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How can the wounds that keep us from living the life we want to live be mended and healed? In Tattered and Mended, Cynthia Ruchti walks readers through a gallery of reclaimed and restored art as well as broken and restored lives of those who have gone before us. With a gentle touch and personable wisdom, Cynthia shows how even the most threadbare soul can once again find healing and hope.

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Tattered and Mended: The Art of Healing the Wounded Soul (Abingdon, July 2015)

A crumbling statue. A torn tapestry. A discolored painting. 

Artisans can reclaim exquisite beauty from the broken, frayed, and hopelessly shattered—perhaps once thought beyond repair. But what about us? What of the wounds that keep us from living the life we want to live?

In Tattered and Mended, readers walk through a gallery of reclaimed and restored art as well as broken and restored lives of those who have gone before us. With a gentle touch and personable wisdom, Cynthia Ruchti shows how even the most threadbare soul can once again find healing and hope.

Learn more and purchase a copy.

Cynthia Ruchti

{More About Cynthia Ruchti}

Cynthia Ruchti tells stories hemmed in hope. She’s the award-winning author of 17 books and a frequent speaker for women’s ministry events. She serves as the Professional Relations Liaison for American Christian Fiction Writers, where she helps retailers, libraries, and book clubs connect with the authors and books they love. She lives with her husband in Central Wisconsin.

Find out more about Cynthia at http://www.cynthiaruchti.com.

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God doesn’t just create something beautiful from broken pieces. He makes art.

Author Cynthia Ruchti pens a new book that is “hemmed in hope” for hurting readers

6/26/2015 || Seattle: For anyone who has been battered and bruised by the storms of life, award-winning author Cynthia Ruchti has penned her new book, Tattered and Mended: the Art of Healing the Wounded Soul (Abingdon Press/July 7, 2015/ISBN: 978-1426787690 / $15.99). We all have moments when we feel shattered, wounded and needing to piece together the broken pieces of our hearts and lives.

The idea for the book came to Ruchti one day as she sat at her desk with her fingers resting on the worn keys of her computer keyboard. She typed a three-line premise that she says seemed to come not from her mind, but the deep end of her soul:

People are tattered. Some say, “Then let’s make tattered fashionable.”

But God invites us to mend.

Ruchti says the concept lingered with her as she thought about the people in today’s culture who have given up on ever finding true mending, opting instead to wear their brokenness as a badge of honor. It’s a survival method but a dangerous one. “Some have lost hope that they could ever claw their way back to wholeness,” Ruchti reveals. “The truth is that God takes the tattered and shattered and makes art of those shards, those frayed threads.”

Using the allegory of both ancient and modern creative mending techniques, Ruchti paints a compelling picture of how God not only sews the ripped fabric of our lives but turns our pain into something beautiful and noteworthy. “I’ve filled a Pinterest board with examples of the Japanese sashiko and boro mending stitches,” Ruchti explains. “Those delicate, precise, careful stitches from hundreds of years ago were meant to strengthen weak fabric on common items. Now they hang in museums, admired by people like you and me who marvel at their workmanship and beauty. I’m overwhelmed by the comparisons here to how the end result of our soul mending can be an encouragement to someone else, possibly many years later.”

While Ruchti admits no formula exists for those searching for wholeness, Tattered and Mended focuses on understanding and creating a soul environment conducive to mending, and includes practical tips, action points, questions to ask and prayers for the journey to healing.

Ruchti hopes Tattered and Mended reminds readers that it’s one thing to believe God can heal our wounded souls — it’s another thing to understand His intention is to make artwork from our messes and distresses. With a gentle touch and personable wisdom, Ruchti shows how even the most threadbare soul can once again become a thing of true beauty.

For more information about Tattered and Mended and Cynthia Ruchti, visit www.cynthiaruchti.com. You can also become a fan on Facebook (Cynthia Ruchti) or follow her on Twitter (@cynthiaruchti) and Pinterest (cynthiaruchti).

Advance Praise

“Ruchti is one of the most beautiful writers in the market.”

~ Colleen Coble, author of Seagrass Pier and the Hope Beach series

“What a beautiful book!  So readable, the pages practically turned themselves. Ragged Hope is filled with stories written for those who are weary, worn and wounded.  It offers each of us exactly that—hope that God can do a mighty work even with those of us who carry the ugliest of scars.”

~ Debbie Macomber, #1 NYT bestselling author

About the Author

Cynthia Ruchti tells stories hemmed in hope through her novels, novellas, nonfiction books, articles and devotionals, drawing from 33 years of on-air radio ministry. Ruchti has 15 books in print and has received numerous awards and nominations, including the RT Reviewers’ Choice, ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year nominations, two Selah Awards, Christian Retailing’s BEST and ACFW’s Carol Award, among other honors.

One of Ruchti’s greatest joys is helping other writers grow in their craft. To that end, she serves as co-director of the Green Lake Christian Writers Conference, has served as worship and devotions staff for the Write-to-Publish conference and teaches at other conferences such as the Blue Ridge Christian Writers’ Conference and CLASSeminars Writers’ Conferences as opportunities arise. She also serves as the professional relations liaison for American Christian Fiction Writers.

Ruchti speaks frequently for women’s groups and serves on her church’s worship team and creative arts team. She and her husband live in the heart of Wisconsin, not far from their three children and five grandchildren.

To keep up with Cynthia Ruchti, visit www.cynthiaruchti.com. You can also become a fan on Facebook (Cynthia Ruchti) or follow her on Twitter (@cynthiaruchti) and Pinterest (cynthiaruchti).

Suggested interview questions

—For whom did you write your new book, Tattered and Mended?

—You say when you sat down to write Tattered and Mended one premise filled your heart. Can you share with us what it was?

—Why did you choose to use fabric as an allegory throughout the book?

—Is there a formula or prescription for finding healing in Tattered and Mended?

—You write about the practice of sashiko (sah-SHEE-koh) and other decorative mending techniques. What do these practices symbolize to you?

—Humans try to heal themselves by slapping a bandage on the wound. How does God heal differently?

—Why do you think many people remain in a broken state?

—Tell us about a time in your life when you felt tattered and in need of mending.

—What can we learn about healing from the miracles Jesus performed while He was here on earth?

—Many people don’t find wholeness because they can’t let go of hurt and resentment. Why is forgiveness so closely tied to emotional freedom?

—How do you hope this book will offer strength and hope to those who are going through a difficult circumstance?

—What do you mean when you say you’re an “observer-writer”?

—What is the significance of the phrase “hemmed in hope”?

Cynthia Ruchti is available for interviews to promote the release of Tattered and Mended. To request a review copy, schedule an interview or for more information, please contact Audra Jennings, audra@litfusegroup.com.


“Ruchti truly speaks to those needing God to turn their pain into His healing. Her sensitivity is on every page.” —CBA Reviews

Press Kit on Christian Post

Author Interview on New Horizons

Q&A on Radiant Lit



    Tattered and Mended is a delight to read. It’s rich, oh-so-rich with Scripture and tender wisdom. You could read it in a gulp if your heart is hungry, or you can nibble it slice by slice for a bit of goodness every day.

    Written by Found a Christian by His Grace on July 28, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R2RA2T712BP840/ref=cm_cr_pr_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=1426787693


    Tattered and Mended is a book that I am still reading. Still working on. Because it is working on me.

    I knew when I signed up for this review that this book would resonate with me. I just didn’t realize how much. When I started reading it, at first I was reading along, thinking yeah this is going to be good. then I get to one page, one question and it threw me.

    For a loop.

    A roller coaster ride sized loop.

    “How would you answer if Jesus asked, “What do you want me to do for you?”

    I’ve been trying to come up with an answer ever since.

    That’s the kind of book Tattered and Mended by Cynthia Ruchti is. I’ll let you know when I come up with an answer to the question.

    Written by All Grown Up on July 27, 2015


    Tattered and Mended is a beautiful devotional that I really enjoyed reading. It’s one of those books that has one liners that you want to quote all of the time and underline as you read (maybe even write on sticky notes and stick ’em all over your house!). Cynthia has a beautiful writing style that is easy to engage with and understand with creative illustrations and powerful messages. I love her “Calls to action” at the end of the book as they challenge you to live out everything you learned in easy, doable actions.

    Written by Accelerate The Jesus Movement on July 27, 2015


    Ms. Ruchti has given us eleven chapters that give us hope and confidence that God will take our tattered and broken lives and, will not only heal you, but make you better than you were before.

    Written by Vic’s Media Room on July 27, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2573Z1UE3TUI5


    This was an intriguing book that makes one realize that there is hope and restoration in the gospel. This book is filled with books that is very inspiring and stays with you long after you read it. I love books that use stories of people who have struggled and have overcome and this book is filled with plenty of great stories about that. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

    Written by Perfect Beginnings on July 26, 2015


    At first I was skeptical about this book. I was thinking it would be yet another self help book. BUT, to my surprise I was wrong. This book hits the nail on the head, at least for me. There were pages that I thought ….how does she know exactly what I am going through. But, to my disappointment, the Cynthia didn’t go very far with answers to struggles one may have in life.Yet the she did warn the reader not to expect such remedies. I suppose she hopes that you, the reader will rely on God and His word to help you through your troubles. This book was a beautiful picture of hope in the dark times and although not a spectacular read it wasn’t bad at all! We have a God who is an expert healer. No matter what the circumstance is HE can repair it over time.
    I would recommend this book who desires inspiration troubled times

    Written by LyonsLady on July 26, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/Tattered-Mended-Healing-Wounded-Soul/product-reviews/1426787693/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewopt_sr?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=recent&reviewerType=all_reviews&formatType=all_formats&filterByStar=four_star&pageNumber=1


    Cynthia Ruchti brings the unique idea that WE are the materials that God uses to create art. Throughout our suffering, we become broken and wounded. It’s through these experiences that healing and hope is found.

    I thought Tattered and Mended was amazing. Ruchti doesn’t encourage us to minimize the pain that we’ve felt. Instead, she encourages us to embrace it and the beauty that came out of it.

    Written by Adventures In Frugal Land on July 26, 2015
    Read my full review:https://www.amazon.com/review/R27H008C1429J/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm


    Tattered and Mended is a non-fiction book for the man or woman with a wounded soul. “The reader is the object of God’s eye”, says author Cynthia Ruchti. If we allow Him, God will bring us from `tattered to mended.` Jesus did not respond with accusation but with the heart of a servant.

    Cynthia later says, “Maybe we are asked to be dark stitches among the light.” (p. 23) Much of the book eluded me, even though we each have a mending place. I would give this book 4*, as I do recommend it to the reader who is tattered and torn and is looking for some answers. Because, as the author states in chapter ten, Only the eye of creativity sees brokenness as pre-art.

    Written by New Horizon Reviews on July 26, 2015
    Read my full review:https://www.amazon.com/review/R2G3R436HMJT21/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm


    This is a book I can completely relate to. For years I felt worn out, useless and unwanted. I struggled with it to the point I thought I would never get beyond it. When Cynthia is telling personal stories I could feel the struggle and feel the emotional hurts and pains. What I noticed the most throughout this book is the theme of hope, the hope we have in Christ and His work being done in us. It is a beautifully written book with touches of love and courage and determination to lean on God and His Word. Cynthia is open and honest and not preaching at anyone through her words. She is living it with each and every one of us who have struggled with the same feelings of being worn thin and useless. This is an excellent read!!

    Written by The Minister’s Wife Stmaps and Saves on July 25, 2015
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/review/R3VZB23SM56FAP/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=1426787693


    This is definitely a book that I will re-read and keep on hand for when those hard times come. It’s a book that you want to sit with and really ponder as you read and let the truths of God’s love and restoration sink into your heart. I highly recommend this book. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

    Written by Julie – More of Him on July 25, 2015
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/review/R1K2OIF05T0AWF/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=1426787693


    Tattered And Mended is a very special book that gently encourages us to invite God into the places of your life where we most need mending.

    I felt refreshed after reading this book because the focus wasn’t on us and our problems – the focus was on God and His glory.

    I highly recommend this book to you!

    Written by Create With Joy on July 25, 2015
    Read my full review:https://www.amazon.com/review/R134QQC6LTHA2I/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm


    I thought the idea for this book was very good; everyone needs comforting in some area of their lives whether they admit it or not. The author, with much wisdom and understanding, draws from experiences she has been related by other people and weaves a comforting book.

    The author carefully relates stories and accounts from a variety of people who have confided in her. The stories serve to comfort the reader and assure him or her that there is hope beyond their pain or sorrow. To my disappointment, the author didn’t go very far with answers to struggles one may have in life. I was left feeling that the book didn’t end or culminate very well. Yet the author, in the foreword or first chapter (I forget which) did warn the reader not to expect such remedies. I suppose she hopes that you, the reader will rely on God and His word to help you through your troubles. This book was a beautiful picture of hope in the dark times and although not a spectacular read it wasn’t bad at all!

    Written by Books, Beautiful Books on July 24, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3NYUI2ZCHT8B3


    This book is for those that are going through a difficult time, it teaches you how to mend your brokenness. Each chapter Cynthia tells of a true story in her life, gives bible verses to back up the mending, provides the story of someone in the bible dealing with the same and then gives a real life story of someone else going through the same things. You can read it cover to cover or read each chapter separately at your leisure.

    I recommend this book to those that have some type of trial they are going through. It would be a good small bible study book or a few friends group study. It is written well and very easy to read. It encourages you to have more faith and teaches how GOD uses us all for his plan.

    Written by Deb’s Book Review on July 24, 2015


    This is a tender, honest book that looks at the lives of both modern-day and Biblical characters and establishes the truth that, if we turn to God in our brokenness, regardless of the source of that brokenness, He is able and faithful to heal us if we submit to the process.

    I HIGHLY recommend this book for everyone who has even been wounded by life. You will come away with a faith that is stronger, that has been challenged, and a hope that will sustain through any trial.

    Written by Window To My World on July 24, 2015
    Read my full review: https://www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/?ie=UTF8&ref_=ya_your_reviews&sort_by=MostRecentReview


    If you are looking for a list of things you can do in order to experience personal restoration & healing, please know two things: 1. You will NOT find that in Tattered and Mended. 2. There can never be–will never be–a book where a list of head knowledge will restore an aching heart. Instead, what Cynthia is able to pour out onto the pages of Tattered and Mended are examples of beauty within brokenness, strength that comes during healing, and HOPE that is found within our fragile, broken state when we hand Christ the pieces and cling to the promise that “No tattered soul escapes God’s notice” (p 126). The stories and examples (both from the Bible as well as current displays of wounded souls) will grip every reader in very unique & powerful ways.

    Written by Rockin’ My Mom Jeans on July 24, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R34MY5P1MBQU54/ref=cm_cr_pr_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=1426787693


    We are all tattered and torn. Since Adam and Eve sinned in the garden we’ve lived in a tattered and torn world, and the only one that can mend us is Jesus, Himself.
    I have a few favorite quotes from the book.

    “I can’t unravel. I’m hemmed in hope.” “Scars can be artistic, revealing the imprint of The healer.” “My scars are my story of His grace and mercy in my life.” “Holy bandages presoaked in mercy.”

    Cynthia pulled me in right from the beginning using miracles that Jesus performed in the Bible to illustrate her point that He is the one that mends our tattered life giving us hope which allows us to be a story of His grace.

    Written by Radiant Light on July 24, 2015
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/review/R3G1ADYW56Q17P/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=1426787693


    Cynthia Ruchti is all about hope. She refers to the note she has tacked up in her work space: I can’t unravel, I’m hemmed in hope. I’ve found that Hope and its companion, Redemption, are significant themes in every book she writes.

    Which is certainly the case here, in the stories she tells and the conclusions she draws. The pages are filled with Cynthia’s trademark, warm-hearted wisdom, her claims are supported at every turn by well-chosen Scripture. Even so, this particular book didn’t touch me in the way some of her others have (most notably, Ragged Hope). If I had to name a reason, I’d say it was the stories. I wanted more. Storytelling is Cynthia’s gift,and this book to me felt like something else–more a reflection on a theme than a collection of stories.

    Written by Story Matters on July 24, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2VVJJ7O4I44O1


    Ruchti compellingly shares stories from both personal experiences and the Bible to highlight God’s desire to heal, restore, mend our brokenness, hurts, tatters. It offers necessary reminders and encouragements to see the art and beauty of God’s work to mend. Overall, I enjoyed Tattered and Mended and I would recommend it as a worthwhile read.

    Written by Book by Book on July 24, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3209GTQPLY6DA


    Do you ever feel lost, alone or broken? If you do then this book is for you. This book deals with events and situations that may be very similar to what you are going through or have been through. It was very helpful to read about others.

    Written by Cheryl Baranski on July 24, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2QK4NFGHHAZRW


    Ruchti writes with a gentle, poetic style that will speak to those who are feeling beat down and torn up. Her word flow, saturated with grace and hope. In an almost casual manner, she assures the readers that, just as broken and torn things can be restored into something beautiful, so can their lives. And what’s more, the signs of brokenness can become a badge of honor. Something even more beautiful than the original design.

    Written by An Ordinary Woman Pursing Splendor on July 23, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1X6J1L4FW7PIB


    This is a beautiful account of a life lived alongside the tattered and wounded. With every chapter, I knew Cynthia had lived what she wrote. She’s not just spouting Bible verses. Instead she’s in the ditches with the rest of us walking beside the sad, lonely, and brokenhearted, sometimes being the one who’s hurting. This author is real and transparent in her experience and wisdom. As an artist, I love the examples she uses in each chapter to show restoration. I highly recommend this book for anyone who needs encouragement or insight into the art of healing.

    Written by Beauty in Everyday Things on July 23, 2015
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/review/R20V90WNZLK2DS/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm


    I enjoyed reading this book, I though the idea of looking at restoration from an artistic point of view was new and refreshing. I thought the book was extremely well written and I loved how Cynthia Ruchti shared from her heart. I would recommend this book to anyone!

    Written by Milk and Honey Meadows on July 22, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/Tattered-Mended-Healing-Wounded-Soul/dp/1426787693/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8


    This is a great read that will touch your heart and stay with you long after you read it. Each of us are broken, pieces of us, parts of us, but this does not mean we are beyond repair, beyond hope. Cynthia shares how various items are repaired and the time and work that goes into this;

    Written by Moments on July 21, 2015
    Read my full review:https://www.amazon.com/review/R1Z32V1B6WUQQ1/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm


    “People are tattered. Some say, ‘Then let’s make tattered fashionable.’ But God invites us to mend.””

    I love, love, love Cynthia Ruchti’s writings, both fiction and non-fiction. Hemmed in hope perfectly captures the theme of all of her books, and Tattered and Mended could be considered the hallmark for this message. In a throwaway world where shabby chic dominates decorating magazines and crafters repurpose discarded junk into decorative and useful treasure, Ruchti shares how God is able to beautifully restore a life that some might think is beyond repair. […} This is a book for the heart, and one to savor, reflect on, and read again….

    Written by Mocha with Linda on July 21, 2015
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/review/RBFL8I634XFTZ/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=1426787693


    Cynthia is beautifully tender with the wounded and leaves no room for healing without the Artist and His Word. The pages of Tattered and Mended provide encouragement, camaraderie, and hope. Refreshing hope in a society that looks increasingly hopeless. If you are wounded or you care about someone who is, this is a book you need to read!

    Written by Reading Is My SuperPower on July 21, 2015
    Read my full review:https://www.amazon.com/review/R3D90YNKDNXW9J/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm


    Ruchti has done her research about the art of mending and restoring items and weaves them into the stories of people and herself as she shares the need for each of us to heal.Ruchti doesn’t ignore the pain and hurt that happens in life, she also points out that it is also difficult and a process to heal. This book is a must read, for those struggling in their everyday, or for those that don’t even realize that they may need healing. Ruchti does an amazing job of telling stories as well as sharing how we can go about healing from the things that have made us tattered.

    Written by Elle in Organic Shoes on July 18, 2015
    Read my full review:https://www.amazon.com/review/R2BZW46UBE4GVJ/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm


    Cynthia’s writing is encouraging, inspiring and full of hope. “The wounded made whole” is the theme of Tattered And Mended. The end of the book includes three helpful sections: Beyond the End, Mending Prayers, and Stretching to Mend. Each of these sections provides readers with practical ways to lean into the process of mending by embracing The Divine Mender through prayer guidance and sound biblical encouragement.

    Simply put…Cynthia offers readers a balm for wounded, broken and weary souls.

    Written by Mother of Three on July 18, 2015
    Read my full review: https://www.amazon.com/gp/profile/AG8L0K3H4O50T


    In her new book Tattered and Mended: The Art of Healing the Wounded Soul, Cynthia Ruchti gives testimony to the beauty of reclaimed treasures. Our souls and bodies take time to mend and can only do so in the hands of our Creator. Using illustrations of vintage dolls, moth eaten sweaters, frayed tapestries, and broken furniture Ruchti finds and highlights the beauty restoration in our lives.

    If you have ever felt tattered around the edges, worn, or broken this book is a must read. It leaves you “hemmed in hope” and ready to mend.

    Written by Hope N. Griffin – Finding Joy in the Everyday on July 17, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/review/RF0P6ZWPRQFSP


    Cynthia is a gifted writer and a lover of Christ. She compares suffering to art. Cynthia uses visual word-pictures to show how one can emerge from a time of suffering (brokenness) even more beautiful because of the scars received during the storm. She gives hope to those who are in the midst of pain. She uses God’s word as a soothing balm.

    If you or someone you know are in the middle of a painful season I highly recommend Cynthia’s book. I have been walking through an extremely difficult period in my life and Cynthia’s words have helped me see suffering in a new light.

    Written by Four Seasons of Blessings on July 16, 2015
    Read my full review: www.amazon.com/review/create-review?ie=UTF8&asin=1426787693&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=283155&ref_=cm_cr_dp_wrt_btm&store=books&#


    I liked the use of Scripture mixed with personal illustrations of brokenness. Highlights the fact that God is indeed the Healer. Life isn’t about being happy – but God does orchestrate healing and wholeness. I liked her creativity in the titles of the chapters.

    Written by Kcreatives on July 16, 2015
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/review/R27PJPBZXHV00O/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=1426787693


    Cynthia Ruchti is quickly becoming a favorite author, as she has a special gift for reaching into hearts and leaving behind tendrils of hope. Her books have the unique ability to instill in the spirit a desire to connect with God and what He is doing – especially if what He is doing is not what we want or expect and instead seems dark and strange.

    This book ministered to me in a very personal way. I believe anyone who is going through a time of feeling worn and wondering if God could possibly be working good through their present circumstances would benefit greatly from this book.

    Written by ReviewsByErin on July 16, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R10NAR9NJQ8QCM


    I just finished reading a beautiful book by author Cynthia Ruchti called Tattered and Mended. The book is a self help book that gives the reader examples of how we can make ourselves happy again ever after it seems almost impossible. She goes on to give us heartfelt stories of others and what trials they have gone through in their lives. It is a very nice story of hope and faith. I give this book a 4/5.

    Written by Deal Sharing Aunt on July 14, 2015
    Read my full review:https://www.amazon.com/review/RU4EO6IWTOBPY/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm


    I really enjoyed the parallels Cynthia Ruchti makes with “things” and lives. It is easy to overlook something because of a scrape or a tear, and it is easy to overlook a person with a scar. This book will make you look at your life and see how God can mend (has mended), and that the ability to mend should be shared with others.

    Written by Books and such on July 13, 2015
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/review/RC9CQJJ5B32OX/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00TKNSP4Q


    Cynthia Ruchti’s new book, Tattered and Mended: The Art of Healing the Wounded Soul is a beautiful depiction of how God mends the broken and seemingly un-mendable.

    In it, she weaves together stories of hurt and healing, pain and joy, messiness and beauty with simple, yet powerful honesty.

    By using personal examples from present day, and reflections on stories of people in the Bible, she slowly and intentionally reassures her reader that broken hearts, like broken pieces of glass, can become beautiful works of art.

    Written by Not The Former Things on July 13, 2015


    I had a hard time getting into this book, I know I’ve read other reviewers who say this book ministered to them right from the very first page, but not me. I didn’t give up though I persevered and kept reading hoping as each page passed that I would be drawn into the story the author was weaving through the pages. I am sad to say I did not every get caught up in the story, I felt like through the whole book that something was missing. It didn’t feel put together right so the reader was left in dark wondering what it was.

    Written by Melissa’s and Dawn’s Musings on July 11, 2015
    Read my full review: https://www.amazon.com/review/create-review?ie=UTF8&asin=B010EVFZZE&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=283155&ref_=cm_cr_dp_no_rvw_e&store=books#


    I enjoyed the perspective of this book. She talks about old crafts like journaling, keeping records, interviewing older family members, quilting, and so forth. These are somewhat of a lost art today. She speaks to these “old” things to show how easy it is for them to get broken or tattered. It is quite difficult to replace or repair these things usually. I enjoyed this book and her stories. I think Ruchti is a great writer and if you are hurting, this is a good book for you to draw support from.

    Written by The Talbert Report on July 11, 2015
    Read my full review:https://www.amazon.com/review/RXMHAB1ULWW4J/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm


    I like the overall theme in the book and that she relates our brokenness to things that are tangible like art that has been restored or stain glass that has been broken and fixed. Her point is that broken things can be made whole again and usually come out even more beautiful and wonderfully made than how they began. I know that when I have come to the other side of a great storm in life, I come out feeling stronger. Life’s obstacles can knock us down but we don’t have to lay down and take it.

    Written by The IE Mommy on July 10, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/review/RLW3JE7OWQAOT


    Cynthia Ruchti, reaches out to the reader using a modern day parable. The tightly knit theme of textile repair: the arts, home decor, fashion, quilting and recycling are analogies that will reach every reader far and wide. This highly readable book is just what a hurting, offended or grieving soul needs.

    Written by The Lemon Bee Book & Blog on July 9, 2015


    This is an encouraging book for those going through difficult times. Since much of the book is about cloth repair, it would be a plus if the reader is interested in some kind of needle work. I liked how Ruchti drew spiritual lessons from the repair techniques. Sharing her own experiences made the book very personal. It is a good reminder that some things we think are no longer usable are really reparable to a new beauty – just like people.

    Written by Book Reviews from an Avid Reader on July 9, 2015
    Read my full review:http://www.amazon.com/review/R3LYKU4PNI1SWS/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00TKNSP4Q


    This book could not have come at a better time. I have been struggling with the feelings of brokenness and even as a pastor not knowing how I could fix it. The thing Ruchti reminded me was that God is in control….not me! Ruchti reminded me that life is not always as we WANT it to be, but if God takes us to something He will be there to see us through it! Cynthia Ruchti is a master wordsmith and this book is one of those that needs to be found in every church library, every pastor’s office, every Christian counselors book shelf. It was excellent and sends the reader on their way with hope in their heart.

    Written by Karen’s Korner on July 8, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com


    Tattered And Mended is a riveting book about the way a hurt soul can be fixed. Each page had amazing stories with scriptures to back the main point. Cynthia Ruchti does an amazing job triggering your mind to think of how awesome Gods love really is. I enjoyed how intriguing the stories in this book are, they grab your attention and never let go.

    Written by A Simple Life, really?! on July 8, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R29JZS6ZHF0928


    God never promised us easy lives, but He does promise that He will be right there beside us when the result of living in a fallen world is heartbreak and loss. With her lyrical, engaging style, Cynthia Ruchti weaves a wonderful, hope filled book with personal experiences and heartbreaks of others that reminds us that God is a healer who can restore and bring something of beauty out of our brokenness. I found this book to be thought provoking. I love that the message is one of hope.
    I received this book from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.

    Written by Inklings and Notions on July 7, 2015


    Tattered and Mended is a book that ministered to me the day I opened it. I’d had a rough day that didn’t go anything according to plan. I’d prepared so carefully, but someone on another end hadn’t done their job. I was frustrated, with a stress headache, barely walking due to physical pain from standing in lines for hours and hours, and close to tears. When I came home and decided to unwind by reading, I picked up this book, and I read…

    I cried. But this time, not due to frustration. This was more of a crawling into my Heavenly Father’s arms, curling up against His chest, and soaking of the comfort of the God who loves me. Loves me enough to minister to me, through a book, and provide exactly what I needed when I needed it. Just thinking that makes me want to cry again.

    Written by Lighthouse Academy on July 7, 2015
    Read my full review: www.amazon.com


    Author Cynthia Ruchti blends antiques, quilts, and, pieces of Art that have some meaning in history in her stories.

    Very well written and full of much needed (Talking about me) healing for all the holes I am carrying around.

    You can NEVER go wrong with a book from this author she is so real and authentic and it shows in her writing.

    I gave this book 4 stars and I recommend this book.

    Written by The Mary Book Reader on July 7, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/Tattered-Mended-Healing-Wounded-Soul/dp/1426787693/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1436278381&sr=1-1&keywords=tattered+and+mended


    I was not sure what to expect when I first got this book to read. I have to say I did enjoy it. I liked how the author gives you ways to heal yourself by using antiques from your family and their historical significance to help in this process. I think this is a good book for both adults and young adults alike to help you through a tough time and to know that all can be mended and fixed. Her writing style seemed to flow for me making this book very easy and interesting to read.

    Written by Griperang’s Bookmarks on July 7, 2015
    Read my full review: http://www.amazon.com/review/RAVOIVMQS333O


    When I first started reading Tattered and Mended I did not know that I would enjoy it so much. I thought it would be another book telling me about God healing brokenness in us. I had no idea that once I began seeing all the book had to offer that I would read it straight through without stopping. It was easy to read and it was interesting to read.

    Written by tammycookblogsbooks on July 7, 2015


    I have just finished reading Tattered and Mended by Cynthia Ruchti and I cried and smiled throughout the whole book. The author shares many tragic events that people, just like all of us readers, have had to endure. She then starts to write about how our hearts and our souls are mended by God. It takes a lot of faith and courage for people to get over some of these events. She shares her feelings of hope with us. I think that anyone who is feeling lose and broken should read this book. I give this book a 5/5. I was given this book by Litfuse Publicity Group and all opinions a re my own. –

    Written by 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too!on July 6, 2015
    Read my full review: not able to post yet

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