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Watching someone you love self-destruct hurts. Sharron Cosby’s Praying for Your Addicted Loved One: 90 in 90 provides ninety devotions of strength, hope, and encouragement to families coping with addiction. Realizing you’re not alone in your struggles brings comfort and confidence to face day-to-day challenges.


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Watching someone you love self-destruct hurts.

Praying for Your Addicted Loved One: 90 in 90 tugs at the reader’s heart in 90 days of candid devotions aimed at offering strength, hope, and encouragement to families in the throes of living with an addicted family member. Families get left behind in the recovery process, but their support is crucial. Realizing you are not alone in your family’s struggles brings comfort and confidence to face day-by-day challenges. Reflection prompts and spaces for journaling encourage the reader to pen their thoughts on the verses and devotions. Each day’s entry ends with a prayer.

The Cosbys, a middle-class family, lived the nightmare of addiction with their son for 18 years. Their lives were turned inside out and upside down as his dependence on painkillers escalated. The descent into a living hell challenged their faith as the addiction claimed more and more control. Sharron’s middle-of-the-night reading of Jeremiah 30 and 31 changed the course of their lives and restoration became a reality.

The overall message of Praying for Your Addicted Loved One conveys hope to families caught in the addiction cycle. The various stages of the disease: abuse, recovery, and relapse, take their toll. Hopelessness grabs a family’s heart and wrings it out with each slip of clean or sober time. The verses in Jeremiah 30 and 31, the foundation of the book, offer the promise of restoration and redemption.

90 in 90 reflects the 12 Step model of an addict attending 90 meetings in 90 days. While your loved one attends meetings, you will read a daily devotional to lend spiritual support to your addict.

“Today I pray for other lost addicts to find the hope of recovery. I pray the families reading this book will continue to have hope that an addict—any addict—can stop using drugs and find a new way to live. If there is one thing I can say to family members it is, never quit fighting. There is always hope. With hope, I—a once hopeless dope addict—am now a dope-less hope addict.”  ~Josh Cosby

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Sharron Cosby

{More About Sharron Cosby}

Sharron Cosby is married to Dan, a Certified Addiction Professional, and together they have three adult children and six grandchildren. She works for an international charity by day and writes by night. Her passion is to share God’s message of hope, strength, and encouragement with families living in the shadow of addiction.

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    The book teaches people how to deal with the pain, redirect behavior, incorporating accountability, not giving up, and having a good spiritual foundation. Chapter 3, Release your fears, stood out first. The author said she handled fear by bottling it up. I hold it close like a security blanket. It’s tattered and worn, but it’s comfortable….I learned that fear will eat me alive if if unchecked. Most of what I feared never came to past. (p. 24). This describes me very well. I hold on to things. I bottle things up. I don’t want people knowing what’s really going on. I don’t want to let people in. I don’t trust too many people. Sometimes I feel that if I let them in, then they will share my thoughts, issues, and secrets, with everyone else. How would people feel if I was more open and honest? I have things I have been through and thought of that no one still knows about because I don’t know how they will react or think or do.

    Written by Perfect Chaos on November 11, 2013 | e
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    Praying for Your Addicted Loved One tugs at your heart strings as Sharron shares her struggle and hope in these 90 day candid devotions. I loved her transparency and how the book was laid out with space to write down your feelings and/or thoughts.

    Written by Finding Hope Through Fiction on November 4, 2013 | e
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    Cosby offers hope that there your broken heart can be healed. She always writes about breaking the bonds that keep you from living a whole life. She offers in this book a 90 day devotional that models the 90 days of classes in a recovery program. Each day contains stories, prayers and space for reflections.
    Through these devotions she offers direction for your life through scripture. She walks the reader through the process of healing and recovery through prayer and faith in God. That is the main message is to rely on the Lord and to put your faith in him because the battle has already been won.

    I would highly recommend Praying for Your Addicted Loved One for anyone that has been affected by addiction and the pain that it causes.

    Written by The IE Mommy on November 4, 2013 | e
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    I would highly recommend this life changing and lifesaving book to anyone who knows someone that is struggling with an addiction to drugs, sex, alcoholism, anorexia, and etc. I immensely appreciated Sharron Cosby’s genuine approach in praying for an addicted loved one.

    Written by Andrew Smith’s Blog on November 1, 2013 | e
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    Clearly understanding addiction and the steps to recovery and restoration, Crosby has given the family members of the one with an addiction a clear path to walk alongside their loved one. She teaches us how to come boldly before the throne of grace in our time of need on behalf of our addicted loved one. I’m so thankful for her transparency in sharing with us through her writing gift.

    Written by Mother of Three on October 31, 2013 | e
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    This is a wonderful book of 90 devotions to give hope and encouragement to those dealing with loved ones that are addicted. Having been through this with a family member twice, i could relate to the author as she told her story. There are no words that really can express what it is like to watch someone you love on a journey that is ruining their life, and you feel so helpless. The one thing you can do is pray. Then you can be there for them if the come to you for help or advice. I appreciate this author, Sharon Cosby for taking the time to write this book, and for her willingness to share her story of her addicted son to others.

    Written by splashesofjoy on October 30, 2013 | e
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    If you have a child or loved one that fighting addiction, I highly recommend this book. It will encourage you and give you the help you need to pray them through it. It will also encourage you because when they are fighting it, so are you, and it’s not an easy road at all. This would also be a great book for counselors or church leaders that are doing counseling. I think it would be especially great for youth leaders to read this so they could be aware of the signs of addiction. They would also benefit by knowing how to pray for the youth and family of an addicted young person. This is an excellent book to add to your library!

    Written by Julie @ More Of Him on October 30, 2013 | e
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    This book was actually quite enjoyable to read. I also felt it went well with the Praying for the Addicted book I was also reviewing. It reminded me about the grace that God has given us. I personally feel we put way more pressure on ourselves than we have to. In turn, it leads to us doing somethings that we regret. This book is definitely one worth reading especially if you feel overly pressured to perform by every angle.

    Written by Tidbits of Experience on October 30, 2013 | e
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    A devotional to help you through the time tested trials of the heartache of being a loved one of someone addicted. Very helpful!

    Written by A Simple Life,really?! on October 29, 2013 | e
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    Very helpful book for those who need help in dealing with anyone who has any type of addiction !!! And to those who do I would recommend this book!!!

    Written by Karen Lyons on October 27, 2013 | e
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    When I read this book I was filled with sadness for people who love someone who is addicted. Author Sharron Crosby has written a book that tries to help someone in this situation that tries to help others take care of themselves while to help someone they love.

    Written by Deal Sharing Aunt on October 26, 2013 | e
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    Cosby’s book struck a cord with me although I didn’t always agree with what she suggested. Perhaps I’m just not at the point in my life that I can fully set aside the aftermath of drug addiction. If you’re considering reading this book, I suggest that you purchase the paperback version so that you can go through the healing process of writing.

    Written by Savings in Seconds on October 26, 2013 | e
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    If you are looking for some encouragement as you walk through the journey of a love one with an addiction this book is for you. The journey is not an easy one but the book provides you some hope to cling to. As your love one is going through a process so are you. This book provides the resource you need to work through your own journey while provided you with the prayers to pray for your love one.
    At the end of the book the author son tells his story of addiction and sobriety. On the following page she provides other resources that may help you to understand your addicted love one and how process living with your love one.

    Written by Walking in Grace on October 25, 2013 | e
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    Sharron writes with raw emotion as she guides you through this journey that she has been through herself. You will cry with her as she addresses the topics of guilt, tough love, enabling, broken dreams, and more, all the while pointing the reader towards God. Each daily dose ends with a prayer and a blank page for you to write your own thoughts on. Take this book and make it your own prayer journal as you read through this journey.

    Written by Clicking Her Heels on October 24, 2013 | e
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    No matter what addictive battle your loved one is struggling with – I highly recommend Praying For Your Addicted Loved One as a weapon in your spiritual arsenal.

    Written by Create With Joy on October 23, 2013 | e
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    Sharron Crosby has written about hopeful, thoughtful, encouragement and love in this book called “Praying For Your Addicted One.” I really encourage anyone who wants to help themselves while helping the person they love, keep this book within easy reach.

    Written by 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too! on October 21, 2013 | e
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    I think most people have an addicted love one. Even if just a friend or distant cousin. In any case it is always a difficult situation and hard to know what to do. This book is perfect for those who really want to help and are willing to pray every day for this person.
    Each chapter is full of Bible verses and wisdom and the subject then there is a page at the end that you can fill out for your personal thoughts. So not only is this book accountable for helping you pray every day it helps you get your thoughts out and think about this person more than a two second prayer.

    I highly recommend to those who are in this situation!

    “I received this book from Litfuse for free in exchange for an honest review.”

    Written by I Hope You Dance on October 21, 2013 | e
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    I wanted to read this book because there are several people in my life who have some sort of addiction. I was hoping to find some encouragement for them during this particular time in their lives. Yes, this book was just what I hoped it would be. Sharron starts the book with an introduction of her personal story of dealing with addiction. There is nothing better than reading something written by someone who has actually lived it. I would not put any credit into it if there was no life experience.

    There are 90 days of devotions that open with a scripture and then share a short story or life experience. They don’t take but a few minutes to read and are not difficult to grasp. This is followed by a prayer and space to reflect on what was just read. She gives a prompt on what to write just in case you aren’t the “writer” type.

    I will be purchasing a few of these for Christmas gifts! Great Devotion!

    Written by The Joyful Bookcase on October 21, 2013 | e
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    Having dealt with an addicted loved one year ago, I can empathize with the author. I did not have Sharron K. Cosby’s book at the time, but I was drawn to read this book for the experience that is, having an addicted loved one in my family. The author speaks in a transparent way, encouraging those who are experiencing loving someone who is an addict. Those who read this book will be better equipped and supported as they pray through the journey. As your loved one enters recovery and seeks change, readers will feel as though they have someone who has been there and can show them the way to seek God’s comfort in the battle. Restoration and redemption are possible in part to the authors knowledge and share of experience. In 90 days of reading and responding to this book, you are better able to be of help, not hindrance to the “one day at a time” where permanent change is made possible. I had never dealt with addiction before when faced with loving someone in this battle, and without this book at this time, was poorer for it. My loved one has maintained sobriety, and by reading this book I appreciate the strength and wisdom presented for staying the healthier course.

    Written by on October 15, 2013 | e
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  • Sharron Cosby shares in an honest transparency shares and insight into struggling with the addiction of a family member and examples of how others facing the same seemingly hopelessness they faced.

    Written by Richard on October 10, 2013 | e
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