The Promise Box by Tricia Goyer | Amish Baking Box Giveaway and Facebook Party

Welcome to the campaign for Tricia Goyer‘s latest novel, The Promise Box (Zondervan). Romantic Times says, “Goyer knows how to keep readers entertained, with twists and turns and surprises in her novels that readers will want to uncover. The second book in her Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series has something for everyone: romance, mystery and family secrets.”

Tricia is celebrating by hosting an Amish Baking Box Giveaway and connecting with readers during her June 12th Book Chat Party!

One “promising” winner will receive:

  • Apron, hot mitts, and kitchen towels
  • Amish baking items (rolling pin, pie plate, etc…)
  • Sherry Gore’s Simply Delicious Amish Cooking
  • The Memory Jar and The Promise Box by Tricia Goyer 

Enter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on June 11th. Winner will be announced at the The Promise Box” Facebook Author Chat Party on June 12th. Connect with Tricia for an evening of Amish fun – book chat, trivia, laughter, and more! Tricia will also share an exclusive look at the next book book in the Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series and give away books and other fun prizes throughout the evening.

So grab your copy of The Promise Box and join Tricia on the evening of June 12th for a chance to connect and make some new friends. (If you haven’t read the book, don’t let that stop you from coming!)

Don’t miss a moment of the fun; RSVP todayTell your friends via FACEBOOK or TWITTER and increase your chances of winning. Hope to see you on the 12th!


{More about The Promise Box}

With her heart – and her loyalty – on the line, can she let true love in her life?

Every year, young Amish men descend on the cozy little town of West Kootenai, Montana, arriving in the spring to live there for six months and receive ‘resident’ status for the hunting season in the fall. They arrive as bachelors, but go home with brides! Lydia Wyse, a book editor from Seattle who grew up Amish, returns to the small community of West Kootenai, Montana to give comfort to her father after her mother’s death.

She is drawn back to the familiar Amish ways after finding her mother’s most precious possession, a Promise Box of prayers and scripture. What her publisher sees, though, is an opportunity for a sensational ‘tell-all’ book about the Amish. Lydia soon finds herself falling in love with Amish bachelor Gideon Hooley. She wants nothing more than to forget her past and look forward to a future as an Amish bride. Will the pain of her childhood—and her potential betrayal of her community—keep her from committing her whole heart?

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Tricia Goyer

{More About Tricia Goyer}

USA Today best-selling author Tricia Goyer is the author of over 35 books, including the three-book Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series and “Lead Your Family Like Jesus,” (co-written with Ken Blanchard). She has written over 500 articles for national publications and blogs for high traffic sites like and She is the host of Living Inspired, a weekly radio show. Tricia and family live in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have six children. You can find out more about Tricia at

Find out more about Tricia at


Goyer knows how to keep readers entertained, with twists and turns and surprises in her novels that readers will want to uncover. The second book in her Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series has something for everyone: romance, mystery and family secrets. Romantic Times, 4 Stars

Two-time Carol Award winner Goyer continues her Western-flavored Amish romances (after The Memory Jar) with this lively outing, which features interesting characters and plot twists. Fans of Vannetta Chapman’s Amish romances will find much pleasure in this series.Library Journal


Launch Team Member! Tricia Goyer The Promise Box



    I really enjoyed this book. Not only is it Amish, which I love, but it is HUMAN. I think most people believe that the Amish lead perfect lives without complication, but being human is complicated. And this book presents the complications of just two Amish dealing with emotions, criticisms and moving on with life. Definitely a book worth reading!

    Written by The Life and Times of a pwnmom… on June 13, 2013 | e
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    I realize that Amish books are all the rage, but as I was telling my mother, Tricia Goyer is one of the originals. Anyone can write an Amish book, but I believe it takes someone special to weave a memorable, emotionally involving Amish story that will stick with its readers for long after the book is shut. And Tricia Goyer is the author that does it again and again. I lost count of how many of her books I have read, and I believe I rate each one of them as a solid five. She has the formula for writing an amazing story, and I hope to be reading her stories for years to come.

    Written by My Devotional Thoughts on June 12, 2013 | e
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    I enjoyed that the story was about a former Amish woman returning to the Amish after time in the English world. It was very interesting to see how Lydia is treated in the community. One of my favorite things about this book and series is the setting. West Kootenai, Montana sounds like such a wonderful place to live high in the mountains, and the Amish are a bit more relaxed. Once again, Tricia Goyer has done a wonderful job with characters I felt like I got to know personally, and a storyline that is hard to put down!

    Written by The Loose Screw on June 11, 2013 | e
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    In the second book of the “Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors” series, Ms.Goyer has written a story of healing, forgiveness, and second chances. The setting for the story is a refreshing change from the majority of the Amish novels on the market. The small town in Montana sounds like a wonderful place to live, and the people of the community would make great neighbors.

    I definitely want to find the first book in the series to see how this story began, and I’ll be waiting to see the next novel.

    Written by THE SELF-TAUGHT COOK on June 10, 2013 | e
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    The Promise Box is an intriguing peek into the life of the Amish. It’s filled with love, life choices and not allowing your past to control your future. It was refreshing how the characters turned to the Lord when they were troubled.

    Written by Morning Glories and Moonflowers on June 9, 2013 | e


    Tricia Goyer has an attention to details that help draw you into the story as well, of course, as her marvelous characters.

    Written by Vic’s Media Room on June 9, 2013 | e
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    This book was a pleasant surprise and I am interested in reading more of this series. It is an easy read and would be great for summertime vacations.

    Written by Our Little Corner of the World on June 8, 2013 | e
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    I am already a huge Tricia Goyer fan and I have read several of her books. I really enjoyed the first book in this series- The Promise Jar, and I couldn’t wait for this book. I love how you could read this book without reading the first, yet it was fun to recognize some of the characters. The town of West Kootenai and it’s residents are all so charming that I want to visit it! I know it is a great book when I think of the people in it as real! Tricia Goyer’s characters always seem to real to me and this book is just the same.
    I think we can all see a bit of Lydia in ourselves. It was a joy to read and had the bonus of learning something about myself and how we all need to commit our hearts to God!

    Written by Buzz4Mommies on June 7, 2013 | e
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    Tricia’s characters are interesting and well-developed, and her storyline always continues a good dose of faith, a bit of mystery, and a generous helping of romance. The only thing I wish was added to the book would be some of the delicious recipes she describes during the tale!

    Written by Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews on June 7, 2013 | e
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    What a beautiful story of healing. I would recommend that this book be read by those who carry guilt for something that they had no control over, for one who has given up a child, for one who is the child given. God’s Promises to us are real. For all generations. Love.

    Written by Lane Hill House on June 6, 2013 | e
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    The Promise Box is an amazing story of faith and yet different from most other Amish books out there. Lydia doubts her own value in God’s eyes after learning that her conception was the result of rape – and it changes her entire life. While she questions her place as an Amish woman, her larger question of why a good God allows bad things to happen is one asked by nearly everyone at some point in their lives.

    The Promise Box is a sweet journey of love, hope, and reconciliation. I love how Goyer writes about a realization that we each must come to: that we are all valuable in God’s eyes because He made us, not because of circumstances or anything that we’ve done, but because of who He is and what He has done. Lydia’s story is well worth the read.

    Written by A Nest in the Rocks on June 6, 2013 | e
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    I love Tricia Goyer’s writing and I’ve had the pleasure of reading several of her books and co-authored books and each just get better and better – I read The Memory Jar last year and was so excited to finally get my hands on the The Promise Box. While this is book 2 in the Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series it can easily stand alone if you haven’t read the first – but just make sure you go back and read the first one too. Lydia’s struggle really comes through the pages of the books – of her guilt over not being at home when her mom dies, of whether to return Amish or stay English – her struggles are real and so is the peace that eventually comes over her. Gideon seems a little to good to be true, but he too, has a secret that he must come to terms with before he can . . .

    Written by Growing For Christ on June 6, 2013 | e
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    Tricia Goyer has done it again. She has written and emotion packed book that gets right to the soul. Her writing is so good, that I feel that I know the characters personally and I really felt their pain.

    Written by Melina’s Book Blog on June 5, 2013 | e
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    While home, Lydia finds a box that belonged to her mother and it is filled with Scriptures and other notes. It is really a beautiful thing to see Lydia going through this box and we get to go through it with her. It helps Lydia to have more understanding about how much her parents love her. That’s what is so beautiful about this story – it shows the love God has for us and also that He provides redemption because of that love. I really love how Lydia’s parents continue to love her, without judging her, when she decides to leave the Amish community. This kind of love is what draws us to God and it is what ultimately draws Lydia back.

    Written by More Of Him on June 5, 2013 | e
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    The Promise Box is the second book in the Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series by Tricia Goyer and this one is by far better than the first! The first book was great, but The Promise Box just resonated with me in a way that surprised me. Throughout the book are little nuggets of treasure that a person could spend hours pondering. Even if you don’t like Amish fiction there are still some great snippets that any reader can glean from The Promise Box.

    Written by Luxury Reading on June 5, 2013 | e
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    I felt so blessed reading Lydia’s mother’s legacy and following Lydia’s spiritual journey. Her mother’s “promises” and the letters enabled Lydia’s faith to grow as the story progressed. The book is a rich source of verses showing God’s promises and reading how Lydia processed everything her mother shared was truly inspiring. I was also inspired to write down my story, share my narrative, for my granddaughter.

    This was a comfortable, inspiring, beautiful book to read. I definitely recommend it.

    Written by Manifest Blog on June 5, 2013 | e
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    I think that Tricia Goyer writes the best Amish stories and they almost seem like you are right there in the middle of things from her descriptions.

    Written by Mary’s Cup of Tea on June 5, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I knew, after reading The Promise Jar, that the sequel, The Promise Box, was going to be a great one! I was not disappointed in any manner. I was introduced to Tricia’s writing about two years ago, when I reviewed The Swiss Courier and Chasing Mona Lisa. I have been a huge fan of her’s ever since.
    The Promise Box has everything a great book should: impeccable writing, characters that all will relate to on one level or another, story lines that will draw you in, a few twists and secrets to keep you thinking, and themes that all readers can relate to (death, putting the past behind, being who we truly are in Christ, family relationships, religion, finding out what our place in this world is, and forgiveness).

    Written by A Mom After God’s Own Heart on June 4, 2013 |e


    “The Promise Box” takes us on an emotional journey with characters that are easy to connect with. I loved the premise of “The Promise Box” and the truths that it held inside. Lydia was a character that was so easy to understand, she left her Amish home and never looked back. The regret that she feels over not visiting her Amish parents now that her mother is gone, was totally understandable. I loved reading the notes and letters that she pulled out of the Promise Box. I enjoyed seeing the relationship develop between Lydia and Gideon. Honestly I felt like I knew how things would work out between the two, but it was Tricia Goyer’s telling of how it would work out that kept me reading! A great series, set in a wonderful little town. I am certainly anxious to read the next installment in this series.

    Written by WV Stitcher on June 4, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    You’re going to need those tissues when you read this book. There’s heartaches and secrets here. Love, but also pain.

    Tricia Goyer has never disappointed me. I’m looking forward to the next bride and bachelor story.

    Written by sunny island breezes on June 4, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Another masterpiece of a book by Tricia Goyer! She never fails to deliver when she writes about the Amish! So you think living the Amish life could/would be boring? Think again! Tricia Goyer makes writing about Amish living “very life-like and very real” in all of her books she writes. You can almost forget it’s a book about the Amish you are reading until something that is Amish pops up. Tricia Goyer makes the characters human, facing everyday life, just like you and I live it. Even though this book is the second book in a series of seven, it can be completely read as a stand-alone, no problem. I just LOVE Tricia Goyer’s writing! Don’t miss it!

    Written by Laurie Here – Contemporary Fiction and MORE – Book Reviews on June 4, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I just finished reading The Promise Box and this book holds a special affinity for me. Being an adoptive mother I could relate keenly with the overwhelming joy and longing held by Lydia’s mother as she held her new daughter.
    As far as the rest of the book I enjoyed the story and found that this book was another sweet Amish read where several moments touched me to the point of tears.

    Written by Homemaking Organized Blog on June 4, 2013 |e
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    Good Book that shows how we need to work through our issues to get closer to others. Nice sweet Amish Romance.

    Written by A Room Without Books is Empty on June 4, 2013 |e
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    I read many Amish fiction titles each year and Tricia Goyer is one of my favorite authors of the genre. The Promise Box is a well written romantic sequel that is just as good as the first. I was hooked into the plot by the end of the first chapter. Overall, I enjoyed reading The Promise Box and I’m looking forward to book three.

    Written by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer on June 3, 2013 | e
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    I thoroughly enjoyed The Promise Box. It is the second book in her Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series. It was the second book, but I didn’t feel lost at all not having read the first (although I would recommend starting from the beginning). It was a great story line and featured characters that you couldn’t help but really love.

    Written by The Cutting Back Kitchen on June 3, 2013 | e
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    Pull up a chair and get comfy for a return visit to Kootenai, Montana. We reunite with some old friends, and make new and lasting friendships. Here we celebrate life, and morn death with loving friends and neighbors.
    Be ready for a wonderful, heartwarming book, and all of your questions get answered. I loved that the story is followed right to the end! No cliff hangers here, PTL. Enjoy!

    Written by Maureen’s Musings on June 3, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    It had a great meaning to the book. They both found the promise and forgiveness from God they needed.

    Written by Where the Green Grass Grows on June 2, 2013 |e
    Read my full review:


    In The Promise Box, Goyer masterfully blends faith with reason. If you are a fan of the popular shows about the Amish lifestyle, this book will be right up your alley. The Promise Box is a mix of two worlds.

    Written by Savings in Seconds on June 1, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I enjoyed getting to know Lydia and Gideon. He is a strong, confident horse-whisperer, and she is a confident editor with a terrible heartbreak.
    My heart broke for her. Gideon had secrets too. The romance is rather flat, but the story is so much more than romance. It’s about two people finding
    the truth of God’s love for them. Fans of Amis fiction will enjoy reading about this hurting ex-Amish girl as she meets the Amish man of her dreams. One of them must make a life altering decision. I had to keep reading to
    find out what happened and how it happened.

    Written by Laura Hilton on June 1, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I know the pain of losing a parent and Tricia paints a picture of the wide spectrum of emotions regarding loss in her writing. The joy at knowing that a loved one was Saved, but also the sadness of missing them and wishing for just one more day. This book reminded me of the song “I’m trading my sorrows” by Darrell Evans:

    Though sorrow may last for the night, His joy comes in the morning.

    Written by Sara Ella on May 31, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I really like the style in which Tricia Goyer writes. She adds enough tension in the book to create the problem and leaves some mystery as to what the real issues are that the characters are dealing with, but she doesn’t create some huge needless drama. I was grateful for that. It was nice to read something that was a little bit predictable, but still had some surprises in it.

    Written by When life gets you down…read a book on May 31, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I love how Tricia wrote about Lydia’s struggles in coming to terms with her Amish lifestyle and her English birth. She just didn’t rush in and resolve whatever issues Lydia had in dealing with her adoption and the reasons behind it. I love Gideon Hooley, the Amish Horse Whisper, who lovingly chooses to interact with Lydia even though she has left the Amish community and has now returned. Every single time they were with one another, you could feel the chemistry and sparks flying but Tricia gave just enough turmoil to keep them from falling in love right away. They each has pasts to deal with before they could contemplate dealing with an unknown future with one another and that’s why I’d rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. I can’t wait to begin creating my own Promise Box.

    Written by Reviews From The Heart on May 31, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Lydia’s struggle with her faith were so real you could feel them through the pages. She had left the Amish way of life, and moved to Seattle. The story of her adoption and how she was conceived has been a struggle for her. As an adoptee, who also has not a pretty conception, I could empathize.
    When she finds her mother’s promise box that turns the tied for her and we see her begin to change.
    I loved the whole promise box idea. It really makes me want to start one for my children to have.
    I would absolutely recommend this book. This book shows Philippians 2:12, Working out your faith with fear and trembling. Both Lydia and Gideon do this well.

    Written by Radiant Light on May 31, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Tricia Goyer writes an inspiring story of two characters lost in the questions of their past. The characters in this book are richly defined, and so endearing. Conflicting developments and issues that develop throughout the plot are unpredictable, leaving the reader challenged. There is a deep spiritual richness throughout this story, validating the writer’s personal convictions. The Promise Box is impressive!

    Written by Nancee on May 30, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:

  • Tricia Goyer is one of my favorite authors and I just love her new book, The Promise Box. The Promise Box came to life while reading and I love the characters in this book. I look forward to her next Amish book!!

    Written by Mommy Has to Work on May 30, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Lydia and Gideon met when she returned for her mother’s funeral. Neither of them expected any type of friendship, because she was English and he was Amish. They each discover that God hasn’t abandoned them as their story is told in only the way that Tricia can—with plenty of God’s truths gently woven through.

    The Promise Box is a book that I plan to read again; because the story held truth that I needed to hear as much as Lydia and Gideon.

    Written by Our Homeschooling Pilgrimage on May 30, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    After reading the first book in the series, The Memory Jar, and thoroughly enjoying it, I knew I was going to love this book before I even had my hands on it.

    Goyer has a knack for storytelling, building realistic characters who just want to be loved and to love God. Although Lydia wants to go back to her Amish roots, the publishing industry she’s been a part of for so long has taken root too. Not to mention that Gideon is sweet, handsome and a real fine catch. But can she have them both? When her secrets and his begin to reveal themselves, it will be matters of the heart that take center stage.

    This town is so quaint and memorable, I can’t wait to revisit it again in a new installment. The secondary characters are just as realistic and really add depth to the storyline. Definitely pick this one up. Tricia Goyer is a master at her craft and The Promise Box will stay with you long after you finish!

    Written by Minding Spot on May 29, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    A fun read, with the good old fashioned Amish twists and turns, but don’t be surprised with all the spunk thrown in! As with each book of Tricia’s that I read, this one leaves me wishing she could write faster so I wouldn’t have to wait so long for her next book!

    Written by Knits Reads and Reviews on May 29, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    A great read. The perfect book for a restful summer day.

    Written by Linda’s Lunacy on May 29, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    The author does a great job of making the book come alive and make you feel like you are right there with the characters.

    Written by The World As I See It on May 29, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    This story is such an encouraging one that takes you on a spiritual journey. You will learn what the “Promise Box” is and what it meant to Lydia’s mother and how it got her through some of the toughest of times to more times of peaceful resolute. This is the second book in the Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series.This book to me seems to be a book you can jump into immediately and catch up. It is a great read. I enjoyed it immensely.

    Written by A Simple Life,really?! on May 29, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Lydia is running from God, but He has plans for her life that she cannot imagine. Lydia has also run from her Amish heritage. After the death of her mother Lydia returns to West Kootenai ( I just love this Montana town!) and meets Gideon. Both Lydia and Gideon have very heavy burdens. As their relationship grows they both realize that God is and has always been in control.

    I loved that adoption was a main theme in this story! Tricia has done a wonderful job weaving this topic into the story!

    Written by My Blessings From Above on May 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I will admit that as a reviewer I sometimes almost get burned out by the plethora of Amish themed books I receive but I have found Tricia Goyer’s novels about the Amish community in West Kootenai, Montana to be refreshingly different. Although they necessarily have plenty of content about the Amish lifestyle, in many ways the stories could be about anyone. “The Promise Box” is no different. I found that the subject matter was quite relevant no matter which Christian path one chooses to follow…

    I thoroughly enjoyed “The Promise Box”, especially the sweet promises that drew Lydia back to God. What a beautiful reminder of everything the Lord intends for His children that are often overlooked in the daily quest for “correct doctrine” and the attempts to follow the rules. I would highly recommend this novel, even to those who do not ordinarily enjoy Amish fiction.

    Written by Daysong Reflections on May 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I love visiting the fictional town of West Kootenai, Montana through the books of Tricia Goyer. She has crafted an unusual Amish settlement where the Amish and English are less at odds than in many Amish novels, as they respect the differences and encourage the similarities in their beliefs. This can be read as a stand-alone, although several characters from The Memory Jar appear throughout the story, making it that much more enjoyable. . . .

    Written by Mocha with Linda on May 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    I loved how well developed the characters were, and their interaction was pretty natural. I loved how Lydia’s mother became a character that I absolutely loved, even though she wasn’t physically present, she was such an important character that I felt like I knew and understood. This book just had so many good points that I can’t even come close to mentioning them all!

    Written by Labor Not in Vain on May 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    “The Promise Box” is the second book in Tricia Goyer’s Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series. This is a fun and yet very touching story to read as Lydia returns home for her mother’s funeral and she must face her past as she left the Amish lifestyle years earlier when she was told the truth about her life. Lydia’s life seems to become more and more complicated as she is trying to balance work, her boss Bonnie and matters of the heart as she finds herself falling in love with Gideon.

    Written by Moments on May 28, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    The author gives glimpses of several of the characters I fail in love with from book one and how they melted into book two as they befriended Lydia and Gideon and took a role in guiding them to a fulfilling life with God and their community of Amish and English living and growing together. The author writes of many secrets that were holding these two character back from growing with God and showed them the truth and how the truth would set them free.

    Written by It’s Time To Read Mamaw on May 27, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Oh my stars ~I so enjoyed this book. This is one you will want to add to your summer reading list.

    I had read the first book and I was so excited to dive into this second book ~ Seven Brides For Seven Bachelors Series. The characters had me at the first line.

    Lydia is full of guilt when she finds The Promise Box that her mother had used to store all of her treasures and keepsakes. In it was all the answers to all the questions Lydia was searching for. If only she could have read these things while her Mem was still alive!

    I love how this story ends ~ what an amazing adoption story.

    Written by Farming On Faith on May 26, 2013 | e
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  • I love Tricia Goyer’s books and this one doesn’t disappoint. The main character isn’t the typical Amish heroine. Her family has a past and she is living with it outside of the Amish community. She returns after her mother’s death and is again confronted with her Amish life and family. This book has the Amish story I love along with the romance and drama that makes a great book.

    I definitely recommend this book to all romance readers, especially those who love Amish romances and the Amish lifestyle.

    Written by All Meant To Shine on May 25, 2013 | e


    I love fiction that not only tells a story, but you leave having learned something too. With The Promise Box, i did just that.

    We walk with Lydia down this spiritual journey. Along the way, we watch her relationship unfold with those she cares for as she tries returning to the Amish faith in which she was raised in. We witness her journey through her eyes and in the process learn so much. Reading Ada Mae’s promises, opens your eyes up to a deeper knowing of Him. You find yourself encouraged too!!!

    I highly recommend this :)

    I won’t give anything away. I mean how disappointing would that be?!! So, to find out how it all goes and ends, read the book ;) Trust me when I say this…go out now and buy the book!!! You will not only LOVE it, but you will also learn so much in the process.

    Written by Espresso Your-Self on May 25, 2013 | e
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    If you had stopped by my house this weekend, you would have found me crying over the fictional characters from Tricia Goyer’s latest Amish novel. The heart of the story is the damaged relationship between a mother and daughter. The mother doesn’t understand her daughter’s choices. The daughter doesn’t appreciate her mother’s sacrifices.

    And the healing they need almost comes too late.

    Many of us can relate to the soul-searching that comes when human love doesn’t seem to be enough to repair a fraying bond.

    Watching these characters find the answers in Jesus was a beautiful experience.

    And I especially love that a simple wooden box filled with letters and God’s promises became the vehicle that helped them communicate.

    Read this book for your mother or your daughter. And yourself.

    Written by Renee @Doorkeeper on May 24, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    Tricia Goyer tells a charming story in the second book in the Seven Brides For Seven Bachelors, The Promise Box. I know there are quite a few fiction books about the Amish, but this is the first one I have read. If I may conclude after only reading this one, that I think they are interesting and great love stories, just as I have been told!

    What I found was great about this book being about Amish is that it was very relevant. All people, in general, are faced with the same things. I think I can relate a little to Lydia. I moved 1000 miles away from my parents. I lived in a small town and had dreams for happiness I thought could only be found if I searched anywhere else.

    The Amish community is very fascinating to me. Even today, they still hold true to their traditions and live very plain. Are they missing out on something or are we? I know some leave the community and their family behind, like Lydia, because they want to live like the world. I wonder how many of those who leave find themselves contemplating if it was worth it? Will Lydia be able to and want to return to being Amish?

    I really enjoyed reading The Promise Box to find out!

    Written by The IE Mommy on May 24, 2013 | e
    Read my full review:


    In this story, Tricia Goyer gives her readers very real characters to care about. As Lydia reads the notes in the promise box, she experiences a wide range of emotions, and I found myself sharing those feelings with her. Gideon has a past of his own to deal with, and traveling with him as he learns the details from years ago is another engaging part of the story.

    I give The Promise Box five stars and highly recommend it to fans of Amish fiction, or to anyone who enjoys a good story filled with promise.

    Written by Southern Gal Loves to Read on May 23, 2013 | e
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    There is something about finding the perfect match to partner with you through mortality that is magical. Everyone deserves to find that perfect match, I’m so glad that I found mine, and I love watching and reading about others finding theirs. This is exactly what happens in The Promise Box by Tricia Goyer.

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    Another great book from Tricia Goyer, book two in the Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series. The Promise Box can stand alone but if you have read Tricia’s other Amish books you will see characters that you remember from other books. I have never heard of the concept of a promise box and found that part of the story to be very touching. As an adoptive mother, this book touched me very deeply. A wonderful story that will not disappoint you. A high faith message embedded in a wonderful story! 4.5 stars This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.
    I am a member of Tricia Goyer’s Launch Team.

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    Tricia Goyer did a great job with this book. Amish fiction is usually not the first choice for me, but I did enjoy reading this book. The story line was well written and Lydia’s character went through quite a change as she dealt with her past and began to see God’s big plan for her life. Trusting God doesn’t always come easy.

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    I read the first one and this one in my opinion was a lot better than even the first book. I really enjoyed this novel this is up there as one of my favorite novels.

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    The Promise Box By Tricia Goyer is the second book in the Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors Series. Lydia Wyse has come back to Amish country but she is no longer living the Amish way. This book is a story of family, growing up, faith and loyalty. I give this book a 5/5,I loved it and cannot wait for the next book in this series

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    This book was definitely on the religious side, even for Amish fiction. We join Lydia as she reads the scripture promises her mother loved so much. Grade: B-

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