they’re so ridiculous), and reaching for your dreams despite what may seem to be impossible odds. This story is captivating and a wonderful romance full of substance, authentic characters and situations, and will inspire even the most resistant (or foolish) of hearts.  

Relz Reviewz Engaging characters, an adorable town, conflict, attraction and overcoming the odds. Caleb’s struggle with his disability and Issy’s PTSD enables Susan to delve into the heartache that comes from physical and mental trauma and the hard road towards wholeness from a spiritual and emotional perspective. My Foolish Heart combines tender romance with deep human struggles and is a delightful read. 

Charlene at Quintessentially Quilly Susan May Warren has managed to capture that euphoria and angst of falling in love and weave it throughout the pages of  My Foolish Heart. Issy, Caleb, and the other characters that populate Deep Haven are straight-forward, down-to-earth, flawed individuals trying to live the best lives they know how. They are just ordinary people like you and me — and they came off the pages and into my heart with incredible ease.  This story took me from laughing out loud to sniveling in my hanky and back again.  When I got to the last page and closed the cover I wasn’t ready to leave Deep Haven. Happily, there are several more book in the series so I won’t have to just yet.


Jodie at Mom’s Pace My Foolish Heart is such a powerful story of truly learning to rely on God, especially through difficult times. “Life isn’t sure, life is scary, it doesn’t mean you stop living it.” I love that line! Highly recommended. 

Pamela at Daysong Reflections This one just may be my favorite one yet. I thought the plot of My Foolish Heart was quite clever and enjoyed reading about both the on air and real life relationships between Issy and Caleb. The inclusion of the dog “Duncan/Roger” and his escapades added whimsical entertainment and the inclusion of Issy’s best friend Lucy and returning football hero Seb is a special bonus. An inviting small town setting, down-to-earth characters, and a warm and witty narrative make My Foolish Heart a joy to read. I would recommend this book without any reservation.  

Sarah at Growing For Christ Well done Susan May Warren! 

Joan at Book Reviews from an Avid Reader Warren drew me into this novel. I laughed at the You’ve Got Mail kind of situation. Warren has crafted a very good novel about traumatic hurts and how they can be overcome. The struggles she portrayed are realistic. The Christianity of the characters is well done. Her character development is awesome – I felt like I really knew these people as I cheered them on. Five stars for this great story. A discussion guide at the end of the book makes it a good choice for reading groups.        

Lizzie at  A Dusty Frame I enjoyed the characters and story line as well as Susan May Warren’s sharing Biblical truths in a non-preachy, non-cheesey fashion! I really had fun reading this book–I ordered the other 3 from the series.

Marissa at The Review Stew I definitely recommend My Foolish Heart to all those true romantics out there! It is a modern love story about two hurting people looking for love and it is a great book!    

Michelle at Beyond The Silver and The Gold

Vera at Luxury Reading My Foolish Heart is a cute small-town story. I am fan of Susan May Warren – her writing flows well and it is easy to get invested in the characters. My Foolish Heart is a great book for a sunny day.

Kristina at 3 Under 4  5 out of 5 stars. I absolutely loved this book. Susan May Warren is a master craftsman in that her character development is wonderful. Caleb Knight has many different facets of his personality that not only make him a great “prince” character, but also makes him believable and if a character isn’t believable, well then that’s just disappointing. Isadora Presley is intriguing and funny as she plays the agoraphobic Isadora and the relationship master, Miss Foolish Heart. The book begins with a bang. Like I already said, the character development was impeccable and Susan May Warren weaves different characters’ stories throughout the book with a master’s ability.     

Diane at That’s What I’m Here For Real people, real stories, real problems and a really sweet romance make up this story. The author did a great job of not sugar-coating real life. An inspiring novel which encourages everyone to not let fear or mistakes rule our lives. Not to take ourselves out of the game. ”No one wins by quitting.”


Heather at Faith, Family and Fun Definitely a treat. To friends, I describe Warren’s books as sweet, thoughtful, positive and well-crafted…and never preachy or boring. Immediately, the characters and the plot became important to me and I read My Foolish Heart from cover to cover that day. Warren has a knack for creating realistic settings and plot lines that really engage a reader. Her themes are those that are lovely to think upon while her characters deal with down to earth issues and struggles. This book is saturated with hard situations that ultimately are covered with God’s abundant blessings. Real life.

Tammy at Tammy Is Blessed I really enjoyed this book. It was a light, easy read yet still made you think, and even learn a little about life, love and faith. The characters were likeable and you were drawn into their lives with Warren’s excellent storytelling skills. Sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, it was just the right mix for me. 

Pattie at Fresh Brewed Writer There’s something about Susan May Warren’s writing that is engaging from the beginning. I think part of it is the strong sense of place–small-town Minnesota–that draws me in as a reader and grabs my attention. The characters are also wonderful.  

Becky at Christian Chick’s Thoughts The characters–even the supporting ones–are realistic and flawed, and Warren makes the whole You’ve Got Mail concept (where the two main characters fall in love without realizing they actually know each other in real life) seem new. I really enjoyed the time I spent in Deep Haven, and I hope she gives me the opportunity to visit again!

Krista at Pitching Pencils My Foolish Heart is a moving story of fear and God’s ultimate grace. Unlike many romances, this story provides the reader with fully-developed characters with their own foibles and strengths. Each demonstrates an aspect of her ultimate theme, that of the strength that only comes from God and that allows even foolish people to move past their own fears and past mistakes. Warren does not preach or judge her characters—and thus, her readers—but instead writes a loving tale that will capture the reader’s interest and heart. Indeed, even for those who are not normally fans of the romance genre, Warren’s My Foolish Heart might just make them think twice about their reading preferences. It is truly a must read and might possibly be life changing for those who face their own crippling fears.   

Ponderings by Andrea Warren is one of the most talented writers that I have read, and I know that whenever a book from her computer crosses my path, I will be entertained and enlightened. It has happened again with ‘My Foolish Heart’! 

Lena at A Christian Writer’s World Book Giveaway!


Deborah at Books, Movies and Chinese Food There’s the right amount of conflict fused in with the love story to create a believable relationship. Plus there are donuts! And lots of football for those that enjoy that as well. I enjoyed my return to Deep Haven and would love to return again in the future.   

Crystal at My Reading Room

Athena at Our Crazy Life One of the best contemporary fiction books I have read, well since I read my last Susan May Warren book, Happily Ever After. I am now convinced that I have to buy the rest of the Deep Haven Series. I love Susan’s writing style and how she makes you feel like you are a part of what is going on. She writes a great story and I was kind of sad when I finished it. I can’t wait for the next one! 

Ruth at Booktalk & More


Tammy at Bluerose’s Heart It’s amazing that I didn’t eat a doughnut while reading this book! My stomach even growled while reading about the burger cook-out…and I’m a vegetarian! I just adore Susan May Warren’s writing style. I could very easily see this book as a Hallmark movie! I enjoyed getting to know all the characters. Each of them has problems, whether it be something in the past or present, so they’re all very real. My Foolish Heart is definitely going on my keeper shelf.

Carrie at Farming On Faith

Jennifer at For Such a Time as This This book was so good that I would love to see this in a movie format!

Kelli at The Zen of Motherhood A sweet, tender read for the hopeless romantic in all of us.  Set in charming, small-town Deep Haven, My Foolish Heart is filled with the likable characters that Warren always does so well.  And, there’s football!  If you enjoy Christian romance (and football!),  add this one to your must read list.

Carol at Books Before Food Highly recommend!

Kat at  Reviews From The Heart Never reading any books by Susan May Warren, I’ve been missing out. Her unique way of capturing the characters in her books, makes them believable and makes you want to become their own personal cheerleaders along the way. This one scored a 5 out of 5 stars for me and it won’t be the last book I read of hers.

Lynetta at Open Book As always, Susan May Warren weaves heartbreaking truths into stories so real you start to feel like the characters are friends by the end. At just the right moments, the most comical thing will happen, causing laughter through tears. Plots get complex when painful elements of the past emerge.   

Sheree at Book N’ Roll I was pleasantly surprised by how well Warren told each character’s story, intertwined them together and eliminated all confusion. Susan May Warren doesn’t hold back. She attacks the tough stuff head on! While My Foolish Heart is based in a small town that rallies around their high school football team and knows everyone by name, these characters deal with some real hardships. Life wasn’t imaginary and perfect. It was real. I look forward to picking up another book by Susan May Warren. 

Ronie at Supernatural Craving There’s nothing foolish about My Foolish Heart! Susan May Warren is a masterful storyteller, and her skill with words and characters shines in her latest release. As a writer of military-theme fiction, I greatly appreciated the compelling story of her hero, Caleb Knight. Quite simply, My Foolish Heart is a lovely story of courage and healing. 

Nora at Finding Hope Through Fiction Susan May Warren is a very talented and creative author that has the skill to write in many different genres so well. She has the ability to make your heart race in the suspense-mystery books she writes. Then she has you feel the pain, have compassion for the characters in My Foolish Heart and cheer for the cast as they let God heal their hearts, set them free and help them live beyond what they thought they were capable of.  I really enjoyed My Foolish Heart, its characters, their situations and the strong believable spiritual thread. It was humorous, hopeful and an inspiring read.

Amber at Seasons of Humility My Foolish Heart is a winning combination of You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and Susan May Warren’s great characters and beautiful romance! Add in a beautiful message about the amazing, incomprehensible love of God, and you’ve got a wonderful and moving read!  


Nancy at Amusing Reviews I love her style. She does not waste words and does not hesitate to describe or introduce difficult topics. She takes them head-on and uses my favorite mediums to provide guidance. This time she used my favorite book, Jane Eyre and one of my favorite scriptures from Timothy 1:7. Warren also does an exceptional job of tying the different pieces of the story together without insulting the reader. She points in the direction using subtlety and the reader feels the “AHA” moment without condescension. The stories are complex and Warren is a very gifted writer to include so much beauty and depth. Again, I just love her. 

Christina at Reading Extensively My Foolish Heart she gets it right. The premise sounds a little like a Hollywood romantic comedy but there is depth to this story. I liked that the main characters were deeply wounded, flawed, and more realistic because of it. I enjoyed watching Issy and Caleb grow and seeing their relationship develop. The romance is sweet but it is the uplifting message and realistic characters that drew me in. 

Maureen’s Musings What a great read! Highly recommended!

Jennifer at A Spacious Place

Jami’s Reviews Incredible. I literally did not want to get up from my chair while reading this book! It tugged at my heart, it made me laugh, and I could feel the character’s issues. This story was delightful, and I look forward to reading more by Susan!!

Deanna’s Corner I love her style of writing. It is real and realistic. This one is going at the top of my list among her “babies”. I immediately connected with Isadora Presley. Each page explores more and more about relationships and what it means to put our trust in God and in others in a healthy way.


Jennifer at Adventures in Unsell Land I adored this book. I fell in love with all of the main characters who were from the very start, so very real and believable. I had a hard time putting this one down and my only disappointment was that it came to an end. The good news though is that this book is part of a series. In fact, it’s the fourth in the Deep Haven series. Each book stands alone well but of course I would highly recommend reading any and everything by Susan. In fact, if you have not yet read a book, any book, by Susan May Warren, get thee to a bookstore asap! You’re missing out! She is an amazing and very talented author!    

Michelle at Life in Review I VERY highly recommend this book. A tender hearted drama with sweet romance. It’s fast-paced and it keeps you turning the pages. The charcters are wonderful and they will steal your heart! And the whole story is woven together with a beautiful message!  

Beth at MBT Ponderers There are so many things to love about My Foolish Heart. Susie touches on themes dealing with fears–and overcoming them– as well as finding love in unexpected places–right next door, as a matter of fact. Susie also manages to weave football into the story–and I love football! And as a former military wife, I appreciate that Caleb, the hero of the book, is ex-military–and he’s wounded, a hot topic nowadays, and one that Susie handles well.    

Lori at Not-So-Superwoman’s Homeschool, Reviews, and More The idea of a radio personality who dishes out dating advice to her callers but has never dated herself made me laugh. The fact that she suffered from social anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder made me intrigued. I bit and after a few chapters, I was hooked. This is a well written, engaging story. The characters are Christians but the author does a fine job of keeping it realistic. They struggle and they question God and they question themselves and she steers clear of the “preachy”. I am impressed at the authors ability to keep this non-romance, non-sports fan interested and involved in a romance story about a football coach’s daughter and the new football coach. Impressive, I’m telling you.

Kristie at Family, Scrapbooks and Coffee A great book about love, overcoming fears and putting the past behind you.   I enjoyed this book and will look for other works by Susan May Warren in the future.