Author Assist

June 20th, 2012

Feathers in a ruffle? Need a little assistance? Not enough time in the day to write AND take care of the ‘business of writing’? Let us set your nest in order!

We specialize in coming alongside authors, freeing them up to do what they do best—WRITE!

We know writers and specialize in coming alongside to handle those small (yet important) things that just need to get done. Answering reader mail, posting blogs, building and maintaining contact databases, sending newsletters, booking speaking engagements and events, scheduling media appearances and interviews, maintaining your online presence (scheduling tweets, blog posts, etc.), and other such tasks. Let us free you up to what you do best—write!

If you need your own nest put in order, look no further. You’ve come home to roost.


  •  Mailing books
  •  Designing postcards/bookmarks/print collateral
  •  Coordinating interviews/speaking events
  •  Commenting on blog posts (as author)
  •  Blogging 101
  •  Oversee book trailer or Mobile App creation
  •  Social Media primer
  •  Project manage website and blog creation or oversee a “freshening up” of your current sites
  •  Build author and/or speaking platform
  •  Managing advertising or marketing buys.

Looking for additional or a different kind of assistance? Let us know. We customize services to fit what you need.