The Story Behind ‘The Joy of Letting Go’

April 25th, 2017

Whether your kids are in kindergarten or college, learn how to prepare your hearts for your kids’ independence with Vicki Caruana’s The Joy of Letting Go. The 52 devotional readings within shine a light on all the times readers have loosened their grip on their children and encourages them to continue to let go in life-giving ways. Written by a parenting and education expert, The Joy of Letting Go will comfort and inspire parents in all seasons of parenting.

Keep reading to discover the story behind The Joy of Letting Go with Vicki Caruana!

Tells us a bit about your book—what inspired you to write it?

The Joy of Letting Go is at its heart encouragement to parents in the throes of letting go of their teens into adulthood – it is a devotional of 52 stories that remind parents they’ve been letting go all along and how to do it… read more »

The Story Behind ‘Unchained’

March 27th, 2017

Christians are free in Christ, yet Christianity can feel like a prison.  Often when people follow Jesus, they feel more guilty instead of more free. A powerful book for the spiritually restless, Unchained by Noel Jesse Heikkinen shows readers how to have a robust faith that celebrates their freedom in Christ without compromising their holiness as God’s followers.

Unchained turns to the person and work of Jesus Christ as the source of freedom—not just his work 2,000 years ago but also what he is doing today. As readers dig into the meaning of the freedom that Jesus offers, they will understand, perhaps for the first time, what true freedom in Christ means.

Ready our story spotlight on Unchained with Noel Jesse Heikkinen to learn more!

Tells us a bit about your book—what inspired you to write it?

Over the past 20 years or so of ministry, I noticed something disturbing about… read more »

How to Do Quiet Time (+ Playlist) | Sarah Humphrey

November 11th, 2016

In our nonstop, noisy world, it can be difficult to make space for quiet time. Sarah Humphrey, author of 40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood, joins us today to give us a glimpse into her quiet time. Plus, listen to Sarah’s go-to playlist to encourage reflection. To learn more about Sarah and her new release, visit her

There is nothing like the quiet of the morning. There is a freeing sense about the cool, dark sky showing through my open blinds that brings me close to God. When Jesus went to the Gethsemane to be alone and to pray, I can imagine that what He experienced most was the Presence. Whether in a time of suffering or joy, there is something about the quiet of a dark room with a steaming cup of coffee, a journal, and a Bible that brings me understanding. I love to wrestle… read more »

Story Spotlight on ‘The 10 Myths of Teen Dating’

October 19th, 2016

Are you dreading the day when your daughter begins to date? Fear not! Father-daughter duo Daniel and Jacquelyn Anderson co-wrote The 10 Myths of Teen Dating to offer you parenting advice and wisdom as your daughter starts dating. They combine the latest scientific research with poignant, personal stories to help you engage you daughters in wise conversations. Weaving in solid biblical truths with practical application and discussion starters, Daniel and Jacquelyn seek to equip parents to teach their daughters how to date for today . . . and tomorrow.

The Story Behind The 10 Myths of Teen Dating 

Tells us a bit about your book—what inspired you to write it?

My inspiration to write this book came in part from my own failure as a parent. I had taught for many years about unhealthy dating patterns and habits. I had always focused on changing the hearts and minds of my high school students. But when it came… read more »

No Ordinary Hero | Lori Stanley Roeleveld

October 5th, 2016

Do you ever feel like the damsel in distress, waiting for God to save you from your situation? Lori Stanley Roeleveld, author of Jesus and the Beanstalk, joins us today to share a reminder that Jesus is no ordinary hero and he doesn’t always save us in the way we expect.

To learn more about Lori’s latest release and purchase a copy, stop by

Heroes rescue people, right?

Well, ordinary heroes do.

Remember Raiders of the Lost Ark? I love the scene where Indiana Jones discovers Marion held captive and instead of rescuing her, he leaves her there! It’s a spectacular moment because we all know the hero is supposed to rescue the damsel in distress but Indiana Jones is no ordinary hero.

Indiana knows it will serve their ultimate goal if he leaves Marion in her predicament for just a little longer. Of course, Marion doesn’t agree. Eventually, Indy… read more »

Actually Praying | Melissa Spoelstra

September 28th, 2016

Have you ever told someone you’d be praying for them and moments later you’ve already forgotten? Guilty. Melissa Spoelstra, author of Total Family Makeoverjoins us today to share practical ways to keep yourself accountable when it comes to prayers. Plus, plan an evening of fun, pizza, devotionals, and games with your family! Melissa is giving away a Family Fun Night Prize Pack. Click here to learn more and enter!

Have you ever felt the sting of wanting to tell someone you prayed for them, but you know you really didn’t? How about when you open your notes at Bible study or small group and find where you wrote all the prayer requests from your last meeting, but you haven’t prayed about a single one? It’s tough to stay on top of our own families’ prayer needs, let alone lift up other requests to God! Not only… read more »

Story Spotlight on ‘Jesus and the Beanstalk’

September 23rd, 2016

What if a fairy tale and ten Bible verses could free you to live an effective, fruitful life in Christ? We live in a world populated with giants. Giant obstacles to sharing faith. Giant barriers to godly lives. Giant strongholds of sin. We come from a long line of giant-killers so, why aren’t we dodging more fallen giants? Jack and the Beanstalk could hold part of the key. Lori Stanley Roeleveld explores 2 Peter 1:1-10 in Jesus and the Beanstalk and uses fairy tale, humor, and modern culture to show today’s believers how to unleash that promise of an effective, fruitful life.

Read our story spotlight below on Jesus and the Beanstalk to learn more.

The Story Behind Jesus and the Beanstalk

Tells us a bit about your book—what inspired you to write it?

Jesus and the Beanstalk started with me asking God why – why if I spiritually come from a… read more »

Watch the (un)Natural Mom Book Trailer {Plus free quote graphics!}

September 21st, 2016

Watch the trailer for (un)Natural Mom with Hettie Brittz, and visit to learn more and buy a copy.


Do you feel like you’re the only mom who serves store-bought birthday treats, dreads school plays, and misses the days of going to the bathroom by herself?

Unnatural Mom gives you permission to say that mothering doesn’t always come naturally to you. Parenting expert and self-proclaimed unnatural mom Hettie Brittz helps you…

—Recognize how unrealistic our culture’s standards of mothering are
—Move beyond the myths of “supermom”
—Complete a profile to determine your own parenting style
—Understand and forgive the mothers who hurt you
—Embrace your capabilities as well as your challenges

Come find new hope in discovering that every mother has unique gifts. In Christ, the “unnatural” mom becomes the supernatural mom who is just right for her family!

Learn more and purchase a copy.


[Tweet “Watch the trailer for (un)Natural Mom with @HettieBrittz on… read more »