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Welcome to the blog tour for Book 2 in Beth Wiseman’s Land of Canaan series. She’s celebrating the release of The Wonder of Your Love by hosting a Facebook Party on 11/1! And EXCITING news! Beth will be giving away one of her own paintings! How cool is that?

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Beth Wiseman

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Beth Wiseman is the best-selling author of the Daughters of the Promise series and the Land of Canaan series. Having sold over 1.3 million books, her novels have held spots on multiple Bestseller lists. She was the recipient of the prestigious Carol Award in 2011 and 2013. In 2013 she took home the coveted Holt Medallion. Her first book in the Land of Canaan series–“Seek Me With All Your Heart”–was selected as the 2011 Women of Faith Book of the Year. Beth lives in Texas with her family.

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More about The Wonder of Your Love Facebook Party!

Beth is celebrating the release of Book 2 in the Land of Canaan series with a Fabulous Facebook party on November 1st. She’ll be giving away one of her OWN paintings, several mini prize packs and a sneak peak at the next book in this heartwarming series.

CLICK the button (below) to RSVP for the party – then join us on November 1st for a book chat, Amish themed trivia contest, and more!


Critics are already raving about Beth’s new release:

FROM BOOKLIST: Wiseman delivers again in this page-turning addition to the Land of Canaan series. An inspired romance filled with interesting subplots. Wiseman is among the best at writing moving Amish fiction, and this quick read will leave fans of this fiction niche clamoring for more.

FROM ROMANTIC TIMES MAGAZINEThe characters are well rounded with just enough stubbornness in them. Wiseman knows her Amish facts and brings readers into a world few outsiders get the pleasure of taking part in. Compelling, page-turner.



Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers It was a sweet story that kept me reading.

Patricia at It’s Time To Read Mamaw I am glad to say the book is perfect.

Jenny at Come Meet Ausjenny Watching the friendship blossom and waiting to see what next make me keep turning the pages and find time to read more. Good read.


Jill at Book, Books Everywhere I read it all in one evening. The characters were well written and felt real.

Renee at Black ‘n Gold Girl’s Book Spot The author deals with a difficult situation in a tasteful manner while not skirting around the side affects like bitterness. The message of hope and love in Christ and learning to trust make this book a pleasant read for anyone, fans of Amish stories or not.


Anne at Mommy Has to Work The Wonder of Your Love was a great book! I love all the detail Beth Wiseman, the author, puts into the book. I really enjoyed reading this story and can’t wait to read more Beth Wiseman books! It’s such a sweet love story and I love all the kindness and gentleness you just don’t get from other love stories.

Reviews By Jane Beth Wiseman has a special way of touching the hearts of her readers. I was instantly captivated by her story of forgiveness and love, and easily fell in love with her endearing, realistic characters. Wiseman has definitely written a keeper.

Ruth at This That and the Other Thing This was an enjoyable Amish romance. 


Danielle The Happy Wife I really enjoyed this book.

Karla at Quiet Quilter Just when you think that Beth has written the BEST book ever, she does it again!!!  “The Wonder of Your Love” is the second book in her Land of Canaan Amish Series and is as marvellous as the first, “Seek Me With all Your Heart”.


Babs Book Bistro I loved this book.

Rhiana at A Frugal Life Beth Wiseman has written a complex romance with the added interest of the Amish community setting. The characters are well fleshed out and each situation is painted into the book with a detailed brush. Excellent story! I can’t wait for the next Beth Wiseman book.

Theresa at Frugal Experiments It’s a wonderfully rich Amish love story set in the community of Canaan CO. It’s the story of a widow and widower, brought together by an English matchmaker. It’s about God’s timing and trusting Him to do what needs to be done.

 Carlybird’s Home Beth’s writing is very good.


Deborah at Books, Movies and Chinese Food I rather enjoyed reading the story.

Deb’s Here This book did not disappoint. As Beth Wiseman really gets into each character that she is writing about.It is like you can feel the emotions when you are reading about each one .

Kate at Fuzzy Black Slippers & a Pink Hoodie The message of the book is strong and explored in numerous characters – mainly, the idea that what we have planned for our own lives is often not what God has in mind, and that many times we have to look past, or even give up, our plans in favor of God’s ultimate, perfect plan for each of our lives. Overall, this is a very sweet and enjoyable book.  


Lisa at A Casual Reader’s Blog It was a rather interesting book. There a lot more twists and turns in the plot than I expected.

Jennifer at Life Happens I read it so fast, since it was the kind of book to just sit down start reading and by the time you know it your half done, or have been sitting and readying for a while. You just loose track of time, reading Beth Wiseman’s book. I found my self falling in love with Beth’s writing ability, along with the characters she writes about. 


Lauri at Knits, Reads and Reviews Reading an Amish story is as wonderful as curling up beside the fire with a warm cuddly blanket and Beth Wiseman once again wrote an Amish story with very real characters. She is not afraid to push the limits and gives us characters with wit, sarcasm and real to life/believable circumstances.

Jodie at Mom’s Pace … if you are looking for a book that will show you all the wonders of His love, then I highly recommend this one!


Pam at Daysong Reflections “The Wonder of Your Love” is a warm and enjoyable Amish romance.

Marg at Simply Shop and Save This book would be a welcome addition to a library or on your shelf. Highly recommended!

Tina at Giving N Sharing I gotta admit I hesitated to do an Amish book just because there just seems to be so many of them and I wasn’t sure if there could be another take on the Amish theme but Beth Wiseman has definitely taken another spin with the Amish genre and succeeded.

Debra at Footprints in the Butter I read the book straight through without setting it down once. Wiseman does an amazing job of painting the setting, and of bringing the characters to life.


Tami at This Mom’s Delight I didn’t want this book to end!

Kemi at Homemaking Organized Blog Let me just say I really, really enjoyed The Wonder of Your Love by Beth Wiseman. This book was a sweet read and I just had to pass it on to my mother who enjoyed it also.

Tammy Is Blessed This must be one of my favourite pieces of Amish fiction that has become so popular lately. In fact, it was downright humourous at times – which I love. The characters were well-developed and realistic – with foibles and quirks just like everyday people. Their interactions and the growth in their relationships were realistic and the storyline was original and captivating.

Lena at A Christian Writer’s World Author interview.

Katie at Legacy of a Writer The Wonder of Your Love was a delightful continuation to this series and one I really enjoyed reading.


Angela at All Grown Up? I read it in one sitting, it was that good!

Donna at Books and such This book is interesting and well written. The characters and setting seem very real, and that attests to the care Beth Wiseman always takes in researching her Amish stories. This book will appeal to both individual and group readers.

Carrie at Farming On Faith This book grabs you from the first line. Sometimes we believe that if we walk a close walk with the Lord this life will be free of heartache and trouble. Yet God never promises us this~ He does promise that He will walk with us in our difficult days. This book is uplifting. Katie ~ has been left by her husband who has walked away from their marriage. Yet she chooses to keep her faith and trust in the Lord~ even when it is hard. I loved this book.

Becky at Christian Chick’s Thoughts I was pleased to discover that The Wonder of Your Love didn’t really even focus on the Amish lifestyle. Katie Ann and Eli were Amish, but they had friends who weren’t, and they even used cell phones. Really, Katie Ann and Eli could have been Englisch and the story would have remained similar—only a few of the Amish details would have needed to be changed.

Splashes Of Joy I love, loved this book, reading it all in one setting!


Sara at Shoopette’s Book Reviews I am interested in seeing what happens in Canaan, Colorado, in the next book in the series.

Jennifer at For Such a Time as This I love a good Amish fiction. This one was one of my favorites. There is just something about a man who wants nothing more than to care for a family.

Kat at Reviews From The Heart I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and can’t wait to read the next one coming out in The Land of Canaan series.


Jacque at Good Family Reads If you are looking for a lighthearted Amish fiction that doesn’t dwell too much on the Church aspects of the Amish…pick this up!

Michelle at Life in Review I very highly recommend this book! As always, the writing is outstanding! Beth Wiseman is one of the best Amish fiction writers out there today! I was absolutely hooked from page one and could not put the book down. In fact, I read it in one sitting . I love a good series.

Patty at Broken Teepee There is just such a sweetness to these Amish stories that is just joyful to read. I was rooting for them all the way. I’m sure you will too!

Leila at All Meant To Shine This book is another great Amish fiction book. It was a great, easy read, but a little different because the main characters are slightly older than the usual, young “ready to marry” Amish people. I definitely recommend this book to anyone, who enjoys Amish fiction!! Great read!!!


Andi at Radiant Light If you enjoy a good Amish romance then this book is right up your alley. I highly recommend!

Amy at The 160 Acrewoods Wow! What a complicated story ~ so harsh and full of so much. I couldn’t put it down! This really stirred my heart and was interesting to see the outcome of the characters in the book.

Lydia at Overweight Bookshelf Beth Wiseman breaks the stereotypes of the often cookie-cutter Amish fiction genre. She dares to push the boundaries to offer a realistic and emotional portrayal of complex characters trying to find their way and purpose through life. This book had quite a few humorous moments to balance the serious storylines (adultery, widowhood, midlife crisis). I loved Martha’s character because she was the sarcastically honest voice in my head that wasn’t afraid to express her opinions.

Julee at Mommy’s Memorandum I’ve been introduced to the Amish in many forms and now Beth Wiseman, delights me with her fiction work, The Wonder of Your Love. It delivers a Christian message with some great writing. Wiseman is detailed enough to ignite the setting into my imagination.