Instagram: Business Profiles vs. Personal Profiles

January 23rd, 2018

I’m the type of social media nerd who is willing to try pretty much any new feature announced on the latest app updates, so when Instagram introduced its business profile a couple of years ago, I jumped at the opportunity to give it a try. My own Instagram I use for my blog was immediately switched to a business profile until last summer when users were freaking out over what they deemed was a connection between having a business profile and seeing a drop in engagement.

Looking back, though, I did not see any increase in engagement when I switched back to a personal profile, contrary to popular opinion. Listening to this podcast then convinced me no numbers truly exist to substantiate the claims that business Instagram profiles ruin engagement and numbers, so I switched back to a business profile.

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Keeping Up with the Litfuse Chicks

February 26th, 2016

As winter melts to spring, we eagerly look forward to the promises of a new season (including tons of new book releases!). Another season means it’s time to see what the Litfuse nest has been doing in and out of the office.

Two releases we toured this winter and couldn’t. put. down. To stay updated on our latest reads and glimpses of our workday, follow Litfuse on Instagram.

Amy travelled to warmer weather for a quick trip and as always, made out stomachs growl with her yummy creations.

Audra‘s bookshelf has been steadily growing (not complaining) and she kept busy with creative projects.

Brianna took advantage of California’s beautiful sites and spent time appreciating the great outdoors. 

Caitlin received this perfect card quoting Jane Austen for Valentine’s Day and motivated herself through the workday with coffee and a delectable pastry.

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Friday Favorite | Keeping Up with the Litfuse Chicks (on Instagram!)

July 3rd, 2015

Summer is flying by for the Litfuse chicks! Between ICRS, vacations, and summer plans, the nest has been all a flutter in and out of the office! To stay updated on our latest reads and glimpses of our workday, follow Litfuse on Instagram. And you can follow our personal accounts to see what we’re up to when we’re not working.

Can you guess who recently took over Litfuse‘s Instagram? Hint: her book is left of the typewriter. And boy, do we have a smashing start to our summer TBR piles!

Amy documented the flora and fauna of her travels out west to Wyoming.

Audra  packed her bags and headed to Florida for this year’s ICRS!

Brianna headed to a different coast and soaked in the LA sunshine.

Caitlin treated her mom to the sites, sounds, and tastes of Omaha.

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Instagram 101 for Authors and Bloggers

November 21st, 2014

If there’s one facet of technology I could spend way too much time exploring, it’s not perusing Facebook feeds, live-tweeting during a TV show, or endlessly scrolling through Pinterest. Instagram is my one true social media love (you can follow Litfuse on Instagram here), and if you’re like me, you probably upgraded from that old-school flip phone to a smart phone for the sole purpose of being able to take part in what was back then an up-and-coming social media platform.

Looking back at some of my earliest photos on my account makes me cringe ever so slightly. The photos are either grainy, boring, or have too many filters and special effects. Since then I’ve really tried to hone my “iPhonography,” and as a fellow blogger and writer, I wanted to share my tips and tricks for creating quality photos, building followers, and getting extra likes on your… read more »

Friday Favorite | Our Week in Instagram

April 12th, 2013

Here at Litfuse, we’re big proponents of Instagram. Merging the visual with the written word is genius . . . plus we like playing with different filters. Take a look at our week in Instagram.

Audra (follow her here) just moved, and she finished decorating her bedroom.

Elizabeth (follow her here) got a bit of a surprise this week with some April snow.

Christen (follow her here) is a self-proclaimed bag lady. Here’s a peek into her bag.

Amy’s (follow her here) recent lunch of ahi ceviche with avocado and cilantro. Care to share?

Caitlin (follow her here) has a recent desk addition. Aren’t they pretty?

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Instagram’s New Policies and How to Combat Them

December 18th, 2012

*Update: Since this article was posted, Instagram has addressed the new terms of service by saying that selling its users’ photos was not meant by the language of the agreement. The legal jargon was confusing, so Instagram says the company is going to reevaluate and reword that part. 

The buzz is everywhere online today: Could Facebook have sentenced Instagram to death with these new policies they’ve put in place? As a new user to Instagram, I am devastated. I’m not exaggerating when I say eighty-five-percent of my excitement over making the switch to a smartphone was that I’d finally be able to use Instagram. But now that Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, will reserve the right to sell your photos without your consent and without compensation, a lot of users have been threatening to quit using the popular app.

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