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Welcome to the blog tour and Kindle giveaway for Debora Coty’s hilarious new book. The fun begins on 8/8 and runs through 8/25. Facebook party on 8/25. **New – winner announced here.

Do your to do lists have footnotes? Has your fam suggested a rabies shot because your bite has surpassed Rover’s?

Maybe it’s time for a healthy dose of truth gift-wrapped in humor. With her own offbeat brand of wit and near-wisdom, inspirational humorist Debora Coty addresses the heart-needs of desperate women drowning in the churning everyday stress-pool of busyness.

In Too Blessed to Be Stressed, you’ll find simple, practical steps for attaining the peace that you crave as you struggle with the stresses of finances, health, career, relationships, self-image and family. You’ll discover healing, refreshment, and revitalization for your own spirit, body and mind through heart-changing real life stories, biblically based insights, and short chapters for on-the-run convenience.

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Do your to do lists have footnotes? Has your fam suggested a rabies shot because your bite has surpassed Rover’s?

Maybe it’s time for a healthy dose of truth gift-wrapped in humor. With her own offbeat brand of wit and near-wisdom, inspirational humorist Debora Coty addresses the heart-needs of desperate women drowning in the churning everyday stress-pool of busyness.

In Too Blessed to Be Stressed, you’ll find simple, practical steps for attaining the peace that you crave as you struggle with the stresses of finances, health, career, relationships, self-image and family. You’ll discover healing, refreshment, and revitalization for your own spirit, body and mind through heart-changing real life stories, biblically based insights, and short chapters for on-the-run convenience.

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Debora Coty

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Debora M. Coty is a popular speaker, columnist, lifelong Bible student, internationally published freelance writer, and award-winning author of numerous books, including “Too Blessed to Be Stressed,” and “More Beauty, Less Beast.” She’s also an orthopedic occupational therapist, writing instructor, and tennis addict. Mother of two grown children, Debora lives and loves in central Florida with her husband, Chuck, and desperately wicked pooch, Fenway.

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To celebrate the release of her latest laugh-out-loud book, Debora Coty is hosting the Too Blessed to Be Stressed Giveaway!

Debora has created a “Too Blessed” prize package worth over $150! One grand prize winner will receive:

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Too Blessed to Be Stressed by Debora Coty (for KINDLE)

To enter just click one of the icons below. Hurry! The giveaway ends August 25th. Winner will be announced on the evening of the 25th during Debora’s De-Stress Facebook Party! Debora will be hosting a “life-perserver” chat (it’s okay if you haven’t read the book – who knows, you might WIN a copy!), testing trivia skills, swapping funny stories, handing out some decom-stress tips, and giving away tons of great stuff! (Chocolate, books, and more!) Hope to see you there – bring your friends!

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One morning at age 48 Debora woke up and realized that she needed to either quit grousing about her appearance or do something about it. She got Invisiline braces to harness a “unicorn tooth” and lost 40 pounds. Going from size 14 to size 2 was an adventure, and she learned some interesting things along the way. (Like, it’s hard to find petite clothes that aren’t cut down to your navel and up to your eyeballs.)Too Blessed to be Stressed chronicles Debora’s midlife trip in humorous detail.

Too Blessed to be Stressed is a fun-filled read overflowing with insights and practical tips. Perfectly delicious for living happily ever after! 
-Rhonda Rhea, best-selling author of Whatsoever Things Are Lovely

Too Blessed to be Stressed will have you laughing so hard you’ll wonder what it was you were stressed about in the first place. Her well-honed skill of bringing the reader into her zany world is worth four times the price of this book. They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can sure buy a couple hundred pages of laughs, and they’re right here! 
-Martha Bolton, Emmy-nominated writer and author of over 80 books, including Didn’t My Skin Used to Fit? and The Whole World’s Changing and I’m Too Hot to Care



Wendi’s Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle What a powerful and helpful book!  We women tend to jump into things with 100% of our hearts and souls, to the point that life sometimes completely stresses us out (of our own doing sometimes).  With a wonderful sense of humor, Debora Coty helps us work through some important key areas that will help us through these tough times. I think this book would be a great devotional.  I highly recommend this book! (And I’ll probably give it as a gift to at least one or two of the special stressed-out women in my life).

Abi at  4 the LOVE of BOOKS She’s back, Debora M. Coty, with her whit and charm and more lessons for us women to learn. We live in fast paced society and I have much needed these lessons of time management, developing a sense of humor, cultivating relationships and focusing on my Faith. They are just the encouragement that I needed at this time in my life and I’m sure other women need them too. Thanks Debora for sharing with women all over the world pieces of your life that you have learned from so we too may learn.


Jill at Book, Books Everywhere There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this book!  

Carol’s Corner I love this book!  It’s a fun-light hearted way to address issues of stress that all women deal with. I love how the author intertwines faith and humor. The stores are short with questions at the end to help you dive deeper into this issues. I think this book is a must have for every  woman. It helps us remember to laugh and to look to God and our faith when we are stressed. I am going to get this book for my girlfriends. I give this book a five out of five stars.  


Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews Debora Coty breaks down the chapters into 40 bitefuls of advice, inspiration and humor, and includes hilarious ancedotes and personal stories, along with some really good information on handling stress. Know someone who’s a little stressed out? (ok, that’s most of us these days!)  This is the perfect book to give to nudge them into finding a little peace in their lives! I highly recommend this book!

Heidi at Starts At Eight In each chapter Debora offers up a relatable story with some humor and advice.Stress is currently my middle name so this was the perfect quick read for me!  One of my favorites of hers was when she suggested that you add yourself to your own “to-do” list!  I chuckle just thinking about it!  She suggests giving yourself 15 minutes twice a day to revive, regroup, and regenerate.  A practical idea, and an ironic way to do it!  

Valerie at Let’s Just Give It Away Debora brings a great sense of humor to this book and is written in a way that we can all relate to. The stories are the stories that you would share with your girlfriends. These stories will have you thinking that this book is written about you. There are tons of great and simple things that you can to become less stressed. At the end of each chapter is a section titled “Let’s Decom-stress” which offers activities or asks questions that will help you get rid of stress. Coty focuses on God or Papa God as she calls him in her book, to help us release our worries and stress. This is a great book to read and makes a great gift for any stressed out women you know. I really enjoyed this book and I love the tips I have learned and feel less stressed.  


Amanda at Short and Sweet I really enjoyed this book! It was hilarious! I also read a few of the stories to my husband- he had to know what was so funny that it was making me snort I was laughing so hard. This book claims to give practical steps for peace and stress relief.  What the author doesn’t mention is that the stories themselves are a great stress reliever- laughter is definitely the best recipe for stress!

Stacey at WORD up! “Too Blessed To Be Stressed” by Debora Coty is a charming book with a valuable message. This incredibly witty and uplifting read is loaded with great quotes and amazingly thoughtful reflection questions. There are quizzes to assess your stress level and songs about the stuff we women stress over. From the beautiful and colorful front cover to the equally lovely back cover, these 40 chapters offer sage advice for dealing with pressures, relationships, priorities and things that steal our joy. This is a wonderful gift book idea. It would be a terrific daily inspirational reading break.


Christa at Fairfield Corner Academy  I loved that the book was small enough to slip in  my bag to have with me to read during down times (doctors office mainly). She makes some good points and really makes you think about all of the things that are stressing you.

Tanya at In the Dailies Think your life is nuts? Check out this author’s bio: speaker, author, piano teacher, orthopedic occupational therapist, writing instructor, tennis enthusiast, wife, mother and pet owner. Yup. She understands stress. Better: she shares in this book how we can deal with it in healthy, God-honoring ways.It’s very, very funny. Funny doesn’t seem to wrap it up. Witty seems too lofty. Just read it. I loved it.

Mary Ann at A Mom With A Blog Too Blessed To Be Stressed is just what I needed! I was laughing my way through this light-hearted, but very helpful book. Stress is something we all deal with, and some more than others. At times I feel as if I’ve forgotten how to laugh. But as I was reading several chapters… I heard the giggles fall right out of my mouth. Very refreshing! She writes as if she is sitting here having a chat with the girls. A great little book that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!


Vic’s Media Room Ms. Coty provides the means to discover healing, refreshment, and revitalization for your own spirit, body and mind through heart-changing real life stories, biblically based insights, and short chapters for on-the-run convenience.  Want to know the best way to beat stress?  Laugh.  Read this book and I guarantee you will laugh.  Long and hard, you will laugh, you’ll have to as Ms. Coty tells very funny stories as she delivers the truth that will set us free. This book will help change your thinking by providing you the truth you need. The chapters in the book are short and at the end of each story there is a bible verse and questions. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has to deal with stress and needs some help to do it.

Michele at My Blessings From Above I found the chapters quick and easy to read. When you just have a couple of minutes you can pick up this book for a quick read!  If you like a little humor and lightheartedness to get you though a stress-filled day this book is for you! I found myself laughing at some of her stories and being able to relate to many of them!

Hannah at Beauty from Inside


Shari at The Knit Wit Just what I needed.

Caroline at Happy Four This compact book is an immense amount of insight and wisdom providing practical tools in dealing with daily stress. The real life examples put each topic in perspective and the bonus was the sprinkling of humor. This book is one in which I found myself telling my family I had to share something with them immediately. Each chapter of the book is only a few pages, however, Debora has provided personal life examples, scripture, quotes and a Decom-Stress section with a few self analysis questions that probe the topic further to implement the tips in your daily life.  I can’t wait to read more of Debora’s offerings. This book made me laugh out loud, however, my importantly, made me feel that the stress of life was lifted off my shoulders as it provides a new perspective on some stress you may be carrying. This book is a must read! A++++++    

Splashes Of Joy Is your life just so busy you don’t have time to enjoy it? Do you stress out over everything?  Are you a worry-wart? Then this book is a must for you! Debora Coty gives us an awesome book to help deliver us from the stress-pool of life. The layout is very easy to read and keep up with where you are. And Debora Coty is just plain hilarious! You will totally crack-up laughing while reading this book, which makes it a really fun read while learning how to de-stress yourself. This little book is well worth your purchase to read. 

Joyce at Deco My Heart A fun, lighthearted book full of encouragement. Debora Coty gives us important keys to see us through tough times. We’ve all had stressful days, weeks, and even months. Take the time to read how to manage your time, develop a sense of humor, cultivate relationships and to focus on faith. There are practical ways given at the end of each story to find the peace your heart longs for, thought provoking questions. This would be a great gift for anyone that is stressed out. This book is easy to read, nice to look at, filled with personal stories and insights, enjoyable.  

Dena at Mother Inferior

Ruth at Thoughts from a princess I laughed out loud, chuckled, did a lot of head nodding in agreement, and closed the cover realizing that I am one of many women who are just too hard on themselves sometimes.  Containing forty devotionals, each begins with a scripture verse and ends with a thought-provoking quote and questions for the reader.  Her devotionals are full of personal stories she shares with a lot of humor.  With an off-beat wit, she addresses heart needs of women to bring healing, refreshment, and revitalization of spirit, body, and faith.  I believe ladies church or mother’s groups would benefit from this truth wrapped humor book.

Vida at Sunflower Faith “Too Blessed To Be Stressed” is a witty, easy to read, but soul connecting book. It will help many women who find themselves feeling like they are drowning in what life might be throwing at them. 


Nicole at Bless Their Hearts Mom Repeat after me, I have to buy this book for myself, and EVERY mother I know, all my friends and family included. OK, so read this review first, then go buy them all a copy- I’d say wait til Christmas, but seriously? After the back-t-school, oh-no the holidays are upon us, they can probably use it NOW!

Laura at Lighthouse Academy Debora Coty addresses common issues women face in her book TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED, and laces the biblical and common sense advice with strong helpings of wit and practical steps they can take to arrive at healing, refreshment and revitalization.    

Stephanie at coupon Clippin Mommy Right off the bat I was thinking, wow I should feel more blessed with the life I’ve been given and less stressed by it.  Now that’s hard to live out every day, but Too Blessed to Be Stressed is filled with encouragement and with the compact size you can keep it nearby for those times when you need it most. I like how Debora Coty combines scripture verses and stories throughout each chapter to give you a little boost of motivation. While I still have a long way to go before I am less stressed, this book has caused me to think.

Michelle at Our Little Corner of the World This book was a fun, light-hearted book that was easy to read.  It is comprised of short stories, insights, and biblical based advice.  If you are interested in digging deeper (and have the time), there are a few questions at the end of each “story.” As the author mentions in the introduction, her “goal in writing (this book) is to help you rejuvenate your desperate heart by discovering simple-to-implement, practical ways to attain that peace we all crave.”  I think she accomplishes what she set out to do in a marvelous and fun way. This is a spectacular book. 


Rhiana at A Frugal Life I loved the section on Time Management as that’s something I always need help on! Bible verses, stories and quotes round out the material and keep it interesting.

Kennedy Reviews Reading any random chapter ona day that your feeling stressed will help you sweep some of the dust clouds from your perspective and organize your viewpoint to distinguish the realities from the numberous possibilities that have been overtaking your thoughts. 


Sherry at My Journey Back A fun little book to get you through it . . .  If I was shopping and saw this I would pick it up and check it out.  Doesn’t the cheerful cover just say fun!   As the title challenges . . . who doesn’t need help with dealing with stress?

Urailak at Living for God Too Blessed to be Stressed is an uplifting, light-hearted, and insightful book that aims to relieve your stress one chapter at a time. The book is divided into 4 sections: Time Management, Develop a Sense of Humor, Cultivate Relationships, and Focus on Faith. Each chapter starts with a Bible verse and ends with questions to help you think of ways to destress yourself. The author uses real-life examples and God’s Word to encourage readers. Check out this lovely book; get a healthy dose of inspiration and humor today! Indeed, you and I are too blessed to be stressed. Just remember to focus on God and His blessings.

Jamie at Little Blurbs I really enjoyed the way this book was set up; each chapter addresses a specific topic, has a little story and encouragement, and ends with some questions you can ask yourself to further absorb the information. This book would be a great resource for daily devotions, as well as topical devotions. The writing is great and the questions at the end of each chapter really make you think about the topic at hand.

Melissa at Bibliophile’s Retreat  I think it will prove to be one of those devotionals I pull from the shelf repeatedly in future and recommend to friends and acquaintances as well. Just the pieces I had the opportunity to preview so far have been encouraging, entertaining, and inspiring. 


Julee at Mommy’s Memorandum I found Too Blessed To Be Stressed a great release at the end of my crazy days. The chapters are well-organized and include discovery questions at the end making it a very personal experience.  I love the humor that starts from the get go and the chapter titles are a hoot. There’s even a chapter that deals with menopause, aptly titled, “Things My Mother Never Told Me”. It is all easily translated into everyday life and read just like Coty is sitting in the knitting circle with you.

Joan at Book Reviews from an Avid Reader Debora has a sense of humor and it shows as she delivers short meditations, making you laugh and then making you think, especially with the questions at the end of each meditation. This book is a delightful read.   

Lizzie at A Dusty Frame It’s a lighthearted easy devotional read. Perfect for a little uplift or encouragement. A good fit for days you just need a pick me up.

Jennifer at Sorting Shelves “Too Blessed to Be Stressed” is an adorable book, full of humorous quotes, many of which are truly “LOL” worthy. Full of a great deal of really practical ideas. Broken into sections (Time Management, Develop a Sense of Humor, Cultivate Relationships, and Focus on Faith), the book offers a humorous, temporary rest from everyday worries, and a slew of simple, life-applicable stress management tools.


Linda’s Lunacy Too Blessed to be Stressed will help you in numerous ways to recognize all the blessings in your life while helping you to let go of those things that only cause you stress.  

Tina at Family Literacy and You This is a fun little book with small chunks of wisdom wrapped in humor. Too Blessed is a little gem! Perfect as a gift for hostesses, teachers, moms, and more. I think I’m going to recommend this one to Mom & Dad as a bedside book in their bed & breakfast.

Kristinia at Loving Heart Mommy


Donna at Books and Such The encouragement found in this book will help you count the blessings in your life, rather than the tribulations. Come on and take a more humorous look at situations and dilemmas. Let go of the stress! Too many times the world encroaches on our peace, but Ms. Coty will help bring you back to a place where you can feel power to overcome the problems.

Staci at 7 on a Shoestring I plan on continuing to go back to the book when I need another nugget of truth along my life journey. There are always times of struggle that sneak up on me and I enjoy knowing I have somewhere to turn that can direct me back to a particular verse in the Bible. Too Blessed to be Stressed is a great devotional tool.

Michele at Mommy Forward Too Blessed to be Stressed is more than just a pretty cover. This little giant is packed with easy-to-read, practical encouragement to bless readers from here to eternity. ust refreshing talk and practical tips for everyday women like me.

Mollie The Gandy’s Home Base WOW.  What a great book!  I must confess that when I looked at the schedule for this, I started to get a little stressed out… ironic huh?  Stressed out about a review on a book called Too Blessed to be Stressed. I loved the set up for this book.  As a mom of 2, and #3 on the way, I rarely find time anymore to just sit and read, however the short little “chapters” (1-2 pages along with a little reflection time at the end) made it perfect for me to catch a little here and there!  The entire book was also based on Scripture, which is wonderful! 


Megan at Homeschoolin’ Mama What a wonderful, funny book! The author has a wonderful way of writing that really makes you feel “normal” with how you feel about your crazy stressful life! This is the kind of book you can and should read over and over (I’m keeping mine on my night stand for quick access). The “Let’s Decom-Stress at the end of each chapter really finishes it off for me!  So YES, I highly recommend this book!!!  A MUST READ!!!

Sheri at The Shades of Pink I seriously LOVE this book.  It’s set up like a devotional with 4 sections which cover Time Management, Developing a Sense of Humor, Cultivating Relationships and Faith, and those sections are further broken up into 10 short, easy to read chapters per section.  Coty uses  real life situations, scriptural references, a good dose of humor and finally a short set of questions at the end of each chapter  to allow you to not only think about what you just read but apply what you read (learned) to your daily life.   

Carrie at Farming On Faith It is so refreshing and encouraging! As I begin to read the devotions I could not put it down. I loved this devotional. It is written in a manner that you can pick and choose a devotion each day of the week or pick one randomly for a pick-me-up. Deb Coty is just so funny and I enjoyed her application to our ordinary ~ busy~ wonderful lives! This book would make a great gift for those special girls in your life~ love it!

Shoopette’s Book Reviews

Kelli at The Zen of Motherhood Quite often, I found myself giggling in recognition as I read Too Blessed to be Stressed. Coty writes with warmth and humor even as she tackles serious subjects like loss of faith.  Most of the book, however, deals with the “lighter” stressors like over-scheduled days and under-romanced nights.  You know, the very real stuff that we all deal with from time to time.  If you’re looking for an uplifting, Christian-based book on stress-management, Too Blessed to be Stressed is for you.

Susan at New Every Morning From the moment I opened the cover of this book I began smiling. Debora Coty is one of those writers that makes you feel like she is one of your best friends. She’s open, honest, and vulnerable about life and the craziness that goes along with it, and she approaches it with a wonderfully developed sense of humor. The devotions are short, but every one of them has caused me to laugh out loud. This is one of those books I intend to leave out on my desk regularly. I highly recommend it for anyone who has a tendency to feel like life is just a bit out of control.


Debbie at Visit with the Queen Mommy What a DELIGHT to read!  This book has given me more chuckles than I can remember in quite some time.  Totally relatable – real, down-to-earth experiences shared in a humorous light – this book makes perfect sense to me!

Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books Coty will help you understand that you don’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to do everything. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would highly recommend it for any woman! 

Melissa’s Musings I would recommend this book to anyone.  If you are a stressed out mother, caretaker, women this is the book you need to fit in your schedule.  If you don’t feel you have stress in your life at the moment this book would be a delightful read to prepare you for when the storms of life hit.

Anna at The Cross Is All Mrs. Coty has graced us ladies with a book that is as fun to read as it is helpful. Part pep-talk, part humor (think laugh-out-loud funny), filled with heart-touching stories and woman-to-woman guidance, Too Blessed to be Stressed is also loaded with Scriptural truths and guidance. You’ll be comforted and learn as you do so. 

Susie Q Tpies at Scraps of Life The humor flows. If you think that you are way too stressed to have time to read this book then it IS for you. The books is small, the chapters are short and it is a quick, witty read.


Pamela at MommieCEOs

Jennifer at For Such a Time as This

Stacie at Hobbit Door  I’m not always a huge fan of the lighter, devotional type books. I have a tendency to lean more towards your C.S. Lewis, Beth Moore, G.K. Chesterton, etc books. I found myself pleasantly surprised by this book. I laughed out loud and found myself really pondering the questions at the end of each section. The book is split into four sections: Time Management, Develop a Sense of Humor, Cultivate Relationships, Focus on Faith. Each section is lighthearted with an excellent point and something to chew on. This is a book I would recommend for any busy women who needs some help to refocus her heart and mind but doesn’t have a lot of time.  

Jodie at Mom’s Pace Debora just had a really great way of catching my attention with each of her stories and making me feel like I was normal. With a great sense of humor, Debora relays stories from monkeys swinging in trees, to giving a stranger mouth-to-mouth, and comparing men to dogs! (That was hysterical, but sadly true!) I’ve not read a book where the author was so open about herself (or her friends) in order to get across her point that God loves us no matter where we are in life and no matter what we’ve done. His love is unfailing. If you need a good laugh, then grab this true pick-me-up book and know that you really are loved!

Cassidy at Praying Through Chaos I absolutely loved this book. Debora M. Coty wrote about so many important little parts of the stresses that build in a woman’s life. However, she did it with great humor. One of the things she said in the book was that women need to laugh more because laughter is a great way to help relieve stress. I laughed my way through most of the chapters in this book. There were many helpful little bits in this book, and I am so glad I have it to reread whenever I want.

Angela All Grown Up? From the very first page, Debora Coty had me laughing out loud and thinking deeply at the same time. Believe me that was a huge accomplishment! I can’t wait to finish the devotionals, at present time I am about half through the book and am loving it!

Simply Stacie What makes this book so special is that it is so relatable and it really did make me reflect on my blessings while I made every attempt to be less stressed out and more grateful for the positive influences in my life. I also appreciate each of the biblical verses that open each new topic and the short chapters (it reminds me of a devotional) are perfect for those days when you don’t have a lot of time to read. I really enjoy this book and have actually re-read several of the short chapters and my favorite stories.

Chrissy at Lil Baby Booty This book could not have arrived at my doorstep any sooner! I have been going through a lot of stressful times at home. A family member passed away, I was ill for a few months, and then to top it all off I was in a car accident! Can you say STRESSED! I found it was both humorous and informative. It had wonderful stories and tips that I could easily relate to. This book it helps you navigate the stressful waters of the deep and helps you come out of the storm with a smile. Remember God only gives you what you can handle. Too Blessed To Be Stressed! Pick up a copy to read over the holidays or when life gets to be a bit too much to handle. 

Jennifer at Reflections in the Window This book is a must read for every woman!  While reading this book I found myself crying, then laughing histerically on the next page.  I think my family thought I had finally lost it.  Us women try and do it all, therefore filling our schedules up…causing us stress.  Debora’s writing is witty and also very inspiring.  You will laugh the stress right out of your life.  One thing that really stuck out for me about this book was when she asked about our To-Do lists.  Are we putting ourselves on it?  Hmm. No I do not give myself enough time….15 minutes…is that too much to ask?  I highly recommend this book!!

Tracy‘s Nook This was a fun read, and it came just at the perfect time. We’ve just moved to a new town, and all the stress and craziness just blew up as I had 2 kids starting at 2 different schools yesterday. Thankfully this book has been here and when things have been getting to bad I’ve been implementing suggestions from this book to make the stress levels decrease. Implementing even just a few of the suggestions in this book really helps a lot. Like putting yourself on your to-do-list, and not trying to do everything will add lots of time to your schedule.  So go ahead and have a laugh as you find ways to tame the stress in your life. After all stressed spelled backwards is desserts….. so turn the bad into good.