The Story Behind ‘Stepping on Cheerios’

June 14th, 2017

Family life is beautiful and motherhood is a privilege, but it ain’t no picnic! Independent and self-sufficient, author Betsy Singleton Snyder lived a full and busy life as a pastor, missionary, and wife to a husband who served in the U.S. House of Representatives. She had her first child at age 44, then at 47, she found out she was carrying triplets. Suddenly finding herself overwhelmed is an understatement.

Stepping on Cheerios is a collection of funny, warm, and charming tales from the frontlines of parenthood, written for women who are juggling to accomplish everyday feats of work, motherhood, marriage, church, and more. It’s a comical story of one woman’s realization that her crazy life is a gift and how she found the grace in it.

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The Story Behind ‘Driver Confessional’

June 2nd, 2017

Ride share driver Antonio cruises the streets of Washington, D.C. looking for his next fare. He has an unusual gift for relaxing his customers and stimulating their desire to reveal more than they planned. By the completion of their ride, many feel so comfortable that they confess their sins great and small. Antonio’s faith guides his discussions and points him in new directions. Suddenly, his peaceful world is turned upside down by a mysterious business woman. As she heads to a midnight rendezvous, she confesses more than Antonio can handle. Her story sends him into a world of espionage, international terrorism and danger. Read out interview with author David L. Winters to learn more about his new release, Driver Confessional!

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The Story Behind ‘Brave is the New Beautiful’

May 16th, 2017

Our culture bombards women with “thinspiration” messages and pressure to “do it all” while wearing the mask of perfection. Women are left feeling alone and overwhelmed. How can they stop comparing themselves to others? How can they live out who they really are?

Read our story spotlight below to learn more about Lee Wolfe Blum’s new release, Brave is the New Beautiful

Tells us a bit about your book—what inspired you to write it?

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” ― Wendy Mass, The Candymakers

This quote inspired me. After I wrote my first book, Table in the Darkness: A Healing Journey Through an Eating Disorder, I was terrified to put my most vulnerable parts of my life out into the world. I was so scared mostly of women, how they would judge me, look at me and criticize me.

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The Story Behind ‘Getting Jesus Wrong’

May 11th, 2017

We all want something from Jesus, whether that’s help to get through life, a new job, a new direction, a new exercise plan. Learn why that approach doesn’t result in real faith or love in Matt Johnson’s new book, Getting Jesus Wrong. Whether we’ve followed a false Jesus or attempted to coopt the real Jesus, Getting Jesus Wrong ultimately offers us hope because it helps us see Jesus as he is. Getting Jesus right gives us more than spiritual vitamins or a blueprint for living; it gives us a full, rich life spent exploring the depths of gospel love together.

Keep reading to discover the story behind Getting Jesus Wrong with Matt Johnson!


Tells us a bit about your book—what inspired you to write it?

To put it in basic terms, the personal need to vent a mid-life crisis (I’m only half joking). But I needed to see hope in life… read more »

The Story Behind ‘Lost and Found’

April 5th, 2017

Are you too focused on the “right” ways of worship, work, and family life? Learn about the dangers of quiet legalism in Kendra Fletcher’s new book, Lost and Found. Kendra, homeschooling mom of eight, had it all “right,” until it all fell apart. In the course of eighteen months, Kendra found her baby in a coma, ran over her five-year-old, and nearly lost her eight-year-old to a septic ruptured appendix. Lost and Found is the story of how God used those events to transform her family’s self-righteous religion into freedom in Christ.

Ready our story spotlight on Lost and Found with Kendra Fletcher to learn more!

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Initially, I wrote this story for my family, but when an old friend in the publishing industry asked me what I was writing, his response was an enthusiastic, “This story needs to be told!”

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The Story Behind ‘Unchained’

March 27th, 2017

Christians are free in Christ, yet Christianity can feel like a prison.  Often when people follow Jesus, they feel more guilty instead of more free. A powerful book for the spiritually restless, Unchained by Noel Jesse Heikkinen shows readers how to have a robust faith that celebrates their freedom in Christ without compromising their holiness as God’s followers.

Unchained turns to the person and work of Jesus Christ as the source of freedom—not just his work 2,000 years ago but also what he is doing today. As readers dig into the meaning of the freedom that Jesus offers, they will understand, perhaps for the first time, what true freedom in Christ means.

Ready our story spotlight on Unchained with Noel Jesse Heikkinen to learn more!

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Over the past 20 years or so of ministry, I noticed something disturbing about… read more »

Story Spotlight on ‘Tightropes and Teeter-Totters’

March 15th, 2017

Do you wonder if you will ever find balance? Lisa Pennington knows how to get up after losing her balance, even with a full house, a not-so-full bank account, and never enough energy. In her latest book, she offers readers:

—Strategies for finding balance in marriage, motherhood, and bad moods
—Playful yet biblically based tips for turning hard days around
—Inspiration for shaping obstacles into opportunities
—Ways to respond to irritations with gratitude
—Enthusiastic encouragement for living out God’s purpose.

For every woman who wonders if her satisfaction in life will ever match her dreams, Pennington has real-life answers full of hope and humor.

Keep reading to learn more about Lisa and her new release, Tightropes and Teeter-Totters. 

The Story Behind Tightropes and Teeter-Totters

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I get asked constantly, “How do you do it all?” I really don’t do it all, but I do have an… read more »

Story Spotlight on ‘The Elusive Miss Ellison’

March 8th, 2017

Handsome appearance counts for naught unless matched by good character and actions. That’s the firm opinion of not-so-meek minister’s daughter Lavinia Ellison. So even though all the other villagers of St. Hampton Heath are swooning over the newly returned seventh Earl of Hawkesbury, she is not impressed. If a man won’t take his responsibilities seriously and help those who are supposed to be able to depend on him, he deserves no respect from her. In Lavinia’s pretty, gray eyes, Nicholas Stamford is just as arrogant and reckless as his brother–who stole the most important person in Livvie’s world. Read our story spotlight on The Elusive Miss Ellison by Carolyn Miller to learn more!

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The Story Behind The Elusive Miss Ellison

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