Bring Your Money into the Light (Plus a FREE ebook)

April 9th, 2013

If today were April 1, we’d tell you that April is our favorite month of the year because we love doing our taxes. Then we’d say, “April fools!” and have a good laugh, all the while dreading the looming tax deadline. Money can be a sticky subject—and an even stickier real-life application—so we asked our friend Christy Fitzwater, who recently released a free ebook called Going Cash, to give us a few financial tips.


For the first two decades of our married life, I handled all the finances and did it poorly. Of course, I didn’t know I was doing it poorly, but now I do.

I thought it was great that I was taking care of the money, so my husband didn’t have to worry about it. It seemed like a good wifely thing to do, taking that burden off his already heavy… read more »

Deck the Soul with Boughs of Forgiveness | Guest Post by MaryAnn Diorio

December 19th, 2012

After our Christmas party on Monday evening, we’re completely in the holiday mood here at Litfuse. With less than a week before Christmas, we thought it was completely appropriate to ask MaryAnn Diorio, author of A Christmas Homecoming, to guest-post on our blog today. By the way, don’t forget to enter her Kindle giveaway!


CHRISTMAS!  The word evokes many feelings, depending on our experiences. For some, Christmas is a happy time, filled with beautiful memories and joyful expectations. For others, Christmas is a depressing time, a season one wants “to get over with” as quickly as possible because of bad memories associated with this time of year.

Having ministered to people for many years,… read more »

3 Ways to Simplify the Holiday Season | Guest Post by Crystal Paine

December 11th, 2012

Shopping for presents, baking Christmas goodies, celebrating Christmas Litfuse-style—it may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also one of the busiest. We’ve invited Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom to give us a few tip to simplify our Christmas plans.


December can be a busy, frantic season full of last-minute shopping, parties, baking, gift-wrapping, recitals, and get-togethers. While these things can all be memorable and special, it’s important that we not lose sight of what’s most important at Christmastime: celebrating the birth of our Savior and savoring the moments and memories.

Here are three ways to help you streamline your life and responsibilities so you can enjoy Christmas more this year:

1. Pare Down Your Gift-Giving

Evaluate your gift list: Do you really need to give a gift to your uncle’s neighbor’s dog? I’m pretty sure Fido… read more »

Anita Higman Tackles Tough Issues with A Merry Little Christmas

November 28th, 2012

A Merry Little Christmas by Anita Higman is not your typical Christmas book. It captures not only essence of Christmas but also incorporates some civil issues during the 1060s and some humor. Here’s a little about the book:

Franny Martin is an Oklahoma farm girl who’s preparing to spend the holidays alone…again. Then Charlie Landau shows up one day, all wealth and polish, and offers to buy Franny’s farm. Franny has no money to speak of, but she is clever and spirited, and she’s more than happy to sell the farm and move to the city.

As Sinatra croons from the radio and Christmas descends upon her charming farm, Franny teaches Charlie the curious and sometimes comical ways of country life. In the process, they unearth some discoveries of the heart—that sometimes love comes when you’re least ready for it. Will the holidays bring their most impossible dreams within… read more »

Seven Ways to Save on Your Thanksgiving Feast

November 20th, 2012

Planning and preparing a delicious spread of turkey, gravy, and all the fixings doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are seven tips to help you keep more cash in your wallet this Thanksgiving season:

1. Split up the Cooking Responsibilities

Divvy up the Thanksgiving meal responsibilities so no one has to purchase and make all the food themselves. Not only does it make a lot less work, but it can also provide more variety in your menu, too.

2. Use What You Have on Hand

Look in your cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer to see what you already have on hand that might make the beginnings of a Thanksgiving dish. Type the ingredients you find into your pantry the ingredient search feature on, and it will generate a list of recipe ideas for you based upon what ingredients you have.

3. Simplify Your Menu

Do you really need fifteen different dishes… read more »

Authors’ Favorite Things about Thanksgiving

November 14th, 2012

We’ve rounded up a list of some of our clients’ favorite things about Thanksgiving—food, memories, football. We’re just as shocked as the rest of the country that Thanksgiving is next week. Lucky for our clients, though, we got them thinking early about Thanksgiving.

James Rubart:

Dark meat—why would anyone want the white meat? Being with my wife, two sons, sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, and mom. Hanging with them almost makes me forget the food. Joining hands with all of the above and going around in a circle telling what we’re most thankful for from the past 12 months.

Elizabeth Ludwig:

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the time it gives me with family. I work for a public school by day, so as long as my children were in school, I got to enjoy all the same weekends and holidays. That meant an entire week off at Thanksgiving in… read more »

Author James Rubart Talks “Soul’s Gate”

November 6th, 2012

Today, James Rubart’s Soul’s Gate releases. Happy book-release day, Jim!

Here is a little about the supernatural fiction book:

What if you could travel inside another person’s soul? To battle for them. To be part of Jesus healing their deepest wounds. To help set them free to step boldly into their divinely designed future.

Thirty years ago that’s exactly what Reece Roth did. Until tragedy shattered his life and ripped away his future.

Now God has drawn Reece out of the shadows to fulfill a prophecy spoken over him three decades ago. A prophecy about four warriors with the potential to change the world . . . if Reece will face his deepest regret and teach them what he has learned.

They gather at a secluded and mysterious ranch deep in the mountains of Colorado, where they will learn to see the spiritual world around them with stunning clarity—and… read more »

30 Days of Thankfulness | We Need Your Help

November 1st, 2012

We’re excited to announce that we’re participating in 30 Days of Thankfulness with All Things Southern. Thirty Days of Thankfulness is an annual humanitarian effort designed to coincide with the Thanksgiving season. Last year, the campaign worked with Life Today to drill a well in Southern Africa. Even as you read these words, that well continues to supply fresh, life-sustaining water to an entire village. AWESOME!

By participating, we’re also partnering in our drive with other authors and their respective communities. The goal of Writers and Readers Reach Out 2012 is to combine our individual platforms and thus multiply our efforts.

The recipient of this year’s efforts will be Make Way Partners, an organization that works with individuals, churches, and other groups to help prevent and combat the evil of human trafficking and all forms of modern-day oppression. Shellie, who is in charge of the campaign, was in the planning stages of our drive and deeply burdened by… read more »