The Curiosity Keeper by Sarah Ladd

A mysterious stranger, a missing gem, and flying sparks! Don’t miss Sarah Ladd’s new book, The Curiosity KeeperCaught at the intersection of blessings and curses, greed and deceit, these two determined souls must unite to protect what they hold dear. But when a passion that shines far brighter than any gem is ignited, Camille and Jonathan will have to decide how much they are willing to risk for their future, love, and happiness.


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The Curiosity Keeper (Thomas Nelson, July 2015)

“It is not just a ruby, as you say. It is large as a quail’s egg, still untouched and unpolished. And it is rumored to either bless or curse whoever possesses it.”

Camille Iverness can take care of herself. She’s done so since the day her mother abandoned the family and left Camille to run their shabby curiosity shop. But when a violent betrayal leaves her injured with no place to hide, Camille must allow a mysterious stranger to come to her aid.

Jonathan Gilchrist never wanted to inherit Kettering Hall. As a second son, he was content to work as the village apothecary. But when his brother’s death made him heir just as his father’s foolish decisions put the estate at risk, only the sale of a priceless possession—a ruby called the Bevoy—can save the family from ruin. But the gem has disappeared. And all trails lead to Iverness Curiosity Shop—and the beautiful shop girl who may be the answer to his many questions.

Caught at the intersection of blessings and curses, greed and deceit, these two determined souls must unite to protect what they hold dear. But when a passion that shines far brighter than any gem is ignited, they will have to decide how much they are willing to risk for their future, love, and happiness.

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Sarah Ladd

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Sarah E. Ladd received the 2011 Genesis Award in historical romance for “The Heiress of Winterwood.” She is a graduate of Ball State University and has more than ten years of marketing experience. Sarah lives in Indiana with her amazing family and spunky Golden Retriever.

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“Ladd, who won the 2011 Genesis Award for historical romance (A Lady at Willowgrove Hall) has written an engaging Regency with a richly detailed setting and an unpredictable suspenseful plot. Admirers of Sandra Orchard and Lis Wiehl who want to try a romance with a historical bent may enjoy this new series.” —Library Journal

“Beautifully written, intricately plotted and populated by engaging and realistic characters, The Curiosity Keeper is Regency romantic suspense at its page-turning best. A skillful, sympathetic and refreshingly natural author, Ladd is at the top of her game and should be an auto-buy for every reader.” —4 1/2 starred review and July 2015 Top Pick! from RT Book Reviews

“The memorable characters and intriguing plot twists will keep readers hooked.” —CBA Reviews

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    This is the first book in the Treasures of Surrey series and it was absolutely fantastic! I was taken in by the plot from the very beginning pages and my attention was kept throughout the book. Honestly, the first thing that attracted me to the book was the stunning cover. The theme of family and the little twists and turns throughout, along with strongly developed characters, combine to produce an remarkable read. I cannot wait to read more from this amazing author in the near future.
    I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up.

    Written by A Mom After God’s Own Heart on August 5, 2015


    While Ladd does a good job of creating a decidedly seedy London and a bucolic Surrey village in The Curiosity Keeper, the characters are what really make this novel. Both Camille and Jonathan Gilchrist are children at odds with their families. Both desire independence and cultivate an aura of confidence and calm, but they really long for the intimacy denied them. Both are unconventional for their time, yet both seem very natural in their reactions and feelings. Without divulging too much, I also found the ending is a bit unconventional, and definitely refreshing — extremely fitting for Camille and Jonathan’s story. The mystery of the stolen ruby provides a great framework to explore the characters’ true values and is perfect for the developing romance. The faith message is natural, without being preachy, and I loved how Ladd ties in the legend of curses and blessing surrounding the ruby with God’s word.

    Written by By The Book on August 3, 2015
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    From the dregs of London to grand country estates, Sarah Ladd returns readers to the antilogy of simplicity and splendour in Regency England. The Curiosity Keeper is an alluring tale of betrayal, deception and self-discovery, sweetened with restrained romance. The suspenseful elements, though easily deduced, were a nod to Dickensian villains and mood. Setting the more nefarious scenes in a curiosity shop was a resounding win for Sarah Ladd as were illustrious descriptions and use of setting to enrich the tone and pacing of the book. While in town, the story moved at a brisk pace with a sense of urgency, juxtaposed to the languorous pace at Kettering Hall. Certainly one of Sarah Ladd’s more complex character driven novels, The Curiosity Keeper exemplifies her growth as a writer.

    Written by The Overweight Bookshelf on July 31, 2015
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    Not only does Sarah E. Ladd know how to deliver an excellent story, she also creates an exceptional cast of characters I couldn’t help but love (and hate). The swoon-worthy Jonathan Gilchrist. The independent Camille Iverness. The grumpy but lovable Mr. Gilchrist, Senior. Mr. Iverness, Camille’s villainous father who made me want to pummel him through the page. I was engrossed from page one, soaking up reading time whenever I could.

    Written by Sara Ella on July 30, 2015
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  • Some fiction tells a story and some paints a picture. The Curiosity Keeper falls into the latter category, while spinning a tale that was exciting and unexpected. Every scene was described in such detail that I felt like I was stepping into another world. The allegory for the Bevoy was present but not overbearing and the characters and their struggles were well developed and emotionally engaging. I highly recommend The Curiosity Keeper and hope to read more of Ladd’s work in the future.

    Written by Luxury Reading on July 30, 2015


    Although I never collect fully with the female characters (empathize, wait with anticipation for such and such to happen) the stories are nicely written and the step back in time is accurate. I love the Regency Era a finding clean fiction set in that time period is a nice touch. Nicely done.

    Written by Homemaking Organized on July 30, 2015


    Okay, so blame this analogy on the fact that this month I’m deprived of all my sports, so I’m left with baseball. I’ve enjoyed all of the previous books I’ve read of Sarah E. Ladd, but I have to say The Curiosity Keeper, knocked it out of the park. I absolutely loved it!

    What a book to kick off her latest series! I enjoyed this book from the first page until the last. I didn’t want it to end and this will be one I re-read in the future and makes the “Favorites of 2015” list. She continues to become a solid and trusted voice in the Regency genre. Don’t you just love experiencing this kind of book?

    Written by Books and Beverages on July 30, 2015
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    The Curiosity Keeper has it all! Romance, Suspense, and Mystery will keep you turning pages til’ the very end! I fell in love with Camille and Jonathan, and how their journey’s unfold. Seeing Camille learn how to truly stand up for herself had me cheering!! I absolutely loved how Jonathan cares for others! Together these two are amazing and I highly recommend you read The Curiosity Keeper and think you will love their story as much as I did!!

    Written by Heart of a Bookworm on July 29, 2015
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    I thoroughly loved this author’s first series and was quite excited to start into this new one! This author has the beautiful ability to completely sweep her readers away to another time and place. I was totally engrossed in the story the entire time and it felt like I really was in the English countryside. She also did an amazing job with the mystery aspect and kept me guessing until the very end.

    I loved both Camille and Jonathan! I admired the way Jonathan didn’t let the fact that he was now his father’s heir change him in any way, and how he never viewed himself as “above” others despite being of the upper class. And I was impressed with Camille’s independence and the strength she displayed in face of all that she had endured.

    Written by Christian Novels on July 29, 2015
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    Sarah has, AGAIN, hit a home run! In her latest book, there is mystery, intrigue, suspense and LOVE! Camille is working in her father’s shop when she is attacked. The thief is in search of something that she knows nothing about. Throughout the book, she learns to fight for herself, has her heart completely smashed and is shown true love. It’s quite the story!!

    The characters are extremely loveable. You want to fight for them individually, as well as together. God is not constant throughout, but more of a background element. Her writing is always well done. The book will hold your attention from the first page. Highly recommend anything by this author!!

    Written by aTransParentMom on July 29, 2015
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    I haven’t had the best of luck with Regency books, most I’ve read have quite a bit of sexual content. While The Curiosity Keeper was decent in that regard (somewhat), it was really lacking in the spiritual content. I most likely will finish this series, though, as the rest comes out.

    Written by Books for Christian Girls on July 29, 2015


    The Curiosity Keeper will thrust you deep into history and keep you there until the very last page has been turned. I love the way that Ladd depicts not only the elegance of the highest social classes in this book, but she also shows how they interact and the imperfections that lie within this system. It’s easy to romanticize it, and I’m sure that it worked beautifully for those at the very top of the social ladder, but Ladd shows the good that can be found in other classes, too.

    Ladd’s writing is smooth and descriptive. She builds the suspense and tension slowly just as she keeps you reading as fast as possible. I couldn’t wait to find out how it ended – and you won’t be able to, either.

    Written by A Nest in the Rocks on July 29, 2015
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    The Curiosity Keeper by Sarah E. Ladd is a regency mystery that will keep your head spinning with the possibilities. With a flair for story telling, Sarah will keep you engaged throughout!

    Written by Confessions of a Teenage Bookworm on July 29, 2015


    Ms. Ladd has given us history, mystery, suspense and romance. Jonathan and Camille are two of the best characters that I have read about in a long time. You fall in love with these two and you so want them to break free and embrace all that God has in store for them you just do not know how they can do it. That’s the beauty of the story watching to see how His plan for them unfolds. Great characters, great plot with plenty of twists and turns equals a great read.

    Written by Vic’s Media Room on July 29, 2015
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  • The plot was interesting and exciting and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. There’s a Scripture reference quoted about all things working together for good to them that love God and I liked how Camille came to see that in her own life. I would highly recommend this if you like historical fiction, especially regency.

    Written by Veronica’s ‘Views on July 28, 2015


    This was a fantastic start to the Treasures of Surrey series by historical fiction author, Sarah Ladd. The cover of this book is absolutely stunning and if you picked it up based solely for the cover, you’re not going to be disappointed as the story is just as good!

    This book is an exciting tale of love and adventure that will keep you turning the pages until the very end! I look forward to the next installment in this series.

    Written by A Simply Enchanted Life on July 28, 2015
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    Sweet romance, intriguing mystery, and rich descriptions combine into compelling historical fiction in Sarah E. Ladd’s latest release.

    The Curiosity Keeper features two extremely likable yet flawed main characters, Camille and Jonathan. I found Camille’s background to be fascinating, and I loved the way Ladd slowly unfolded the story of Camille’s family. I felt for Jonathan as he strove to be the man he knew he was meant to be while still yearning for the approval of his father. Really, the family dynamics of both the Iverness and Gilchrist families were the most interesting aspects of the novel for me.

    Written by Christian Chick’s Thoughts on July 28, 2015
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    I loved Camille’s character. She came from a home where she received no love, and yet she kept fighting for what she felt was right and dreaming of a place where she’d be loved and accepted. I also loved Jonathan because he was a gentle soul, who cared more about helping people than gathering riches. Both Camille and Jonathan were drawn into the mystery of a missing ruby called the Bevoy against their will and only wanted to find it so they could get on with their lives. Although I guessed the Bevoy’s location before it was revealed, the consequences of its discovery were still a surprise to me. This is a must-read for fans of historical fiction and well-written suspense tales.

    Written by Susan Heim on Writing on July 28, 2015
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    This book was a little long and it took me a couple of chapter to get into the story line, but once I did, I found it very enjoyable and intriguing. Jonathan was a great, strong character who only wanted to protect Camille against harm, and to do the right thing. Even though they were from a different social status, he was very caring towards her. The family dynamics were very interesting with both families, but despite that, Jonathan and Camille start to have romantic feelings towards each other.

    This story shows that love, and Faith in others and God, can triumph over greed and deceit. The truth will always come out!

    Written by EmpowerMoms on July 26, 2015
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    This is the second book by Sarah that I’ve read and I was once again pleased with her novel. The Curiosity Keeper has a good mysterious plot that is sure to keep you curious (no pun intended).The characters are very well developed and unique and I enjoyed reading about them. The setting was also beautiful and unique and I loved how the author showed us the story in such a fabulous way. The author’s writing style is so pretty and I cannot wait to read book two to Sarah Ladd’s new Treasures os Surrey series!

    5 out of 5 stars!

    Written by Accelerate the Jesus Movement on July 25, 2015


    Sarah E. Ladd has again succeeded in crafting a story that unfolds the hearts and minds and souls of beautifully drawn characters. The Curiosity Keeper is a treasure of a young lady raised in early youth on an English estate and who has all the bearings of a lady born. She is, however, now in the back streets of London in her father’s Curiosity Shop. Hence, she is the keeper of the curiosities.

    Written by Chat With Vera on July 24, 2015
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    Camille was a great main character whom I really liked and loved watching the friendship develop between her and Jonathan. I have been really enjoying reading about this time period and the London setting as well. Sarah does an amazing job with creating the scene and bringing the time period to life giving the story and characters a very realistic feel.

    Written by Moments on July 24, 2015
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    The book’s cover art feels like something that would come straight out of a Charles Dickens’ novel, which instantly caught my interests. Now this isn’t your typical historical romance as the author, Sarah E. Ladd, has cleverly pieced together a fabulous mystery with twists and turns around corner (or chapter). Overall, The Curiosity Keeper is a fast-paced delight to read and I recommend it to others.

    Written by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer on July 23, 2015
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    The Curiosity Keeper is a good beginning to Sarah Ladd’s new series. Regencies are a favorite genre of mine and Sarah did an excellent job at conveying a sense of place. There’s action, drama, mystery, romance, and a sweet ending. Jonathan & Camille seemed like a good fit and I really liked them both. It was fun to watch Camille use her strength and self-reliance skills to take care of herself at a time when women didn’t have many opportunities. Spiritual themes are subtle, but always shining through is the idea that God is faithful to bring about good from the not-so-good circumstances in our lives – and that’s something to which readers can relate. An enjoyable read overall and I look forward to more stories in this series. Recommended to fans of historical romance.

    Written by The Power of Words on July 23, 2015
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    This is an intriguing tale with a variety of characters, each with ulterior motives that Camille can only guess at. I loved the setting of the gritty London streets since that’s not the norm in Regency romances. Even though Camille can hold her own there, she is not comfortable in her surroundings and I was happy to see her take control of her future. The countryside is a stark contrast and Camille does not take it’s beauty and freshness for granted. Jonathon and Camille are a perfect match for each other with their guileless gentility. I didn’t feel like their romance had much passion, especially with their hesitancy to trust each other, but there was a definite feeling of hope, that they wanted to trust and love.

    Written by Heidi Reads… on July 22, 2015
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  • A fantastic, well written story from start to finish! I fell in love with her adventurous spirit and was blown away by the surprise ending. A perfect read!

    Written by Working Mommy Journal on July 22, 2015


    This is such a great novel, because the way it is written, really transports the reader to London, England in 1812. You can feel the sense of the town so accurately described, you aren’t just reading this, you are actually there. I love that both of these characters have a past that keeps them from doing what they truly want in life, something I think reader will be able to relate to. Lovers of romance will find this one completely dreamy and you might just need a box of tissues as well, but I will leave it at that.

    Written by Reviews From The Heart on July 22, 2015
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    Ladd does have an air of Austen about her writing. So often is this said about authors, but so rarely do I find it to be true. The characters in The Curiosity Keeper have that comfortable formality and Camille especially has that special Austen stubborn streak.

    The book has a nice, slow burn to the romance. With the opening drama, it is refreshing to see the two MCs don’t instantly fall in love. They depend on each other for awhile, but both establish themselves independently before developing feelings.

    A delight from beginning to end. I can’t wait to read more of this series. Ladd’s writing has a way of coming alive, of holding you close until the very end. 4 stars and a must read for Regency lovers with slow romance, or a novel bookended with action.

    Written by Sunrise Avenue on July 21, 2015
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    The Curiosity Keeper is a delightful mix of adventure, mystery and romance. Throughout the pages, it seems Camille can never escape her father’s hold. At the same time, Jonathan needs to uncover a relationship with his. Add in a host of interesting secondary characters, a mystery that clips along, and you have the recipe for a Regency novel I couldn’t put down.

    Written by Cara Putman on July 20, 2015
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    The Curiosity Keeper is book one in the Treasures of Surrey series. I love Sarah E Ladd’s books. I’ve read every single one and loved them all. I’m so excited she is beginning another series and I had a chance to read this book. I can’t wait to read another!

    Written by A Simple Life, really?! on July 20, 2015
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  • I enjoyed this unique mystery set in the Regency era and centered on a curiosity shop. I haven’t come across a lot of regency novels that have main characters working in a shop, so this one is a fun read! I enjoyed getting to know the characters, as they seek out the ruby that the Gilchrist family had stolen from them. I hope that Jonathan and Camille will show up in the other books in the series!
    I did find that I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as some of Sarah Ladd’s other stories, though it is still a wonderful read full of interesting historical details and characters. This book is a wonderful summer read!

    Written by Inklings and Notions on July 18, 2015


    Written in the style of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. Set in nineteenth century London, this wonderful new mystery novel will have you guessing until the very end. Your heart will race. You will wonder who you can trust. And you will enjoy following the exploits of a thoroughly modern character in Camille Iverson.

    Give yourself a treat, transport yourself back two hundred years and enjoy the action in The Curiosity Keeper.

    Written by Avid Reader Reviews on July 17, 2015
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    This was a nice book to read. I really liked the curiosity shop part of the book, I think it would be fun to visit one of these shops. The author’s writing style just seem to flow for me and makes the book easy to read. In this story we have mystery and romance which makes the story even more fun to read. You are kept guessing right up until the end as to who the criminals are. The way the author writes this book can be read by both adults and young adults alike. The characters are so well developed that I wanted to really get to know them. Sarah also did a good job of describing scenes – I felt as if I was right there in the shop. I am looking forward to more books in this series as this was a great start and I can’t wait to see what is in store in the next installment.

    Written by Griperang’s Bookmarks on July 15, 2015
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