Social Media 101

August 16th, 2012

Throughout the years, a large part of our day has been dedicated to helping our authors and publishers better understand social media.

Some may ask, “What’s a pinhead?”, while others hire us to publish their various blogs and manage their multiple profiles. Because of this, we prefer to build a custom flight plan of social media services for each client based on his or her needs, goals, and budget. However, here are basic package ideas you can consider as starting points:


We start out with a personalized blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, Instagram,, and YouTube. If you do not have accounts set up already, we’ll coordinate setting up the accounts for you. We build content, add your brand, and begin building a list of friends and fans to start you in the right direction. This can include things like branded profiles, blogging, integration, customized widgets, microsites, landing pages, and a customized map of where you are headed.


This package includes everything in The Chick package but also begins to carry some added weight. Here we add daily monitoring of your conversations. We engage as you, answering questions, posing questions, joining others’ conversations, and keeping you active and “fresh” online through status updates and ghost blogging. Because of the constantly changing social media “hotlist,” we also evaluate and test the next “big thing.”


This old lady includes everything in the first two packages, as well as everything you need to rule your online roost. Managing your online reputation, growing your audience, adding additional profiles, and kicking the engagement into high gear. We will begin to profile and pursue defined interest groups in certain areas. Your monthly activity online will include at least 45 tweets, 10 pictures posted, 4 videos uploaded, 8 blog posts, and at least 25 Facebook post or Pinterest pins.

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